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  1. We do use all the books too- workbook, test book, extra practice, challenging word problems- and not just the standards edition text. I’m excited to move to DM7. Thank you!
  2. Math: Singapore Math 5A/B + Workbook, EP, Test, CWP Latin: MP Second Form Latin Grammar: Hake Grammar, MCT Practice, DGP Composition: EIW - WWE Spelling: Rod and Staff Reading: NonFiction Reading Comp., DRP, Kolbe list History: MP Famous Men of the Middle Ages, TAN (audio) Religion: MP Christian Studies, TAN (audio), Faith & Life Geography: MP Geography, Maps, Charts, & Graphs Science: MP Birds/Hist. of Medicine, Apologia Anatomy Literature & Poetry: Memoria Press 5A Music: Piano PE: Tennis With siblings: Catholic Schoolhouse
  3. We've used Singapore Math SE and are not having problems with it. We are now on 5B, and I am ready to buy the next level which should be 6A/B. But I did read old posts here of whether to continue with the level 6 or not. I didn't follow to what each person ended using because I wasn't in that situation at that time. Now I am. I also went to the Singapore Math forum and found this. "Jenny Posted March 13, 2017 If your child did either Standards edition 5A and 5B, or Common Core edition 5A and 5B, s/he would not miss any topics by then doing Dimensions Math 7. That is the only case where this is true. It is not true for US edition, it is not true for New Elementary Math. Whether your child should do 6, depends on the child, some need more consolidation or easier/slower introduction to new topics." I do understand about not finishing a good book, but we will finish 5B strong and that is the end of that book. My understanding is that SM 6A/B, SE were written so that the students who have been having difficulties with the advance Singapore Math SE in the lower level books could catch up. I'm glad 2ndgenhomeschooler shared her experience on both SM 6 and DM 6. I'm thinking I'll just follow her advice.
  4. My son is not struggling with SM 5B, should I continue with Dimensions Math 7? Or something else? TIA
  5. I agree. :thumbup: But since we follow Memoria Press core subjects (mostly), the Famous Men of Rome is done in 4th grade (accelerated track) and Greek Myths is done in 3rd grade. So, I made sure we cover just the Latin during Latin. ETA: The Roman History test of the new LC is separate and not mixed in with the Latin tests, but it's there. The test is two pages long and on its own.
  6. Memoria Press updated the Latina Christiana l and it's now Latina Christiana, 4th edition. Here. The Rome history of the old LC1 tests are not in the new LC tests anymore. The Rome history notes and maps are still in the student and teacher books but not part of the weekly lessons. What my 3rd grade is using for LC, 4th edition: DVD and CD, student book, LC Review Worksheets, flash cards, and Ludere Latine. For the Lingua Angelica when scheduled (not every week), we just listen to it from the Lingua Angelica cd and then recite it (some prayers were memorized when we did Prima Latina) because we do the translation in 4th grade with FFL (for us, anyway). Here. Everyday we drill, recite, memorize...Latin is as important as Math if you follow Memoria Press. Day 1 is the longest if you let the DVD teacher teach, it will then be followed by writing the vocabulary. You can also check MP sample lesson plans- 3rd grade accelerated track. My 4th grader is using FFL right now and Lingua Angelica is also scheduled per week under Enrichment section, and it's a separate book. 4th grade accelerated track. Maybe you can do the drilling with CAP Latin everyday (I don't know how CAP does it) and stay with it if you like it. In the beginning of our homeschool (only doing it for 3 years so far), I thought of switching to CAP but didn't. Now I am used to MP guides' layout and loving it. ETA: The Roman History test of the new LC is separate and not mixed in with the Latin tests, but it's there. The test is two pages long and on its own.
  7. Language: MP Prima Latina Math: Singapore Math Standards 2A/B (W/ CWP, EP) Language Arts: Seton 2 English, Rod & Staff 3 Spelling, Zaner Bloser Cursive 3, Cottage Press Primer 2, WWE 1-2 Literature: MP Guides of Sarah Noble, Beatrix Potter, Little House in the Big Woods, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Blue Fairy Book, A Bear Called Paddington; SOTW 1 History: MP Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans book (but using Kolbe Q&A guide); Maps Charts & Graphs C Science: MP Mammals; Abeka Health Reading: MP Read Aloud & Science set, MP Enrichment guide (includes arts, music, poetry) Religion: Seton 2 Religion, First Communion preparation, Seton 4 Bible History Karate, Music class (w/ Dad), Blue Knights Club, CSH Arts Morning Basket for all boys: Morning Payer, Baltimore Catechism Q&A, Saint story, CSH Y3
  8. •Language: MP First Form Latin •Math: SM Stds. 4A/B (w/ CWP, EP) •LA: HAKE Grammar, Rod and Staff 6 Spelling, MCT Practice Island-Town, EIW 5 (3days), WWE 3 (2 days), maybe CW Homer A; ZB Cursive 5 •Literature: MP 4A&M Literature and Poetry, SOTW 3 •History: 4A MP Classical•Christian•American•Modern Studies •Religion: Faith&Life 4, TAN Bible OT & Civilization •Science: NonFiction Reading Comprehension Science, Insects, RS4K •Extra: Maps, Charts, & Graphs E, DGP Reading Practice, Kolbe Elementary Literature & VP list (for evening reading), Killgalon •Karate, Music class (w/ Dad), CSH Arts (w/ all siblings)
  9. •Language: MP Second Form Latin •Math: SM Stds. 5A/B (w/ CWP, EP, Test) •LA: Hake Grammar 5 (4days), MCT Practice/ DGPratice (1day); R&S 6 Spelling; EIW/L 7 (3 days), WWE 4 (2 days), maybe CW Homer B; Zaner Bloser Hw 6 •Literature: MP 5A Literature and Poetry, SOTW 4 •History: 5A MP Classical•Christian•American•Modern Studies •Religion: Faith&Life 5, TAN Bible NT and History •Science: NonFiction Reading Comprehension Science, MP Birds/Medicine, Apologia Anatomy •Extra: Maps Graphs & Charts F, DGP Daily Reading Practice, Kolbe Elementary Literature & VP list (for evening reading), Killgalon •Karate, Music class (with Dad), Blue Knights Club (w/ siblings)
  10. I've been flipping through both test and work books and they really look worthwhile, but I will have to choose only one in order to finish one level in a school year.
  11. How come US edition doesn't have the test books? Will standard edition be as good as US edition if I skip the test book? I just don't think we can finish the text A and B books in a year along with the workbook and test book.
  12. Memoria Press suggests The Story of The World as summer reading (supplement to their Classical Core packages). https://www.memoriapress.com/curriculum/educational-resources/the-story-of-the-world/
  13. The MP Christian Studies is very thorough and organized. I am Catholic and so I use Faith & Life with the Christian Studies. By 6th grade we will shift to a Catholic Bible study. I think Prima Latina and Latina Christiana 1 are both beginner programs. There are less activities to be done in Prima Latina (perfect for a 2nd grader) and more exercises and words to memorize in Latina Christiana 1(appropriate for a 3rd grader). Maybe on this one you can call MP for guidance.
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