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  1. My youngest (of five children) is going into 2nd grade next year!!! Bible, History: My Father’s World Exploration to 1850 (with siblings) Science: Botany, Zoology (with siblings) Math: Singapore Math 1A/1B (or 1B/2A if she's ready) Language Arts: Language Lessons for Today 2, Spelling by Sound and Structure 2 Foreign Language: Getting Started with Spanish (with siblings) Music: Composer CD Study (with siblings) and Piano Lessons Extras: Gymnastics, Weekly PE Group, American Heritage Girls, Awana
  2. Bible, History: My Father’s World Exploration to 1850 (Exploring American History, In God We Trust, Building a City On a Hill, George Washington's World, The Last 500 Years, The Story of the World Volume 3, various read alouds) Science: Botany (Apologia), Zoology (World of Animals) Math: Singapore Math 4A/4B Language Arts: Language Lessons for Today 4, Institute of Excellence in Writing (All Things Fun and Fascinating), Spelling by Sound and Structure 4 Foreign Language: ? Music: Composer CD Study and Piano Lessons Computer: Typing online if still needed Extras: Gymnastics, Awana, American Heritage Girls, basketball and/or soccer and/or baseball
  3. We do formal school work four days a week. We do 'together time' subjects on the couch and the daily ones include Bible, history, Latin, our read-aloud, CNN Ten News, VP History, and science. Every other Tuesday, we watch a writing video (IEW). On Thursdays, we do art appreciation (a picture of a painting with information about it and the artist). After that, we do their independent subjects at the table that may or may not need my help. I give my kids planners with their assignments in them and they can do them in any order. They go down the list and if they don't have an assignment in a particular subject, they obviously move on to the next subject. As for a schedule, I write down everything in the ideal order, and then next to the subjects that aren't daily, I write those days in parentheses. Ours would look like: Bible History Latin Read-Aloud CNN Ten News VP History Art Appreciation (Th) Writing Video (T) Science Copywork (M) Math English (MTW) Latin Vocab Writing (TTh) Logic (MW) Coding Is that what you were asking?
  4. I'm not sure if this would solve anything since you want to do geography now, but we use the VPSP history as a family. MFW is our core history and since VPSP history doesn't line up exactly and we couldn't jump ahead, and my kids didn't want to stop using it, we are using it as a review and are dozens of lessons behind what we are learning in the MFW history we use. I use our Chromecast to put it on the TV and we watch the videos and answer questions together. My kids have to take turns playing the games and placing the medallions is a coveted job, but it works out fine. If you wanted to stick with it, you could use it as a family and add in whatever reading books you want. Since I've never used it alone for history, we've never used their reading suggestions, so I'm not sure what you'd need to add to get it to a 7th grade level. My kids really enjoy it though. P.S. I'm not sure why I'm having font size issues. It looks tiny to me so I made it bigger, but if it's huge to everyone else, I apologize.
  5. Yes. I'm not sure why people say the teenage years are bad. It's the preteen years. My oldest is now 15 and is mostly pleasant now, but from about 11-12.5, he was far from pleasant quite often. My now-13 year old son has always been my most laid back and we haven't had any issues with him thankfully. My now-11 year old son is going through these rough years right now, but in a different way than my oldest did. My oldest has a controlling personality and his issues were often that he wasn't in control. My 11 year old is super emotional and dramatic already and cries and gets upset all the time. He's not defiant or disrespectful, but gets so easily upset with my 13 year old, who is who he is best buds with. So he cries because of my 13 year old but still wants to hang out with him. It's great. So yah, they're all different. I have two girls who are 8 and 7 that we'll see how it goes with them in a few years.
  6. We've used MFW for several years. My oldest is in 10th grade and homeschooled using MFW from 2nd until 8th grade and then went into public high school. He's a smart kid so I've never doubted our homeschooling, but the only subject I wasn't sure how he did with was writing. Using Writing Strands and then Writing with Skill, along with the MFW required narrations, definitely made him a strong writer (at least compared to students in his school and our state). Like I said, he's a smart kid, and also very motivated, and after MFW recommendations, is a top ten student in his grade with all As for the past 1 1/2 years. My current 7th grader is also using MFW for middle school, although we are trying IEW writing this year, and he uses TT math for Algebra 1. He also learns easily, but isn't very motivated, although he surprises me with how much he retains. I think using MFW from the beginning with my kids helped me to ease into adjusting the expected workload for each child. I'm not sure what information you're looking for exactly, but I hope this has helped a bit.
  7. I'm teaching the IEW Speech Boot Camp in our small co-op this semester. It's a video led course geared towards 6th-12th graders and my 7th grader will be taking it. I'd like to do something more informal with my younger kids to get them used to public speaking...maybe getting together with a homeschooling friend a couple times a month for that purpose.
  8. I do have the new version and both the TWSS DVDs as well as the Student Intensive Writing Level B DVDs. I haven't viewed the student DVDs, so I guess I should do that to see what I think then. So I guess my main concern is if my 3rd grader can use the Level B DVDs successfully.
  9. IEW users...I have come to own the Teaching Writing: Structure and Skill DVDs/Binder as well as the Student Writing Intensive Level B. I'd like to use IEW with my 3rd, 5th, and 7th graders this year. I printed out the student sheets for level A for my 3rd grader (free on the website) but will watching the Level B DVDs be over her head? Would it be better to buy and have them all watch Level A DVDs for the sake of not watching two different DVDs each week, or to have my 7th grader watch Level B and get the Level A DVDs for my 3rd and 5th graders? Thanks for any advice.
  10. My 15 year old and I enjoyed them. There is a lot of cussing, especially in the third book. The love scenes are PG-13 I think. The Divergent Series is also good.
  11. I'm not sure how to best explain what I am asking, but I'll try. This is what I am looking for...an educational website or online curriculum company that has reading lists for grades levels and subjects but also gives access to the e-book to borrow/read. In my mind, I'm picturing something like Kindle Unlimited but organized a bit more educationally. So basically, there would be categories of books based on reading level and/or subject and you click on the title and the book downloads to read. Kindle Free Time also comes to mind, but that's only for little kids I believe. Even if it just gives access to a good choice of books on a reading list, that'd be great. I guess that wasn't so hard to explain. Does anyone know of anything like this?
  12. 3rd Grade: Bible, History: My Father’s World Rome to Reformation (The Story of the World Volume 2, Streams of Civilization, The Roman Empire, Augustus Caesar's World, Galen and the Gateway to Medicine, Usborne Medieval World, Usborne Ancient World, How the Bible Came to Us, Trial and Triumph, Read-Alouds: The Bronze Bow, Twice Freed, Dangerous Journey, The Door in the Wall) Science: Apologia Astronomy, Anatomy and Physiology (The Human Body for Every Kid, The Body Book, Usborne First Encyclopedia of the Human Body, The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made) Math: Singapore Math 3A & 3B, Beast Academy 2A & 2B Language Arts: Language Lessons for Today 3, Spelling by Sound and Structure 3, Mensa Excellence in Reading Grades K-3 List, Institute for Excellence in Writing? or Writing with Ease 3? Foreign Language: Spanish for Children, Duolingo, English from the Roots Up, Latin for Children (Thinker’s Cap Academy)?...probably not, but we just finished Getting Started with Latin and I hate to discontinue the skill... Music: Composer CD Study and Piano Lessons Computer: Dance Mat Typing (or ?) Art: Home Art Studio, God and the History of Art Physical Education: Weekly PE class, Gymnastics, Sports Teams
  13. Yes. At the zoo several years ago, I had a three year old and a 9 month old. We were going to get on the zoo train, so I parked the stroller, grabbed my purse, my diaper bag, my three year old's hand, and rushed to get in line. I was standing there in line for half a minute and felt like I was missing something and realized I had left my baby in the stroller, about 20 feet away. I felt horrible. Another time (which I forgot about when voting above but just remembered), I loaded my kids into our minivan to go get my dad from the airport. Ten minutes down the road, one of my kids asked where my then-eight year old son was. Whoops. He sits in the third row of our minivan in a spot I can't see well. We turned around to get him and he was just waiting in the house, looking out the window to see if we'd come back to get him. Not worried or anything. That was a couple years ago and I still make sure I check to make sure I have everyone I am supposed to have.
  14. I don't use FLL, but I schedule WWE twice a week, so we do days 1 & 2 on Tuesdays, and then days 3 & 4 on Thursdays. It doesn't take too long each day, and then we get a break on the other days.
  15. My dog destroys everything except Kong toys and this Hartz Dura Play Rocket toy. It's a type of soft flexible foam but somehow he hasn't destroyed it and we've had it for over a month. It squeaks though. Annoying, but my pup loves it. He's a lab mix.
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