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  1. Were they asking how many carats (diamond size) or karats (% of gold)?
  2. They've always known the word 'gay' and they've always known (and loved) people who love people of the same gender.
  3. My kids have never not known. We have lots of friends and loved ones who are gay.
  4. Look up SED/ARFID eating disorders. Both my 15 year old son and I struggle with this issue. There are support groups and lots of info online.
  5. My daughter is PG and has a spring birthday. We did an official grade skip after it was advised by the neuropsych who did her testing. It has been the very best thing we could have done for her. She is young, but no one can tell based on how she behaves.
  6. I agree with this 100%. I'd be very concerned about a brain tumor. I'm sorry Mama - I hope it's nothing serious, but I would not wait.
  7. Do you eat a lot of protein? I have a very low BUN (vegan, don't worry about protein.) I assume a lower protein diet would lower your BUN.
  8. Class rings are usually purchased sophomore year here. Interesting. I'd want to get something meaningful - maybe a watch or some other gift that could be worn (or not) for years.
  9. Just curious, but why would an LDS pack not take girls?
  10. Unless your baby is at all chunky! Chunky babies cannot wear Huggies! Luvs are my favorite. lol
  11. They have mobile check deposit and it's great!
  12. Why? Is their cookie selling offensive?
  13. I would take that as she had no intention of communicating outside of the FB group.
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