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  1. My son has successfully used CLE Algebra 1 and finished last year with A's. It was a solid course with plenty of review built in. Now he is in 10th grade and we are using Thinkwell Geometry (asynchronous) online as a spine and filling in with Khan Academy and a typical high school Geometry textbook as necessary. This isn't ideal because my DS really needs the tight spiral of CLE (he had completed Saxon pre-Algebra before CLE Algebra 1). I really wish CLE would create a Geometry course. I was thinking about using Saxon Geometry this year but the reviews were not that good for the program. Professor Berger (Thinkwell) is engaging and personable and the lessons are clear, concise, and straightforward which is a plus for holding my son's focus. The only thing lacking is the obvious spiral review so I do end up usually having to reinforce lessons with extra practice. For Algebra 2, I'm thinking maybe Math U See (if they offer it), Saxon, or even a local homeschool course that meets in person twice a week. I'm not really sure yet. My DS found Algebra, in general, more interesting and easier than he is finding Geometry, so I think his focus in any Algebra 2 course will be better than it has been this year with Geometry.
  2. We used the LU's last year for Algebra 1 and I found them easy to use, actually. I think my DS really liked the "accomplishment" of finishing a light unit rather than having a textbook that seemed to go on forever. We didn't copy the problems on a separate paper—my DS just worked in each LU. We never really had to go back further than 1-2 LU's if my DS needed a refresher after a holiday or some time off. Our LU's had the number of the lesson where the topic was taught next to each topic so finding an earlier topic in another LU was very easy. I kept all the LU's while we were working through them but I didn't find keeping them a burden. Really, using the LU's was no problem for us.
  3. I was very excited about Blue Tent with all the great reviews from this website. Then I found out that the experienced teacher who had been reviewed, and had taught the course for years apparently, was not teaching it this year (!!) The instructor we do have is a new instructor—new to this class and maybe new to Blue Tent, I don't know. The kids think she looks like a teenager in her picture so also young enough not to have a lot of teaching experience in general. I won't say this has been a terrible experience, though, just light and/or disappointing in some areas. There are also too many "moving parts" that are starting to irritate my DS (and me, lol). For example, there are about 6-7 places he has to navigate back and forth to continuously all week with directions to "write" about this, then "answer these questions," then "respond" to at least two, sometimes four classmates, etc. He'll go to respond to classmates and sometimes there aren't comments to respond to, or the comments are, well, very difficult to respond intelligently to, or the comments are so repetitive that once he has responded to one student it's time-wasting to say the same thing again to someone else. I think the biggest structural issue hampering my DS's interest right now is that the class has a wide range of ages (grades 8-10) with far more kids on the lower end (13) and it is obvious in terms of experience and abilities to engage in literature themes, analysis, etc. He gets what he needs from my supplementing though.
  4. I'm doing the same thing for my DS's Blue Tent's Intro to Lit and Comp (grades 8-10). The lit "discussions" have pretty much totally been left up to the students with typically (uninspiring) results in my opinion. My main goal for this class for my DS was to increase his abilities to analyze and respond to quality literature. Consequently, I have him complete written supplementary questions and we have meaty discussions for each novel he reads (2 completed so far and starting the third now). The comp portion has also been light thus far but I'm not complaining (yet). DS writes well already and I think it may pick up as the class goes on. My one issue is when the instructor does assign a composition assignment it is along the lines of "write a story" with no support or mini lessons offered (except on mechanics such as punctuating dialogue). If you already write stories you know what to do, if not, the results are mediocre.
  5. I do all the curriculum selection and purchasing, and all the teaching, planning, and assessing. I go to my state homeschool conference on my own by choice (a weekend away). I do about 85% of the house cleaning and cooking as well although my DH usually is fasting after 3:00 pm so he gets his own food 95% of the time. The cooking is for me and our kids.The kids do about 10% of the house cleaning. My DH does things like occasionally loading the dishwasher. My DH and the kids, however, do 100% of the yard work. I do the laundry for the house (sheets, towels, etc.) and for me and two kids. My DH and my DS do their own laundry. I take the kids to co-op once a week and he picks them up. He does the required service hours for our co-op which is about 12-15 hours per year. If the kids need help memorizing lines for a drama production he helps them with that. He's a musician who plays many instruments and sings so anything music related he handles (although this rarely comes up because the kids' piano teacher and their choir teacher mostly do all that teaching). He listens to me wrangle my way through curriculum snafus, and he also is a very helpful second discipline voice when necessary.
  6. Thank you for all the responses! I'll look at Derek Owens, too. I do not need anything time-consuming though.
  7. Today, for this 6th grade year, I plan on my DD doing Primary Standards 6A & 6B (more rigorous than US Singapore imo), adding in MM 7 where needed, and Beast Academy Level 5 to mix it up. Then, it's likely we will move on to Dimensions 7 in 7th grade with the idea of continuing with DM level 8 the following year. So, yes, from what I have seen of the books, I believe the transition will be relatively smooth from Singapore 6 to Dimensions 7. From all of this my hope is that DD will have all of Algebra 1 completed and a lot of HS Geometry completed by the end of 8th grade. That's her goal, too. I like the idea of integrated mathematics, as opposed to the typically American single topic courses, which is one reason I am strongly considering the Dimensions curriculum.
  8. This would be for an asynchronous online class. One, or maybe both, has an option of teacher support via email (?) I think..... (maybe I was hoping....) Anyway, we have a free trial for both and they are offering similar topics for the trials so it is almost a head-to-head comparison. I watched the videos on each site for reasoning and proof topics (Chapter 2). The Mr. D video only showed hands writing on the whiteboard and had audio lecture; it was very clear and methodical if a trifle quick. The Thinkwell version had Dr. Burger lecturing about the topics with less visual support and some lame jokes. I personally preferred the Mr. D. but I think DS may feel it is too fast and impersonal with no one's face showing. A least he can try both and see. My other concern is enough support and practice to make sure of retention and understanding. Is Mr. D superior here or Thinkwell? MY DS typically takes a few passes at material to really get something. We used Saxon Pre-A and CLE Algebra 1 because DS required constant review to feel confident and to cement topics.
  9. Probably, imo. They cover many of the same topics but, if anything, I recall that Dimensions 6 didn't seem as challenging as Singapore 6 probably because with Dimensions there will be 3 years to cover all the topics of middle school/early high school math. It's been awhile since I have looked but I think one area of difference was Singapore 6 does far more with negative numbers than Dimensions 6. If you know for sure you will use Dimensions 7, then this probably is not an issue as you will get to negative numbers in D 7. We are not totally sure we will use Dimensions 7, so because I am considering 6th grade my DD's Pre-A year, I need thorough coverage of negative numbers this year. I am also using MM Level 7 which I got on sale to beef up some Pre-A areas (exponents and negative numbers, for example).
  10. Hello Hive, I also posted this on the High School board. I am considering having my DS (10th grade) do online Geometry this year as what we are currently doing (me teaching) isn't working out that great time-wise. Have you done one or both of Thinkwell Math or Mr. D Math? My DS does not like math but he is proficient. Typically, online classes can be distracting for him with chat boxes and such, but I think these are both video-based and self-paced so that will get rid of those distractions. He would prefer the most painless math possible. Thanks for the input!!!
  11. Hello Hive, I am considering having my DS (10th grade) do online Geometry this year as what we are currently doing (me teaching) isn't working out that great time-wise. Have you done one or both of Thinkwell Math or Mr. D Math? MY DS does not like math but he is proficient. Typically, online classes can be distracting for him with chat boxes and such, but I think these are both video-based and self-paced so that will get rid of those distractions. He would prefer the most painless math possible. Thanks for the input!!!
  12. Singapore Standards Primary Math through 6th grade, Explode the Code, and Zaner-Bloser handwriting
  13. That's why I use the Primary Standards Edition—it is more thorough than the Singapore US Edition. The Dimension 6 textbook was similar to the Singapore Standards 6 textbook from what I could see in the samples so we just stayed with Standards and added in MM for some extra pre-Algebra practice. I got the whole 7th grade MM download for like $27.00 when it was on sale two weeks ago. We also have been doing Beast Academy for two years and will continue with BA level 5 this year. We like to mix it up!!!! That's so great to know the topics/pages are color coded, kbutton! I either forgot that or didn't notice/see that in the Dimensions samples. Thanks!
  14. Could you please elaborate regarding why you are glad you went the Dimensions route for 6 instead of using Singapore 6A? I decided the alternate course for my DD who wanted to stay with Singapore. We are doing Singapore Standards 6A/6B along with Math Mammoth 7 and the plan is to pick up Dimensions in 7th. The issue I have with Dimensions is that it covers only "part" of Geometry so what do you do for the rest of Geometry? And what is missing? I wouldn't want my DD to do a whole year of Geometry in 9th when a whole year isn't necessary.
  15. Thanks so much Lori! That would make sense on a high school transcript. I tell you, the stress over this has been bothering me as well as my DS (me not sleeping due to it), but now I am feeling some peace, so thank you for the replies!!!
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