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  1. I am somewhere in this general vicinity. All of the people I had expected to die because of contracts ending and such are the ones who survived. Something odd has happened and I expect a major twist. I just saw it last night, so I haven’t worked it all out yet (I keep going back to Red Skull admitting that the price to be paid for the soul stone is never worth it). I do think the ones who were actually killed by Thanos, as opposed to disintegrating, are actually gone for good. Heimdall was particularly painful. It’s amazing to me how much they were able to make us truly care about some of these characters over the years.
  2. I’m already divorced (2.5 years now), but I would LOVE to be a support for other women experiencing the process (or considering it).
  3. I tried this and never did get the “come back†email 😒
  4. Math: SM 5 LA: finish WWE & FLL Lit: unsure Science: Mystery Science with younger sibling History: listen through and discuss SOTW with younger sibling with additional library books/encyclopedias (maybe add books 2-6 of Draw and Write Through History if secular enough). Possibly begin outlining. Spanish: Breaking the Barrier with older sibling Maybe English from the Roots Up Typing of some sort She has chosen outside classes in art, cooking, baking, and sewing.
  5. We are using 8th grade to dive deeper into my DD’s personal interests before tackling high school. Math: Algebra 1 with DO History: BYL pre history (picked apart and rearranged by me) Science: BYL history of science (picked apart and rearranged by me) Lit/writing: homemade comparative study of books and their films Grammar: G4TWTM Spanish: Breaking the Barrier Outside electives: acting, art, filmmaking, backstage/technical theater
  6. Somebody might have already pointed this out, but Barton recommends not requiring/encouraging reading outside of Barton until after level 3 (level 6, I believe, for textbooks). This does not apply to the entire time a student is doing Barton. I just wanted to make that clarification. Carry on.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Catit-Senses-2-0-Digger-Cats/dp/B015P13QMM/ref=sr_1_6?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1517973950&sr=1-6&keywords=Cat+enrichment+feeder This is what we use for our food inhaler. She used to throw up all the time. She hasn’t once since we started using this feeder. It was also recommended to us to switch her to a high protein wet food to help her feel fuller. We feed her 1/2 can of wet food in the morning and a 1/2 serving of dry food in her special feeder in the evening. All of this has helped tremendously. We’ve always fed grain free. Good luck!
  8. This is an extremely scarey thing to confront, and if you’ve never faced a situation like this, in which you fear for the future itself and the possible loss of your children, then you simply cannot judge. Joyce, I hope you find your path and your peace soon. I no longer know what advice to offer, but you do still have my support.
  9. I did not like it as a soy sauce replacement at all. It was much too sweet. I suppose it would be a fine flavor for other uses, but not as a soy sauce replacement. I use soy sauce so rarely that I just decided to avoid anything that called for it when I was avoiding soy.
  10. We have never won Pandemic. We’ve come maddeningly close so many times, but never actually won. It’s thrilling and infuriating at the same time.
  11. Then I’m certain Athens would be a wonderful trip for your family. Enjoy!
  12. I have been to Athens, but it was many years ago as a teenager. It was okay. The Parthenon was pretty cool, but the rest of Athens I don’t recall particularly enjoying (but again, I was a teenager). Santorini, Crete, Delphi,, etc were memorable and beautiful. I would love to go to Greece again someday, and I’d likely still visit Athens because I’m sure, as an adult making my own agenda, there are many beautiful and valuable sites to visit. But I would likely spend the bulk of my time elsewhere. Some of the islands are definitely more touristy, but the people are so very friendly and the scenery so very beautiful that I just couldn’t skip it all to spend more time in Athens. I guess it depends on your purpose and goals for the trip. I didn’t have children at the time, but I don’t imagine young children would have much fun. Older children, especially those interested in the ancients &/or mythology, would likely really enjoy a trip to Greece. I’ve always wished I could take my oldest daughter, who has been a mythology buff since age 9 or so, to Greece. It would be an amazing trip for her.
  13. I had one cat who never got on the counters. I don’t think I’m biased or exaggerating when I say that she was the best cat that ever lived, though, and I miss her terribly. Our 3 yr old cat and 6 month old cat both get on the counters. The older one knows enough to do it only when we aren’t around. The younger will do it right in front of my face. It drives me nuts. So I think they can be “trained†to outsmart you, but not eliminate the problem behavior 😉
  14. Me: coffee with almond milk and cocoa powder. Very typical. There isn’t much that settles well for me first thing in the morning. If I do eat it is usually a half of a banana and a TBS of nut butter or Greek yogurt with berries. All 4 kids had cinnamon rolls and berries for breakfast. This is NOT typical. It’s oldest’s bday. They typically have oatmeal, eggs, yogurt parfaits, English muffins, etc. (not all at the same time😉).
  15. If you think there's a chance you have the flu then you should not potentially expose other people. You should not go, imo. You could already be contagious even if you don't yet feel sick.
  16. MO is pretty low everything. I don't have to do anything besides offer the required number of hours (don't have to log, just offer), keep a record showing progress, and keep lesson plans. I don't have to show them to anybody. I only need them in case of a court case. Super easy.
  17. How are you traveling? The Wash U area is fairly self inclusive; it wouldn't be essential to have a car (if you want to walk everywhere, which is totally doable depending upon the weather). Any of the hotels that Wash U has listed on their site would be good choices, and I believe all are within walking distance of campus (but I'm not sure how likely it is to expect under $150/night; a couple might be close to that): https://olin.wustl.edu/EN-US/about-olin/st-louis/Pages/Places-to-Stay.aspx
  18. You really need to hire a lawyer before doing anything at all. I know they are expensive, but it really is essential In Order to protect yourself and your best interests. A lawyer will tell you exactly what to do/not do in your own personal situation. Every state has diffferent laws. For the time being, do not leave the house unless you are worried for your safety. It can be ordered that he leave, it can be ordered that the house be sold, it can be ordered that he pay you your part of the equity in the house, etc. Don't do anything until you've consulted a lawyer. Personally, not knowing anything about the laws in your state and going only from my own experiences, I would not change your lifestyle at all until a lawyer tells you to do so. I was told not to get a job until the divorce was final and he was required to continue to support us until that time as well. You can get a legal separation while still living under the same roof, but again I would speak with a lawyer first. Feel free to pm me if you need to speak privately with someone who has been there.
  19. My personal interpretation of the quoted passage is that the author is not implying actual witchcraft was involved, but the influence of reading or hearing such stories came between these girls and god's commands to stay away from "evil". It does seem that she is implying that the girls' "sins" are what led to the trials and that adherence to god's word would have prevented the whole thing. Not a curriculum I would use either way.
  20. Like a few others have said, she could be just fine or there could be something going on. We just don't know enough of the story or your dd. I have 4 children, a degree in special ed, a long history working with children. My oldest child has always been a bit advanced. At almost 13 I'm just now, in the last year or so, beginning to suspect ADHD/executive function issues. My 10 year old has always been an average child/student. I have no concerns. My 7 year old has always concerned me. She began talking just a wee bit on the late side. I was told not to worry. It took years to teach her colors, shapes, letters, numbers. I was told not to worry. Learning to read was a huge struggle. I was told not to worry. I finally had her tested at 6. She fell within "normal" limits for her age. I was told not to compare her to her siblings and to give her more time. At 7.5 I now know she struggles with dyslexia, ADHD, and possibly CAPD. My almost 4 yr old appears to be very bright. She has known her colors and shapes for a year or so, can name most of her letters and numbers to 10, can draw better faces/people than I can (but I am a horrible artist, so that's probably not saying much) etc, etc. But I have worked on these things with her. She cannot do some of the things you list: she cannot draw most shapes (just circles), she has no interest yet in tracing anything (but she does claim she can do it by herself without tracing, which she cannot), she would not recognize her written name (she would recognize the first letter). I have not worked on these things with her nearly as much as the things she does know/can do. So, it really depends on how much exposure she has had to the things she cannot do. If you have been working on these things then you might have cause for concern. If she hasn't had very nuch exposure then everything might be just fine. As I think my story shows, relying on other people's opinions, even professional ones, won't always point you in the right direction. My advice to you, an experienced mother who knows her child better than anyone else, is listen to your gut. Work with her, see a developmental optometrist, see where things go in the next couple of years.
  21. Has anyone ever created (or found) a course on music as poetry and actually used it as a literature course (I have found music literature college courses that count it as a fine art, which is not what I'm thinking in this case)? I'm imagining a comparison of poetry and song lyrics: ease of interpretation, tone, literary devices used, inflection, tempo, rhythm, etc. The thought of doing this for my DD just hit me this evening and I think it could be really fun, interesting, inspiring, and educational. I'm sure there are other people much more capable of creating such a class, so I was hoping to find at least a skeleton to follow. Any ideas?
  22. I read somewhere that Canada has been able to trace the source to romaine lettuce (but not the exact origin of the romaine), and because the E Coli in the Canadian cases is very similar genetically to the US cases they are assuming the US cases are also due to romaine lettuce. It seems not much is known for certain.
  23. Sushi Go Party: It is very similar to the original, but I think I like Party better due to the game board score keeping (easier for kids to keep track) and extra sushi card options. Exploding Kittens: Perhaps I just had it too built up in my mind due to the rave reviews I have seen just about everywhere, but I was rather disappointed with this one. It was okay. I don't think the kids were overly impressed. Kitty Paw: I don't know why, but I had a difficult time with the instructions for this one. Once we figured it out (it is really quite simple) we enjoyed it. Yet to play: Magic Labyrinth Dr Eureka Ice Cool Iota Stack Up Zooloretto
  24. Yes, and it is beautiful. It was many years ago, but we just mostly went sightseeing, explored local restaurants, etc. we went out in the Banff gondola (required some hiking), explored Lake Louise, did some spa stuff at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel ( we were there for a wedding), and just other relaxed touristy stuff. We enjoyed it and I would definitely go back if I ever had the opportunity.
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