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  1. My DD7 takes a lot of dance classes during the week and is really missing all of her dancing. I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media about classes for advanced students but I cannot find anything for younger dance students. Anyone had any luck or know of anything? Thanks!
  2. I bought during the sale around this time last year and DS is really loving it. Remind me, do they have another sale in the fall too? Or do I need to buy now? Thanks!
  3. Yep he started it. I emailed about it and apparently we started earlier than I’d planned to last year. Thanks for your help though!
  4. Thank you! Unfortunately I can’t find any date on the website. I bought last spring during their sale after they told me I could buy but delay the start date. Unfortunately I only have the email receipt but nothing about the delayed start date I chose at registration. Has anyone else had this problem? When I called they cannot see anything but my purchase date even though I know I chose a later start date as I bought the program to start in the fall with the new school year.
  5. I cannot figure out where to find the courses expiration date. I think I requested a later start date when I ordered them during a sale but now I can’t figure out what that was. Any idea where to look? Thanks!
  6. Does it move more quickly than previous years? I just noticed that 4 has about 5 less chapters than 3 and a lot less pages in all of the books. Obviously it’s a harder book than 3 so does it move faster or does it take longer with harder material? Trying to figure out how to plan out the year and wondering what to expect. Thanks!
  7. My son is having a lot of trouble understanding geometry basics like angles, line segments and larger shapes. He can’t keep track of a hexagon vs. pentagon and so on. Same issue with understanding polygons and quadrilaterals. I’ve tried going slow and going over the material again and showing him videos but it is not sticking. We do MiF and he’s ahead in all areas of math on his testing with the state and our charter but Geometry is the only one that shows him as a rising 4th grader so it’s definitely a problem area for him. Any books that might help me explain it to him so it clicks?
  8. Math in Focus. It is easy for me to teach as a very math averse person. It teaches really well and should keep him above grade level and proficient in the topics taught in schools if going back is a possibility.
  9. My DS was very tired of WWE by WWE3 so after we finished it we switched to W&R and he really likes it and I think it’s really well done. His not whining and dreading WWE has been a great change!
  10. I call my 9 year old son my Eyeore so I get where you’re coming from! What about trying new things that have a first class free option to try it out? My son did not like team sports but he enjoys our homeschool PE class once a week and being around kids. He’s on a swim team and some weeks are better than others depending on his attitude about sticking with it. He loves his Hip Hop and Acrobatics classes. This year he started Musical Theater and really loved it. My approach has been to have them try different things to see what might interest them. Some things they hated so we never went back a
  11. I thought charters were location based so I think it does matter where you live. Our charter, Ocean Grove, is part of a larger umbrella school but they have like three different schools for different locations throughout the state. I would start by finding out what is available for your county and go from there. Then you can start comparing schools. Do your kids have any activities they like or that they want to start? You could check to see if the vendor is part of the charter school’s approved list and how hard it would be to get the vendor you want enrolled. Where I live there are only two
  12. The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. My husband really enjoyed this one on a road trip. Funny and great narration.
  13. I pay way more in property taxes than I’m getting back by using our charter school funds. I’m saving the state even more money than I’m getting by not sending my kids to our local public school. I’m surprised by how many people here are against us using these funds. Just because other states do not have this system is not a reason to vilify it. We have so far only used our funds on curriculum and lessons but if I can use them for an educational day field trip to an amusement park we happily will. It’s crazy to vilify what we do as a field trip but say it’s ok when a public school spends a lot
  14. I have a hard time not doing the recommend reading. I think the VP recommended readings can be used again in the future and Famous Men can be found at a reasonable price (I think I found it cheaper on Amazon than Rainbow) so you can always do it. You might find your child likes it. The pages are pretty short so it doesn’t take long. I’m continuing to do it with DS and looking at it as something that might help stick a little for when he comes back to it. I really love the Pages of History books too and so does DS. I actually added them into SOTW before starting VP and I’m very impressed
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