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  1. My daughters changed studios after seven years because their "old" studio was only doing the week on Zoom, week off in studio rotation type of classes. And they are requiring masks for all classes the entire time starting at age 3. To accommodate any trouble with dancing and wearing masks they are purposefully slowing down and reducing all dance movements as much as 75%. I had to read that twice in their policies to believe what I was seeing. There is no reduction in the price of classes, however. We switched studios because Zoom classes in spring were more than enough for both (they hated the
  2. I don't have all my IEW materials in front of me, and I haven't taught with them for a few months because I am waiting for IEW Level C SSS to be available so I am not totally sure about this, but as I recall, the level B materials go more in depth with units merely introduced in Level A. For example, Level B students spend more time with Unit 6 then Level A students do. I also think they spend more time and effort with Units 7 and "super" or longer essays (I don't remember the unit # but probably 8??) In fact, I am not sure if Level A even gets into those areas all that much. By level B and e
  3. Also Smells Like Dog by Suzanne Selfors. There are three books total.
  4. My 12 yo loves The League of Unexceptional Children (series also the title of Book 1). Here's a synopsis of book 1: What is the League of Unexceptional Children? I'm glad you asked. You didn't ask? Well, you would have eventually and I hate to waste time. The League of Unexceptional Children is a covert network that uses the nation's most average, normal, and utterly unexceptional children as spies. Why the average kids? Why not the brainiacs? Or the beauty queens? Or the jocks? It's simple: People remember them. But not the unexceptionals. They are the forgotten ones. Until now!
  5. The Sisters Grimm is a popular series around here. Has lots of literary allusions, adventure, mystery, action, and creative, funny characters.
  6. For the fine arts/appreciation class you could look at Outschool or maybe Study.com (self-paced).
  7. Time Left: 13 days and 42 minutes

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    Mosdos Press Literature Hardback Student Text RUBY (4th grade) Nice condition with some shelf wear. Ships media mail. I am also selling the two volume Teacher Manual for RUBY


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    USED Nancy Larson Science Grade 1 Teacher Manual plus Photo Cards & Resource CD (retails for $150.00 new) Excellent, content-rich science program that is SO easy to use! Good condition with some shelf wear on the manual. You will need the Student Pack available on the website www.nancylarsonscience.com for $45.00 free shipping.


  10. Lots of tears with DD age 12, too. Started at age 11 and still going strong off and on......
  11. It's been later for my son....started at about age 14 and still going strong at age 16. I have a daughter age 12 and it hasn't hit yet but, then again, puberty has been slowly starting with her.
  12. Our co-op decided to do mostly virtual until at least November. We rent a church and their requirements if we met in person were wayyyyyy too onerous for us to meet. Science classes will meet in person, outside and inside. So, only my oldest will attend this year for his high school science which is Forensics with lab.
  13. I was going to suggest Beast Academy but you've btdt, lol! My DS says he hates math (even though he is good at it). Like Little Green Leaves wrote, I think he looks at it as a chore. He is rising 11th and we are finishing Geometry and will be starting Algebra II. He has REALLY disliked geometry mostly because I think he is confused by the diagrams. With Algebra it was word problems that took the longest; he just could not wrap his head around what was being asked and it was frustrating for him. He was relieved by factoring or anything he saw as "more straightforward," more literal. We used Sin
  14. We never really went to big parties anyway even before this all happened. I shop in the grocery store a few times a week and make sure to stay well away from people, give them space in aisles, etc.. With more people now wearing masks I find that they are encroaching as if the mask means they can now be one foot from me. Uhhhh, NO. My DS works in a grocery store part time and is required to mask. I have been to a restaurant to eat maybe three times since they all reopened two months ago. I've gone back to church twice since it reopened about three months ago. We went to distanced rows and limit
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