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  1. Has anyone used Daily Grammar Practice? What did you like/dislike about it? https://www.dgppublishing.com/collections/dgp-grades-1-5
  2. I think I have 8th grade nailed down for my oldest... Math: SingaporeMath Live 6 (prealgebra) LA: English From the Roots Up 2 EIW 8 Either Fix It grammar 2 or the grammar section from a partially used EIW 6 I have For literature he'll read the books from bookshark 8 lit, not sure if I'm going to do any activities from the guide History: Bookshark 8 History of Science (his choice, he's very excited about this). I got the workbooks to go with the first two Story of Science books. I now see MBTP has units to go with the last two Story of Science books, I may grab one or both of those. I'm not good about enforcing written narrations or notebooking or outlining, so I need something more laid out. It's time for more output in history, not just read and occasionally/rarely discuss. Lol Science: Bookshark's new science 8 that goes along with the History of Science
  3. What about something like this? http://www.historicalstoriesofsurvival.com/
  4. I'm feeling the same way for my 6th grader. LA has too many pieces and it makes me feel scattered. I prefer an all in one, but those just don't work for this kid. She'll be continuing AAS, and I'm adding in SWI and Fix It grammar. For literature in thinking of using a Pathway Reader and workbook, just cause I have it and it's independent which I might need with all these other mom intense programs (and I have 3 other kids). Tho I'm also eyeing MBTP LA units, I'm thinking of picking a couple of that that go with American history and do those instead.
  5. My charter just did the same thing. Bookshark? Lots of great books there and it counts as core curriculum. For a first grader, I would think there would be plenty of fun kits that would count as science. RSO science is fun. Or I just discovered crafty school crates, and I'm getting the history crates for my 9&6yo. It wouldn't hurt to point out that you are reusing AAR 2. I discussed this with my ES because I won't be spending that much on my younger kids. Between reusing books from my older kids and finding bookshark sets at our school resource center, I only need a few workbooks. But I am using $500 worth of core curriculum, so she said it's not an issue. The point is they don't want people spending all their money on extracurriculars and not putting much effort into schooling (unfortunately it DOES happen. Tho I'm not sure that it's at an extent that requires these measures) and having those kids test scores drag down the school average.
  6. Hits: Logic of English Foundations A for my youngest. He loves this. So fun and yet includes so much review and practice that he needs. Right Start Math, also for my youngest. He's very social, wiggly, and hands on. Singapore math 2. In the middle of the year I switched my 2nd grader to RS so that he could play with all the manipulatives and games that his younger brother was doing. But after a couple weeks he asked to go back. Bookshark, mostly. K science and history and LA2 were pretty good. The read alouds were a huge hit with both my 8&5yo boys. Science 3 was a hit, but history 3 was a miss for my daughter. Science 6 was not a hit as far as my son is concerned, but I consider it a hit. Lol. It got done and my son learned how to dig for information to answer questions. We will be using Bookshark again next year. It gets done, is mostly what I want, and I don't have to plan it. I'm tired of planning. CLE math was a hit for my daughter for the second year in a row. AAS- my daughter hates it, but I see her spelling improving. Girls of American History- unit studies using American Girl doll books. My daughter LOVES this. English From the Roots Up with notebook. My son liked this, probably cause he got to draw pictures. Lol Misses: Bookshark history 3, my daughter couldn't keep up with all the reading on her own and I couldn't read to her as it's intended. Write@Home online classes. I felt like this was just assignments with no teaching. Winning with Writing. I don't know, this just didn't work. I guess cause I expected it to be independent and it just wasn't. Growing with Grammar. IDK it just didn't get done.
  7. This was helpful. It helped crystalize my thoughts. 🙂 My oldest is using EIW6 and after a few other writing program failures, I'm loving it and felt like finally it's teaching HOW to write but without being super restrictive, which my son hates. It's so easy to use too. I've considered having my daughter start using it too, but hesitated and couldn't quite out my finger on why. But she hates coming up with her own thing to write, and now that you mention it, it probably isn't enough direction on how to improve her writing. I have been putting off trying IEW, but I think I just have to bite the bullet. Lol
  8. This will be my first time teaching algebra, but my plan for fall for my son who is finishing up beast 5 now is Singapore 6 using Singapore math live. https://www.singaporemathlive.com I showed him AOPS prealgebra and Singapore 6 (well actually he just knew what it was like from doing Singapore 1-3 when he was younger) and he picked Singapore.
  9. I haven't used CLE 'for the long haul' yet, but wanted to chime in on the conceptual teaching part... My kid who uses CLE hated Singapore math, didn't understand it, didn't get the conceptual teaching. But over the past two years with CLE I've seen her not only grow in her confidence with math, but I've also seen that she does understand concepts and make connections. Eventually. She is a parts to whole learner. She just wants to know how to do something, and then after weeks or months doing it she puts it all together and surprises me with observations on why things work or on the connections between things. Things Singapore math teaches first and the algorithm afterwards. She needs to practice doing it (the algorithm) and then she can understand the big picture. I've seen it repeatedly. I think that the concepts are there in CLE, it's just that they're taught in a parts to whole manner, whereas in Singapore math there taught in a whole to parts manner. I do have experience with more conceptual math, my other kids use beast academy or Singapore or right start. And my kids that use Singapore or beast academy would hate CLE, but that's cause they're whole to parts thinkers. My youngest I don't know about yet.
  10. This will be my fourth, and last, time teaching K. Not sure whether to cry or celebrate. 😄 Math: second half of Right Start A. I'm also going to pick up the new Singapore Dimensions K workbooks for something fun and colorful to do while driving around to the bigger kids classes. LA: We just started LOE foundations A and so far so good, so I think we'll be continuing that and level B next year. This is my first time doing cursive first (well he did learn to write capitals this year with HWOT, but tho he recognizes lowercase letters he isn't writing them), but it seems like good timing because it's time for his 8yo brother to learn cursive and they love doing everything together. Hopefully I can match up LOE A cursive and Rhythm of Handwriting. History: tag along with bookshark 1 Science: tag along with RSO Life We'll probably also do a few more Ivy Kids kits, those were fun this year. Other: speech therapy, swimming
  11. My oldest will be in 8th Math: Singapore Math Live online class, 6/prealgebra LA: Fix It grammar Robin Hood and a local IEW writing class or SWI with his sister... OR I'm feeling tempted to give bookshark LA 7 a try. Writing about history, kill two birds with one stone. I've decided I need to go with something more independent. With three younger kids, one of them still in the learning to read phase, my time is at a premium. SO I'm thinking Essentials in Writing 7. Of and continuing with English From the Roots Up 2. History: bookshark 7, world history part 2 Science: bookshark 7, robotics and technology Other: drawing, swimming, and ??
  12. I didn't see an 8th grade planning thread, forgive me if I missed it
  13. This is my third time teaching third grade Math: Singapore 3, thinking I'll try the Dimensions version next year. Supplement with Beast Academy, finishing up 2 and start 3. LA: bookshark 2 intermediate and continue rhythm of handwriting History: bookshark 1 Science: RSO Life Other: KWOT typing, Bits Box, drawing, swimming
  14. This is for my non academic child... Already rethinking some of this! Math: CLE 500 and Division Facts That Stick LA: AAS 3&4 and a local IEW writing class. I also just want her writing something, anything, every day, but it needs to be easy and independent. I'm thinking either Growing with Grammar 5 or Spelling You See copywork, the American book would go nicely with her history. I have no idea what I'm doing beyond AAS. Spelling is clearly the priority at this point, but I'm not sure whether to continue holding off on everything else. History: bookshark 4, American history part 2... Girls of American History to cover this time period Science: RSO Life with her younger brothers, but with reading in an age appropriate Science encyclopedia. A closer look at this and I've decided it's WAY too simple for her. Now I'm thinking bookshark science 5, health and human anatomy. Other: typing, drawing. And one other yet to be determined, maybe gymnastics or violin.
  15. I'm looking for reviews of Mr D math. I'd like to know what kind of kid is Mr D math good for? For the math phobic or the math inclined? Is it spiral? Mastery? Daily review yes or no? Are the explanations good? Do they explain why things work the way they do or are they more focused on just explaining how to do it? I'm trying to figure out what route to go for my oldest when he hits prealgebra soon. Till now what has worked well for him in the past was Singapore PM and now Beast Academy. Things that haven't worked for him are: MUS (too slow)and Teaching Textbooks (hated the explanations, or the lack there of). I'm also considering Singapore Dimensions, Jacob's algebra, and AoPS.
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