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Fourth grade for 2017-18! Come on in!


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Revised plans for my boy who would very much rather be building forts:
MM 4    and lots of drill on math facts! He gets the concepts, so I don't want to hold him backI considered switching to a procedural math program, but he was bored and it didn't seem to help him with facts mastery.  

FLL 4   Just going to review from FLL 3 for now. TC has enough grammar in the opening section. 

Treasured Conversations  A hit! He loves Bushy! 
Kilgallon Sentences for Elementary
Latin for Children A    SSL 2    Keeping it very light this year. He has enough going on. 
SOTW 3 with lots of literature
Science - life science, always lots of nature study, a little astronomy because of the eclipse in August
Art and drama tutorial


Always reading lots of excellent literature. Narnia this year! 
Choir, piano, scouts, swimming


Testing for LDs and ADHD sometime this year. Revising our plan to keep him progressing, to strengthen weak areas, and to help him enjoy learning. 

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I think mine is mostly planned. It's mostly just doing the next level of what she's doing now.



-R&S English 4, orally and low-key, skipping the writing Actually, Junior Analytical Grammar is more likely.

-Wordsmith Apprentice or School Composition (Maxwell)

-R&S spelling 4

-pile of high quality children's literature I haven't even started pouring together


Math: Singapore Primary Mathematics 5 with CWP and IP


History: continue Veritas Press (NOT online) and Story of the World combo with little brother


Science: probably all the random life science stuff I collected for THIS year before she went nutters over birds (living books, documentaries, activity pages, etc)


Language: Duolingo daily, continue Spanish for Children A slowly with mom


Extracurricular: lots of dance, I'm trying to talk her into Math Olympiad, maybe a simple martial arts class at the local parks and rec.


The family wide time after lunch rotates through art, philosophy, read alouds, etc.

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DD8 is in PS this year for 3rd. For math and spelling, we're going to work through level 3 before 4 because for the programs we use I think it would be better to not skip ahead. Math we've already started 3, spelling we will as soon as school lets out. 


Math BA4 (may still be finishing up 3d)


Spelling AAS3, into 4 if/when we get there

Grammar and writing EIW4

Handwriting ZB4

Reading compiling a list from a few sources for both independent reading and read alouds

Vocabulary Word Roots Beginning


History Read-through only (probably using the audiobooks) of SOTW 1-4. 

Geography EM Daily Geography


Science Ellen McHenry The Elements in the fall. Ellen McHenry Botany in the spring. I'm thinking probably some Mystery Science units between the two in the winter.


Art HAS and painting classes at a local studio


Online tech course that she hasn't picked yet. Probably stop-motion animation or robotics.


Co-op classes that we won't know until July


Highland Dance and Tumbling


I'd like to get her in piano lessons, but if not then I will start up lessons again at home.

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Updates.. this had gone through a few revisions, but I think I'm finally settled.

My daughter will probably do...


MUS finish gamma, start delta

CLE math 300. the trial run of this has gone really well.


spelling you see level C


AAS 1&2

Brave Writer- quiver of arrows, jot it down.

AAS 1&2, BW arrows, also monthly family projects in partnership writing


BF history of science

Beautiful Feet California history

Barefoot Ragamuffin 50 States and Where to Find Them.

BF geography

BF geography and California history. RS4K physics textbook and kits. EM daily science.


Reading various lit and vintage science books.




Probably a ten week session of each of the following: swim, drawing, soccer or tennis

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We're planning on:


Math: Singapore 5 w/Challenging Word Problems

English: MCT Island, daily reading, & daily writing block

History: We're continuing American history w/Children's Encyclopedia of American History & lots of additional books (still working on this list)

Literature: Literature & historical fiction to go along with history (still working on this list)

Science: Focus on Middle School Chemistry & Physics 

French: Galore Park French 1

Art: Artistic Pursuits Upper Elementary

Extra: Ballet & piano lessons

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Two 4th graders next year! And toning core stuff down a lot down because I'll also have two kindergarteners keeping me busy...


Math- Beast Academy 4 / Math in Focus 4


Writing- Treasured Convwrsations and Writing and Rhetoric Fables


Spelling- Spelling by Sound and Structure 4


Handwriting- Starting commonplace journaling


Science- Just nature studies this year


History- Skipping SOTW4 to focus on geography. Maybe a Literature based states program? Still working this out.


Also hoping to find easy modern art/ modern composers ideas that can fold into morning time. Simply Charlotte Mason, which we've used a few years now, doesn't do modern art. But broadway musicals could be a really fun composer study!


And maybe finally starting studying Shakespeare?

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Bible, History: My Father’s World Exploration to 1850 (Exploring American History, In God We Trust, Building a City On a Hill, George Washington's World, The Last 500 Years, The Story of the World Volume 3, various read alouds)


Science: Botany (Apologia), Zoology (World of Animals)

Math: Singapore Math 4A/4B

Language Arts: Language Lessons for Today 4, Institute of Excellence in Writing (All Things Fun and Fascinating), Spelling by Sound and Structure 4

Foreign Language: ?

Music: Composer CD Study and Piano Lessons

Computer: Typing online if still needed


Extras: Gymnastics, Awana, American Heritage Girls, basketball and/or soccer and/or baseball

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My plans are always changing, but this is my best guess for what DS#1 will be doing this coming fall for 4th grade.


Math:  AoPS Pre-Algebra

Science:  NO IDEA.

History/literature/geography:  BookShark 3 (combined with younger brother) + Evan-Moor Daily Geography 5

Grammar/writing/poetry/vocab:  Michael Clay Thompson Town Level. +/- Killgallons Elementary Sentence Composing?  Also Daily Grams 5 for mechanics practice


No extras planned... yet!

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I think this is what my current 3rd grade grade dd will do in 4th:


Saxon 65 with Zaccaro's as supplement



IEW Student Writing Intensive A



Possibly EM daily geography


Elemental Science: Earth Science & Astronomy for Grammar stage

Maybe add in some Mystery Science


HWT cursive




Looking for something age appropriate to start Spanish

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Math: MEP 5

Language arts: undecided

Typing: continue Typing.com


(All other subjects are combined 4th and 6th grades)

History: late medieval through 1700 plus ancient Americas, various resources

Science: Protozoa, [health], Cells or topics of interest

    Health: It's Perfectly Normal, Smokey's Wildfire Prevention Detectives

Greek: continue Elementary Greek 1

Latin: continue Latin Prep 1

Logic, art, music, P.E.: undecided

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My 4th grader next year:

Math: mm & beast
Science: tops science with various books on physics topics

Writing: WWE and then moving on to W&R
Grammar and spelling:r&s
Logic books
History, geography, + lit: tog year 4
Languages: finish gsws and gswl then move on to Spanish and Latin for children. Starting gswf
Bible: telling God's story year 1.
Music:composer study and cello
Art: picture portfolio and learning to draw

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Next year my 4th grade DD will be doing:


MM4 with "fun math" on Fridays (Drive Thru Math/Grocery Cart Math)

Finish Xtramath division facts

Reading list to go with history and science and discussion with me

HWoT - Cursive Success


Wordly Wise 4

Finish FLL 3 and move on to 4 (we do FLL 3 & 4 over 3 years)

Finish IEW All Things Fun & Fascinating and move on to Fables, Myths, & Fairy Tales (we do both books over 3 years)

Finish Building Thinking Skills 1

Mind Benders 4

Typing Instructor

God's Design for Science - earth & space

Complete Book of US History (post civil war to present)

US states & capitols using various online free resources

Piano lessons

Artistic Pursuits

PE once a week at the local private school that is accepting of homeschoolers


ETA: Beginner speech class once a week for the first semester


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My oldest son starts 4th next week! I just finished in the 1st and 6th threads for my other kiddos.


He's doing:



Beast Academy 3C-4B

Life of Fred H onwards



MCT Town


Assigned reading

R&s spelling

Shakespeare and plutarch with my 6th grade dd


Science -

Ellen mchenry chemistry and botany with dd.

Some metallurgy along with chem for him.

Nature journal


History -

Combined with dd again, genevieve foster books from columbus + projects.



Harmony fine arts (with a friend )


Russian -

Rosetta stone



Latin -

Prima Latina


Violin and swimming lessons.


We do bible, memory work, drawing and handicrafts all together.

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My DS9 will technically be in 4th next year his year will look like this:


Handwriting: Getty-Dubay E

Writing: IEW SID A

Spelling/Grammar: LOE Essentials 2nd Edition Level B

Reading:  45 min a day of independent reading including various genres.

Math: Math U See Epsilon and Xtra Math

History:  Overview of all history through VP's Pages of History read aloud by Mom and narrated by kids and 24 hours of Ancient    History at a 1 day a week homeschool academy

Science:  Science in the Ancient World and 24 hours of Biology at a 1 day a week homeschool academy

Read Aloud:  Various novels we choose as a family as the year goes on and poetry and short stories from Book of Virtues

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Ds#1 will be combined as much as possible with younger brother.


Math: finish Abeka Arithmetic 3 and start 4.

History: SOTW2

Science: no clue (interest-led)

English: Spell to Write and Read, reading to me, and maybe WWE 1 or 2 or FLL 1&2 combined.

Religion: Baltimore Catechism (part 3 of 3)

Memory work

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Math: BA4

Grammar: FLL4

Writing: WWE3

Spelling: SWO C/D

Literature: Read stuff. I have the list of books I used with ds and may tweak that list a bit.

History: HO1 Early Modern. Ds used the AG, but I prefer HO so we'll use that instead.

Science: outsourced

Latin: Ds used Lively Latin and I am considering that or something else.

Art: Artistic Pursuits

Music: composer study and piano lessons

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I'm editing my original post, because I have rethought how I want to focus this year. I have three scenarios to plan for: full-time homeschooling, half-time enrollment, and full-time enrollment.

If I enroll my son half-time (for reading, writing, STEM, and math workshop), I plan to use at home:


Math in Focus Course 1 (grade 6) + Math Minutes
Lively Latin 1
History of Us condensed A & B with the K12 guides

Audiobooks in the car for historical fiction
Semester 1: Chemistry with Mr. Q., Ellen McHenry's Elements, and lots of other activities

Semester 2: Physics with Mr. Q, Tinker Crates, other activities, and PhysicsQuests.


If I homeschool full-time, I will add:

Moving Beyond the Page 9-11 LA
Poetry for Young People books
Hoffman Academy piano
Home Art Studio

If I enroll him full-time, I would probably just enrich what they are doing in school. That's the least likely scenario, though.

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Math: finish SM 3 & hopefully 4


Grammar: FLL 4


Writing: WWE 3 and some interest driven creative writing


History: SOTW 1 with 1st grade sister


Science: homemade ecosystems/zoology


Vocabulary: Wordly Wise or Eng from Roots


Spelling Power


Mesh of world geography resources


Lit: finish through grade 5 Pathway Readers (because she loves those things) and then she'll help me make a list of challenging reading (she likes to read WAY below her ability level, so I'd like to gradually increase)


Her choice of critical thinking/logic materials




Art, ballet, piano, swimming, karate and Girl Scouts

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I will have a very old fourth grader (who will grade-skip in the next year or two...she missed the K cut-off by just days :glare:   ).  


I'm not sure if this is actually enough for her, but here's our plan (we already started):


Beyond Five in a Row (currently in volume 2)

Rod and Staff English 4 + continue All About Spelling + continue cursive practice

Living Math 

The Action Bible


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I can't believe I'm going to have a 4th grader next year!


Here's what I'm thinking so far: 


Math: Beast Academy 5






I have been planning on moving on to WWE 3, but DS is really not enjoying WWE 2. I'm not sure what to do at this point, so I'll probably research every writing program out there and then decide to stick with what we're doing. 


History: I have no idea


Science: ditto


Hmm - I have some thinking and researching to do!

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I have been planning on moving on to WWE 3, but DS is really not enjoying WWE 2. I'm not sure what to do at this point, so I'll probably research every writing program out there and then decide to stick with what we're doing. 


I found Treasured Conversations meshes well / reinforces FLL4 really well. There is some copywork that gets long, but you can tweak as necessary for your kid. It is a different approach than WWE & there are three sections that get progressively more mature (writing-wise), IMO. Your son might not be ready for it yet, but it is something to look at if you are going to be looking around.

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Math - MM4 + Xtra Math


Spelling - R&S4


Writing/Grammar - read-aloud-based year with discussions, copywork, dictation, narrations, etc


Science - ETA: Science in the Beginning


History - SOTW3 + activity guide


French - continue GSWF + hodgepodge of resources


Music: Piano lessons


Morning group time: Bible, memory work, journaling, art, poetry, etc

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My eldest will be in fourth grade and that's not fair... :)  Good thing I have a brand new little on the way.


Morning Time: covers prayers, songs poetry memorization, memory work from other subjects, Aesop's Fables, reading aloud well (elocution) with McGuffey readers (she hates this, a little...I made her start in reader 1, which is FAR too easy, but she reads aloud too fast and tends to skip words, etc...it's actually really good for her) and a read aloud rotation from either My Book House, Celtic myth and history, or American history.


Copy work: daily, from something she's reading.


2nd Language: home made Gaelic


Latin: maybe Song School...I haven't decided, but I do want to start this year.


Picture Study: portfolios from SCM


Art: ARTistic Pursuits, book 1 from the grade 4 to 6 set; also handicrafts (clay, needlework, origami, etc.)  I am going to start drawing lessons with all my girls once weekly using Drawing with Children.


Grammar: Simply Grammar Part 2, followed by Easy Grammar Daily (what's it called?), either Grade 3 or Grade 4 to review.


Music: lessons with me on recorder...I'd like her to start lessons with a different instrument this year.


Logic: workbooks and chess


Math: Singapore...3B and into 4A, at least


Shakespeare: home made, a few plays a year but no definite picks yet


Spelling: continue with Apples and Pears, studied dictation


Nature study - journal once or twice weekly


Composition: written narrations once or twice weekly; Fable and Song from Cottage Press


History: A Little History of the World, Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans, selections from 50 Famous Stories (all with little sister); on her own - Memoria Press Timeline Program


Biography: Poor Richard


Geography:  not sure....maybe with little sister, maybe BF course, maybe The Kon Tiki and lots of maps....maybe the Draw Europe and such series....


Nature Lore: The Story Book of Science


Science: I think Berean's Science in Ancient Times


Literature:  Andersen's Fairy Tales, Robin Hood (Pyle), and something else my pregnant brain has forgotten...it's written down somewhere.


Plus ballet once weekly for her and once weekly being a helper for her teacher with younger kids.  It looks like a lot, but really only takes 2 to 3 hours daily, depending on her attitude. ;)




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I can't believe I will be the parent of a 4th grader this year. 4th seems so... big.


Here's what I've figured out so far:


Reading- same as usual, work our way through a big 'ol book list for read alouds and independent reading.


Spelling- I think I want to try Sequential Spelling this year. I really think that method will fit the way her brain works.


Grammar- haven't decided yet. I'm really drawing a blank on this one.


Writing- IEW Theme Based Writing Ancients


Handwriting- undecided


Typing- undecided


Math- Math Mammoth 4a and 4b


History- SOTW Vol 1 + a short summer session for state history (group subject)


Science- Science in the Ancient World (group subject)


Art- we'll do our own thing, exploring various styles and media (group subject)


Music- continue piano lessons


Phys Ed- swimming lessons in the summer, gymnastics lessons in the winter


Other group work includes memory work, poetry tea, cocoa classics, and family bible time.


It looks like I have a few decisions to make and then actually *do* all the planning. :svengo: At least I already bought my planner! :thumbup1:

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•Language: MP First Form Latin


•Math: SM Stds. 4A/B (w/ CWP, EP)


•LA: HAKE Grammar, Rod and Staff 6 Spelling, MCT Practice Island-Town, EIW 5 (3days), WWE 3 (2 days), maybe CW Homer A; ZB Cursive 5


•Literature: MP 4A&M Literature and Poetry, SOTW 3


•History: 4A MP Classical•Christian•American•Modern Studies


•Religion: Faith&Life 4, TAN Bible OT & Civilization


•Science: NonFiction Reading Comprehension Science, Insects, RS4K


•Extra: Maps, Charts, & Graphs E, DGP Reading Practice, Kolbe Elementary Literature & VP list (for evening reading), Killgalon


•Karate, Music class (w/ Dad), CSH Arts (w/ all siblings)

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Horizons Pre-Algebra

MBTP 9-11 or 10-12

Mosdos Pearl

Writing & Rhetoric Narrative 2

Lively Latin Big Book 2

Home Art Studio grade 4

piano lessons


Not sure about science...we are doing Chemistry this year so maybe a Life Science program?

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Math: Rod and Staff 5

Latin: First Form Latin

Grammar: Rod and Staff 4

Spelling: SWO 

Composition: MP Classical Compostion: Fable

Reading: MP literature and poetry

History: MP Greek Myths, States and Capitals, Christian Studies

Science: MP Astronomy


Bible together: Long Story Short- we started this year and are about halfway through.  Love it!

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Rod and staff 5 with hands on equations

Chinese made easy for kids 3

Treasured conversations second half. School composition by Maxwell.

First language lessons 4

OLVS spelling and handwriting 4

OLVS religion 4 and Christian Studies 2

Story of the World 3-4

Narnia with ROAR and Family Guide. Mater Amabilis Literature 2

Science books from library according to interest but emphasis on taking notes and increasing reading levels.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Bible Study: BSGFAA (going to try intermediate student pages)


Math: MM4, Xtra Math, Process Skills in Problem Solving 


Reading: Finish AAR4, BYL 4 Readers (may do some book unit studies for 4-5 of these readers)

Literature: BYL 2 & 4 read alouds 

Spelling: AAS4/AAS5 

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 3000 Book 4

Writing: IEW Ancient History Theme Book

Grammar: Fix-It Grammar Robin Hood (level 2), Daily Grammar (dailygrammar.com)

Handwriting: Universal Handwriting Cursive Enrichment Grade 4


Science: Mystery Science, Evan Moor Daily Science Grade 4


History: SOTW Volume 2 w/ Activity Guide (also using BYL 2)

Geography: Evan Moor Daily Geography Practice Grade 4 


Latin: GSWL


Extras: BYL 2 Art/Poetry study, Mind Benders, logic games, typing.com, weekly co-op (starting in September)

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I think we're planned and ready to go. Most of it is just continuing what we are doing now. :)


History/Bible/Science - Finish out HOD Preparing (move on to CTC if we finish it at any point)

Literature- HOD DITHOR Level 3/4

Grammar- Growing with Grammar 4

Math- Singapore 3B/4A

Writing- Writing class at co-op

Music- Violin at co-op

PE - Karate and playing outside


I think that's it. :)

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My coming 4th grader is dyslexic...


Biblioplan/mystery of history for geography, history, and bible.


Finish Beast Academy 3/Math Mammoth 4


Barton 5


Thinking CLE Language Arts level 300 but that is yet to be determined.


Literature: variety of Literarure Guides and audiobooks, done orally.


Latina Christiana, 2-year pace


EC: piano, music appreciation, various sports, 4H

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I can't believe my third will start Grade 4.



BA finish 3 if it's not done, and do 4

R&S English 4 for grammar and writing

A&P we will likely do most of A and start B for spelling

HWOT he will need lots of ongoing work with cursive and copybook

Lit based reading/history/science

Now that we have treated his add I'm hoping I can get him doing some oral narration for me. His sister's grade 4 reading list would be a bit hard, but his brother's should be okay.

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English: continuing Wheeler's Elementary Speller (here are cards with the words on them for most lessons through 107, PDF, black & white, 8 on a page, print on card stock), Killgallon Sentences, and Dictation Day by Day, and we'll try out Don't Forget to Write Elementary & Daily Grammar Practice 4.


math: BA 4


Spanish: Descubre D, but tentatively planning to switch to Japanese in 5th


science: finishing BFSU 2


history: SOTW 4: Here are my wall timeline cards, if anybody else wants to use them. PDF, 8 on a page, print in color on card stock.


Various books to read independently & together, memory work, etc.


Probably continuing scouts and piano (although I'm open to a different instrument if he wants).

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Because my oldest was in school (public and private) for grades 4-6 (ds now home again in 7th), dd #1 will be my first homeschooled 4th grader. It has taken a lot of time and effort to find out what works for her and it is still easier to say what doesn't work (and may lead to revolt). One thing that does work for dd #1 is variety so, although it looks like we are doing a lot, it's just that we often move among different curricula to keep things interesting. If it is a "leveled" text (like All About Spelling) we will finish each level unless the curricula is  a "bad fit" and totally dumped. We also do not do all subjects (such as grammar) everyday.


Already changing things around.........



All About Spelling Levels 4 & 5

All About Homophones



Red Hot Root Words Book I

Either Zaner Bloser Word Wisdom 4 OR Evan Moor Vocabulary Fundamentals 4



IEW Themes: Ancient History --switched off with

CAP W & R Narrative Book II and IEW SWI A

Homemade writing workshop exercises



Mosdos Press Ruby

Novel studies with literature guides & discussion



Continue with Sentence Family

Analytical Grammar Junior: Mechanics

CAP Well Ordered Language Levels 2A and 2B (CAP WOL Grammar has been a MAJOR score for 3rd grade)

A bit of First Language Lessons Level IV



Finish Zaner Bloser Cursive 4 and start ZB Cursive 5

Zaner Bloser Cursive Supplement workbooks such as Presidents, etc. (when she wants something "different" for practice)



A rotation of:

Finishing Beast Academy Level 3 and beginning Level 4

Singapore Math 4 either Standards or Math in Focus (back as our spine)

MEP ( a bit)

Math Mammoth Grade 4 (topics as needed)

FAN Math Process Skills in Problem Solving

Supplemental projects and "fun" math topics



This year she will study chemistry and physics using--

Relevant Nancy Larson modules from Levels 2, 3 & 4

Real Science Odyssey Chemistry Level I and Real Science Odyssey Physics Level I

"Real" books and DVD's



Ancients from Creation to Rome; I'm still working on this—I know I will use Story of the World for one spine as well as lots of "real" books and DVD's/movies



Legends and Leagues East (Asia) possibly, I'm still thinking through this one




Not sure yet, possibly CAP God's Great Covenant New Testament Book I; we are doing CAP Old Testament Book II this year and she loves it

Also considering Digging Up the Past:Discover 4 Yourself Series (and Abraham: God's Great Explorer and God Has Big Plans for You, Esther!)

Beautiful Feet Teaching Character Through Literature

Selected Scripture Memory Verses


Fine Arts:

Drama weekly at our local homeschool co-op

Choir weekly at a community children's choir

Ballet, Tap and Jazz dance weekly at a local dance academy

Piano weekly


Physical Education:

Weekly all year Ballet, Tap and Jazz dancing

Ice skating weekly all winter

Swimming spring and summer

Horse back riding spring and fall

Soccer in the fall


Morning "Power Hour" : rotating learning about Ancient Art, poets and poetic forms, and classical music/composer study

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I'm definitely coming back to read through this. I can't believe it's time to start planning for fourth...but I totally have been!


Math...I think we are moving away from BA, although the 3D book arrived last week and he sat and read the guide in one go. :/ He loves the guide and some of the problems, but others...bleh. I'm looking at MIF and MM, mostly...and I'll probably have to get BA 'for fun' and extra practice, just because he likes it. Which means probably MM, because cost is an issue. 


I imagine we'll continue with WWE 3...I started him on 2 this year because he was new to dictation. I don't know if we are doing it wrong or if he's just not into it, but we are still struggling with dictation. I usually have to read the sentence like five or six times. -_- Oops, for grammar--we are using FLL 3 currently. It honestly is kind of a slog-through some days, the diagramming and such. But he does fine at it. 


We have SOTW2 (SO EXCITED for this) and we'll do earth science/geology/space study for science (also YAY). This summer I want to do units on geography, women in history, and he wants to learn to type!


We haven't been doing spelling, because I need a program. I did some company's placement test and he placed past their middle school curriculum, so idk what to do. 


He does swim and homeschool gym, and we'll probably continue an art class we found this year. He also takes piano. 

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The Phonics Road Level 3 (this covers phonics, reading, composition, handwriting, vocabulary, spelling)


Math: Seton Math 3 plus multiplication drills using flashcards and some other resources we've accumulated


History: half of SOTW 1, before moving onto 2. We also listen to an audio book on American history in the car


Geography: memorizing states and capitols


Science: Memoria Press Astronomy


Morning Basket time: prayer, sing a hymn, poetry memorization, and one reading alternating between a faith reading and a classic myth


Arts: this would be new for us, by t I'd like to start picture study and composer study (just one at a time) and a weekly hands on art using a book I found on amazon


I hope this covers it all. It's definitely a simplified version of TWtM, with some CM influences.

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Wow! I've edited this a LOT!


Days before we were scheduled to start I changed almost everything. Here is our actual list :


Sonlight Core B/C for Bible, History, Literature (with 7 yo sister)

Geography - Holling C Holling books/maps (1/week)

Science - started using Sonlight Science B, but will switch 4th grader to BJU Science 4 in a few weeks.

Math - BJU 4

LA - using some of Sonlight LA4 (spelling, reading, copywork, and some writing assignments), and BJU English 4 (grammar & composition)

Exrras : sewing, pastels, AHG, swimming lessons, possibly tumbling

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I'm honestly not sure and will probably finalize things in May but, I have an old MP grade 3 guide, that I'm thinking of having him do. Most likely he will be doing


D'Aulaires Greek Myths

50 States and Where to Find Them

Living math(gonna finish out this year with it and see how it goes)


Christian Studies 1



Maxwells School Composition/ Introduction to Composition

R & S spelling 4

MP literature

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Finally making plans, here's what I have so far


Math - Beast Academy, we just started 4A this spring, will keep going, add SIngapore CWP


Reading/grammar/spelling - MCT Town level, classic books, might add Vocabulary from Classical Roots if he's interested


Writing - Brave Writer co-op


Science - Mystery Science


History - middle ages History Odyssey with 2nd grade sister


Bible - Grapevine, not sure which unit we'll do next


logic - ?


Spanish - continue Duolingo, need to find something to take it further


Music - I think he is giving up piano after 2 years :(  But he is starting French horn lessons this summer, so I hope that clicks with him a little more


Art - probably projects from Pinterest


PE - TKD and baseball

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Scratch my previous plans - we are moving to Belgium! I will likely put him in the international school so he can learn French. I decided against that, but plan to have him participate in the DOD school for specials and host nation class (and field trips!). We will probably be doing our homeschool work in the library or another quiet spot. But I still plan to do:

Audiobooks in the car: both ones that correlate with history and modern, fun reads

Literature using Moving Beyond the Page - selections from 9-11 and 10-12.

History: reading the first two books of The History of Us condensed version, about a chapter a day and discuss  -or- K12's Human Odyssey 1, reading it together. I dunno - he says he wants to do US history, but it makes more sense to study world history while we have the chance to tie in amazing field trips.

Math in Focus 6 in brief lessons. Looks like mostly review of grade 5 with more application. (30 minutes?)

Chemistry, using Mr. Q and The Elements, plus activities. I already made a plan with lots of videos and activities, and I think it will be worth the time.

Math & Grammar Minutes (3 per week)

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Scratch my previous plans - we are moving to Belgium! I will likely put him in the international school so he can learn French. But I still plan to do:


Audiobooks in the car: both ones that correlate with history and modern, fun reads


Literature using Moving Beyond the Page - just using discussion questions and oral work. (maybe 20 minutes?)


History: reading the first two books of The History of Us condensed version, about a chapter a day and discuss (maybe 15 minutes)


Math in Focus 6 in brief lessons. Looks like mostly review of grade 5 with more application. (30 minutes?)


Chemistry, using Mr. Q and The Elements, plus activities. I already made a plan with lots of videos and activities, and I think it will be worth the time. Maybe do that on Wednesdays (early school release) and weekends.


Math & Grammar Minutes (3 per week)


How exciting.

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