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  1. Can you suggest which literature guides for individual books are good?
  2. What are good Literature curricula which help you dig deeper in the books for my 6th grader (something like Center for Lit in terms of literary analysis but not an online class)? I believe Excellence in Literature starts in 8th grade. Memorial Press has mainly literal comprehension questions, which isn’t what I’m looking for. Suggestions?
  3. I was planning to have my daughter take WTMA Rhetoric 1 with Marissa Henry, but the timing that would work is full now! This year she’s been taking an essay course at Open Tent Academy (with Eva Goldstein). What online writing course would be of similar quality to Rhetoric and would help prepare her to take AP Language the year after? Or if you’ve had experience with Rai d’Honore in WRMA Rhetoric 1, can you please PM me?
  4. Never mind...found the other post on this.
  5. This link may help:
  6. Although I’m a huge fan of FLL (we did all 4), GWTM didn’t work for us. There was no retention, even with my offer daughter who is quite advanced academically. And the schedule was not a realistic pace at all. We did AG, and it’s working very well.
  7. So do you think she can suffice with WTMA Rhetoric 1 in 10th and be prepared to take AP English Language in 11th? In that case, she could do AP Lit in 12th.
  8. I switched my daughter from Saxon to Derek Owens and it’s been great. And in future, if you want to consider live classes, I hear MyHomeschool Math Class is good.
  9. Hi, hive; your advice will be much appreciated. My ninth grade dd is passionate about literature and writing, and will probably major in English. I want to make sure I'm planning correctly to enable her to take AP English Language (and possibly AP English Literature) with PAHomeschoolers. Besides grammar, this is her plan thus far: This year she's doing Center for Lit American Literature and Open Tent Academy's All About Essays (Eva Goldstein). 10th grade: Center for Lit British Literature, WTMA Rhetoric 1 11th: WTMA Rhetoric 2. QUESTION 1: Will she be ready at this point (11th grade) to do PAH AP English Literature? 12th: PAH AP English Language QUESTION 2: Will WTMA Rhetoric 2 prepare her for this? QUESTION 3: Does it matter if you take AP English Lit or Language first? Is one harder than the other? Thanks!
  10. After WWE 3 and some IEW, should she do Kilgallon Elementary or Middle?
  11. Can you all share your experiences with this? We’ve done WWE 1-3, and some IEW, all of which she’s enjoyed. She is an average writer, neither averse to writing nor passionate about it. Is 5th grade too early for WWS1? (And if so, please suggest what to do meanwhile in 5th). Thanks!
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