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  1. I have a hard time not doing the recommend reading. I think the VP recommended readings can be used again in the future and Famous Men can be found at a reasonable price (I think I found it cheaper on Amazon than Rainbow) so you can always do it. You might find your child likes it. The pages are pretty short so it doesn’t take long. I’m continuing to do it with DS and looking at it as something that might help stick a little for when he comes back to it. I really love the Pages of History books too and so does DS. I actually added them into SOTW before starting VP and I’m very impressed with it. SOTW would be great to add in. With the activity book and chapter book you have a lot of information even if you can’t always add in the exrtra recommended books.
  2. We love AAS but I do think it needs follow up. When DS misspells a word during his other schoolwork I add it to a list on my phone. Throughout the week I ask him to spell various words on his running list. Some are easily learned and crossed off his list. Others he needs more time to work with and internalize. I like AAS for the rules so I try to point those out and remind him when they apply. Some of his words are homophone pairs. I think all the there/their/they’re words were on his list for a really long time before they finally clicked for him. I think it helps that I stayed on top of it with his other LA and SOTW writing.
  3. I looked them up and they’re an OG vendor. Thanks! Has anyone tried to use them with OG? What do you get in your kit?
  4. I agree with this. My mom had drills at school about what to do during a Russian attack and today’s kids have to worry about school shootings. The world felt unstable and scary after 9/11. There is always something to worry about. Personally I don’t share your concerns and I would encourage you not to share your concerns with your daughter. Let her be excited about the future and help her find her way. What that means depends on her interests and goals which you can help nurture.
  5. I’m doing Famous Men of Middle Ages now with DS 9/3rd Grade and it’s pretty dense and dry so I’m not sure how much he’s actually getting from it. I doubt it would hold the interest of a younger child. I am reading this to DS and DD 6: It really holds their attention, even DD, so I think it’s a great choice the chapters can be long so sometimes I break up the reading over two sittings. It was recommended in DS VP self-paced Studies. I second the You Wouldn’t Want Be series. DS has loved them since I first read them to him and he still enjoys them. They do a great job balancing being informative with being fun and interesting to hold his attention
  6. It was great for DS when we used it. I liked having it all ready to go for him. The lines were big so it was perfect for him. They’ve revised the books since we used it so I don’t think I can get a workbook anymore so for DD I’m probably just going to have her try copying in a notebook. I think for young kids though it’s nice to do it right underneath instead. Plus it had spaces for drawing which DS really enjoyed. It had a fun format.
  7. I am with OG too. We are allowed to keep everything as long as we are enrolled so I keep DS stuff and save it for DD when she gets to that level. I do think it’s annoying/unfair that theme parks only count for certain days even if nothing is really going on with the school to be instructive. Ditto stuff in So.Cal. that only counts on certain field trip days even if again the school isn’t actually doing anything. It should be something more like once a year funds for it. It did did seem to good to be true when I heard about it. It does seem surprising though that there is nothing over the summer. Public schools have summer school so you’d think there’d be something.
  8. Months ago a mom at an activity told me about a charter school that gives funds for summer, even Disneyland admission was covered, which surprised me. I was trying to remember the name of it and now I’m wondering if it’s part of the charter under indictment. Is there a charter that would do this legitimately?
  9. Last year we did SSL and DS loved it. He was retaining the information so well that I didn’t bother with review as we went along..big mistake! When we reached the end of the book he failed the review section. I tried working with him on review with the cards but his retention was awful compared to when we were doing the DVD and workbook. I wasn’t sure if I should repeat SSL or move on to SSL2 which we have so this year I just ended up dropping it. Since he liked the format I’m thinking of trying the Primer instead of focusing on SSL. any thoughts on Primer?
  10. I’m considering LA for next year and thinking of skipping WWE4 and using W&R instead. How much longer are the lessons in general than WWE3? Is 4 days a week the pacing to finish one set per semester?
  11. I started mine with AAR Pre-level around that age but mine needed to learn their letters and sounds. It does have great exercises and games but if he knows letter sounds you could skip ahead to AAR1. The great thing about AAR is that it’s easy to customize, you can slow down or speed up as necessary. MP First Start Reading is a great series of workbooks that are very gentle if you want to try writing.
  12. Thanks so much everyone! I’ve read so much about the importance of team sports that I felt like I needed to find something for him. Again as my oldest he is my HS guinea pig and I feel like I need to get him out there so he doesn’t feel like he’s missing out on anything. While personally I completely relate because I’m an introverted homebody myself I guess I don’t want him to look back and feel like he missed anything by being HS.
  13. I asked in another thread for advice on spending charter funds and this was recommended. After looking it over I think it could be a great fit. I’ve pretty much jumped back and forth between ES and RSO for DS science so far. DD is going into 1st and she will listen as much as she is interested when DS does science but she is not very interested. I’m not very Science minded myself so I really don’t want to do another science on a different topic with her. This looks like something I could get for her from the Focus on series on whatever topic DS is doing. Would this be a good fit for a 1st grader? Are all the Focus Books the same level of difficulty so it doesn’t matter which one I get? I don’t see any kits, are they available? If not, are the materials easy to find?
  14. We are in a virtual charter and there’s a new change in how we spend funds. I asked for ideas to sound $500 on curriculum for 1st grade and was recommended Nancy Larson. I have to say I don’t know much about it except that I’ve seen it recommended but I’ve always been put off by the price. I can get my son’s 4th grade RSO Physics book for about $50 and his supply kit for $90 so I don’t understand how 1st grade can be over $200. But since I have to spend money on curriculum I’m intrigued by it if it’s worth it. My DD is not very interested in science. I did not love the way Elemental Science did bio when I did that with DS in 1st. I like RSO more but it still has its issues. Is Nancy Larson that much better and worth the price? I’m not very Science minded myself so maybe a more scripted lesson would be good. Do the levels correspond to the usual sequence of science per grade? It’s hard to know since they just use numbers. Does it get done? Are the lessons a reasonable length? I’d really love to hear any pros and cons for it.
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