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  1. Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've come to this board, but after these last couple of years I am ready to get back into homeschooling full speed! So I am considering Elemental Science Earth Science for the Logic Stage for my going-into-7th-grade dd and I was going to get the grammar stage one for my going-into-4th-grade-ds, but reading through some threads it seems the grammar stage earth science is very easy. My new thought is to use the logic stage earth science for both, or would that be too much for my 4th grader? Has anyone used the logic stage earth science and can tel
  2. Eagle River Nature Center Talkeetna (it's a couple of hours away, cute little place with interesting shops) Seward, there's a sea life center that's nice to see. take a day cruise if you can budget it-- lots of sea animals to see. the drive down to seward is very nice as well The Native American museum would be fun too in the summer time. You can take a guided tour outside and will go in the all the different kinds of housing Bear Tooth Theater, very affordable and you can eat while you watch you a movie Moose's tooth, just for the pizza :) All I can think of off the to
  3. I need some hands- on letter learning activities. Where to go for ideas?
  4. I' m trying to decide what to use for grammar for my upcoming 3rd and 6th graders. I really like the looks of MCT and think I will go with it for my 6th grader. But I can' t afford two of his packages. That leaves my 3rd grader. I've tried FLL in the past and it was so boring and repetitive. I also didn't like Growing with Grammar. What else is out there?
  5. Anyone using this? I would love some opinions on this program.
  6. I'm looking at this for my upcoming 6th grader. Has anyone here used it and enjoyed it? Any negatives? I've heard of shipping issues. Did you order the books from somewhere else?
  7. Has anyone seen or used both and can compare the pros and cons? I'm trying to decide which program to go with...
  8. As far as I know, without having MP astronomy yet, it basically covers the constellations. That will be fun, but I'd like to add some living books to this. Does anyone have any recommendations? This would be for a 3rd grader.
  9. I'm thinking of getting grammar voyage and essay voyage, but starting with Building English for vocabulary and Music Hemispheres for poetry. Is this doable? This is for my upcoming 6th grader.
  10. It is one of our possibilities and we would like opinions from people who been there. What is the housing like on post and off post? What is the post like? Cost of living? What are the surrounding areas like? How is it to homeschool there? Thank you so mych for any help!!
  11. What have you used for music education? Either in place of or in additon to music lessons.
  12. I need resources for book recommendations by grade. I know of Ambleside Online, but not sure where else to look? I'm looking for 3rd and 6th grade right now.
  13. And if yoy do, do you feel it is "enough"? Or do you feel the need to add a bunch of other stuff to get the best out of it? Long story short, my kids who are in ps this year are coming back home next year. I want to get OM, like I've wanted so many times before. And I want to love it! And I don't want to have to spend a ton of extra money on extra stuff to have a great year. Spending that much money on a box curriculum is a lot for us and I don't have tons of money to keep adding to it. Sigh... I just want to hear from someone who is using it or has used ir and totally loved it and d
  14. I guess my fear with Oak Meadow is that I will have to supplement too much. It's fairly expensive as it is and I don''t want to have to buy more stuff to get the most out of it. Did you supplement anything or use it as is?
  15. Where would you start with a 3rd and 6th grader? How important is it to start at the beginning? Or can you just jump it any level?
  16. This year has been crazy and my 2 older ones are currently in public school. They will be coming home again next year and will be in 6th and 3rd grade. My original plan was to just get Oak Meadow for both of them and call it a day, but I'm having second thoughts. I do want to stick with secular curriculum, but beyond that I'm feeling lost. What subjects are you covering in 3rd grade? What subjects are you covering in 6th grade? Do we still need spelling at this age? What are the secular (or easily used as secular) options for history and science?
  17. I'm at the hospital today and getting prepped for the D+E. I'm scared to death and heartbroken this is actually happening.
  18. I'm at the hospital today and getting prepped for the D+E. I'm scared to death and heartbroken this is actually happening.
  19. Thank you all. I still don't know what I'm going to do. I made an appt for tomorrow morning to takk to my midwife again. And I've been on the phone all day with a dear friend and one of my SIL who have been through this as well. I just appreciate it all so much. Thank you.
  20. I'm at the drs office again today. I saw the OB to talk about "options". Either way this is horrible and I don't think I've ever been this scared before. So baby passed away sometime in the 12th week. I'm 13w4d today. They seem concerned here because nothing has happened yet naturally. No cramping or bleeding. They are wanting to do a D+E. It sounds horrifying and inhumane. I don't know what to do. I know this is such a personal subject. But I honestly don't know what to do. Should I wait it out or go ahead and do the surgery? What are the pros/cons? (i'm not sure i'm seeing any pr
  21. Thank you. Your kind words, hugs, and prayers mean so much to me.
  22. I went to my midwife today and there was no heartbeat. Did 2 ultrasounds. Second one showed some bloodflow to kidney and brain. But neither showed a heartbeat. I can't put into words how I feel.
  23. :lol: i mostly type on my iphone which has a cracked screen. Sorry for all the typos. :)
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