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  1. Augh, I'd go nuts.
  2. I was at Ikea a couple of weeks ago looking at mattresses, and they had some nice options. When we were first married, my husband and I had to live apart for about five months because of his job. He bought the cheapest queen size mattress they had at the mattress store. Like it wasn't even out in the show room, and they had to take him in the back so he could see it cheap. We still sleep on that mattress seven years later, and we're still happy with it. I have no idea how we will pick our next one.
  3. I'm so happy I found this thread! What a wonderful ending. :-)
  4. Oh gosh, I can't even imagine the joy of having an almost five year old that took a nap. My oldest gave up his at 18 months when it was taking me over an hour to get him to sleep for nap and at least another hour at bedtime. He did go to sleep quite early for a year and a half or so after giving up the nap. Honestly, we just kind of adjusted our lives around it. He won't even nap when he's sick. I thought about trying a quiet time, but it virtually impossible. He wasn't verbal, and it just didn't work. At the age of your son, I would definitely do it! Maybe audio books? I'm guessi
  5. I think I'm going to get this refurbished Nikon Coolpix off of eBay. It gets alright reviews. Maybe you could buy the gift card form him? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nikon-Coolpix-L30-Digital-Camera-20-1MP-5x-Optical-Zoom-Red-Refurbished-/331389253528?pt=Digital_Cameras&hash=item4d2856b798
  6. I pretty much wear my Birkenstocks year round, and it's definitely colder here than in Texas. I'll occasionally put on other shoes if I'm wearing an outfit that really calls for them, or if I actually have to walk *through* the snow. I really dislike socks.
  7. I'm part of team, "mix your dry ingredients really well with a whisk." ;-)
  8. I think I'm getting a new stainless steel cookware set. I got my grandma's spare set (that she had already decided to replace!) of Revere ware when I went off to college. I've been using them ever since. I think it's time. I think I'm getting a flannel shirt from Duluth Trading.
  9. I've never owned a mattress pad in my life, and I'm suddenly feeling like a poor excuse for an adult or something. Luckily, my kids aren't really vomiters or bed wetters.
  10. Moving really stinks, and I'm just about fed up with it. It feels like we move all the time, and it doesn't really get easier. I'm usually happy once we get there, but the whole process and uncertainty bothers me. It looks like we have another three moves in the next five years or so, and you almost get to the point of not even wanting to feel at home somewhere. Sorry you're in the middle of it,OP. It sounds like the place you're moving is going to be great once you're settled.
  11. We keep it at 72-73 during the day and 71 at night. I'd like to keep it a little cooler, but my oldest has cold induced uticaria, and he does well at that temperature.
  12. I think I'm going to give them a try!
  13. Has anyone used FedEx Office Center for coil binding workbooks? I was going to go to Staples, but FedEx would be more convenient. Do they do a good job? Is the price comparable?
  14. Gosh, I love Paris... From your list - Honestly, I would skip the Jardin de Tuileries. To me, it just feels like a crowded gravel walk way with some trees, and that was in the summer. I can't imagine it would improve much in the winter. I'd see the glass pyramid and move on to other fabulous things. ;-) Personally, I also wouldn't waste time going up the Eiffel Tower, but I'm sure many would disagree with me. I much preferred the view (and pictures) of the Eiffel Tower from across the river at the Palais de Chaillot. Plus, the metro stop over there is much more convenient. If you're going
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