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  1. HISTORY: BF Ancients (I think... trying to choose between Ancients and Modern/World. Her sister will be doing Ancients with SOTW1.) SCIENCE: Apologia Gen. Sci. MATH: Saxon 8/7 WRITING: WWE1 GRAMMAR: GFWTM FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Getting Started with Spanish (she’s already done half of this) *Homeschool Swim Team, American Heritage Girls, Youth Group, and possibly fun clubs with our local homeschool group OTHER w/ 11 yo Sister: BIBLE: Wise Up (Proverbs) & Listen Up (Parables) devotionals GEOGRAPHY: US states (nothing in-depth) ART / MUSIC: Artistic Pursuits / Music Theory and Piano
  2. I had the 2nd ed. Of Apologia Gen Sci (Wile) last year. I know people sing it’s praises, but I could not like it. I tried. It was so wordy. My daughter shut down and absorbed nothing. I had a hard time enjoying it as well. I’m sure it’s a great resource, but it was just not for us. I like the looks of the newer edition though. I’ve read the samples online and it seems like we would enjoy it. I really like the focus on skills such as note-taking. I’m leaning more towards the Gen Sci (3rd Ed). Someone made a comment about MB being too elementary in reading level, and I could see that. It’s doesn’t appear to be nearly as challenging as Apologia.
  3. I am having a difficult time deciding between Apologia's General Science and Master Book's God's Design for the Physical World. This would be for my 7th grade daughter. She likes the idea of the Master Books Physical World because they learn about roller coasters in one section. I like the idea of covering a broad range of general science topics, and Apologia has a great reputation. Does anyone have experience with both of these? or at least have a strong opinion on one or the other? Almost all of the reviews I find for anything online nowadays are simply unboxing reviews. I wish people would post reviews after they've used a product for 6+ months. But, that's another post...
  4. Thank you Lori D! That was a lot of great info. Now I've got to start my research. Supercharged Science is an interesting option. I had never heard of it. I considered Novare, but I was under the impression it was much more advanced and "text-booky" than even Apologia.
  5. For Masterbooks Teacher's Guide - Yes, you can remove individual pages and make copies.
  6. My daughter will be in 7th grade in the fall, and I need to choose a science curriculum. I am aware of most of the big names, but I'm wondering what else is out there? She is studying astronomy this spring. Ideally I would like a year long curriculum that covers a variety of topics with experiments, projects, and note-booking. We are Christian, but I'm open to secular curriculum as well. Below is a list of what I've already considered. I'd love to hear other ideas. Apologia General Science - I've looked at both 2nd and 3rd editions. They are both so wordy. I've presented the 2nd edition to my daughter, and she gets so frustrated by the amount of reading that she doesn't absorb the material. I do like the topics that are covered though. Elemental Science for the Logic Stage - This seems appealing to me because it promotes independent learning. I think I would choose the Biology level. I've read many reviews that say the experiments don't work well and the recommended texts are quite boring. I don't want to set her up for failure from day one. Real Science 4 Kids - We're using this for astronomy. It's just okay. I paid a lot of money for the full set, but so far I'm not impressed. WTM recommendations - I'm not sure I'm comfortable enough to use this approach yet.
  7. Masterbooks America’s Story is great for family style learning. You can view good samples online. The “teachers guide” is really worksheets with questions. It was nice to have, but I’m not big on worksheets. The text on its own was very interesting though. You could easily read through more than one level in a year. There are 3 level in all.
  8. My 12 yo daughter is working through Saxon 7/6, and she's doing well. I am trying to figure out what her next math is. I don't want to stick with Saxon. We tried it this year, but I don't like their progression through high school. I have seen many recommend Dolciani for Pre-Algebra. I can't locate it online anywhere to see samples or even purchase (at a reasonable price). However, when I searched, I immediately recognized it! It was the Pre-Algebra book that I used in the early 90's! I don't really remember much about it though. I am curious to hear if any of you transitioned from Saxon 7/6 to Pre-Algebra, and what curriculum you chose? My daughter does not like math, or school for that matter. I don't want something that will be super challenging, but simply to introduce concepts of Algebra.
  9. OP here... This has been some great discussion. I really appreciate all of the experienced moms chiming in. I am leaning farther away from BJU. I like R&S, but there is something about it that just seems like it wouldn't be a good fit. I can't quite put my finger on it. A few of you had mentioned CLE. I am using it this year for my 10 yo (SN, Grade 2). I'm not sure why I didn't consider it before for my 7th grader. I have spent some time looking at all of the samples. I like that it lays a great foundation for Algebra, but it doesn't seem overwhelming. I'm leaning more and more to CLE 7.
  10. I don't have an answer for you, but I am currently questioning the same thing. I have BJU 7 Lit, but I've been considering the PP guides or simply just reading lit that goes along with history (Notgrass). I look forward to reading other responses.
  11. BIBLE - God’s Great Covenant OT1 w/ little sister. HISTORY - Notgrass From Adam to Us SCIENCE - Apologia General Science 2nd Edition MATH - CLE 7 (Thanks to all of the great advice on the K-8 board to help me make this decision!) GRAMMAR - Analytical Grammar WRITING - WriteShop 1 LITERATURE - Progeny Press (I let her pick 4 books) LOOP - Artistic Pursuits, Music Theory, Composer Study, and Health / PE EXTRAS - American Heritage Girls, Homeschool Swim Team
  12. I need help choosing. I’m planning on doing a solid overview of elementary math for my 7th grader this year. I own 2 curriculum sets that I think would accomplish this well, but I cannot choose! I’m aware that one is mastery and one is spiral. She does fine with either approach, so that isn’t a concern. Does anyone have experience with these that they can share? BJU Fundamentals of Math - This looks more challenging, but I think it will prepare her very well for Pre-Algebra and High School Math. I am concerned it might be overwhelming. I would not require all problems to be completed each day though. R&S Math 6 - I’ve heard this is a great overview, but it definitely looks less challenging than BJU. Obviously it is written for 6th grade so it wouldn’t be as challenging. Would it be enough to prepare for Pre-Algebra?
  13. I guess I’m overwhelmed because my younger daughter still needs so much from me. She’s 10 yo, but at a 2nd grade level. (Legally blind, learning delays, Chronic health issues...) I feel like I wouldn’t have a solid day by day plan with my choices. That’s definitely what is so appealing with BJU. It’s all laid out with a very clear plan. I really appreciate the comment on R&S Math 6. That does give me comfort!
  14. After spending weeks looking at everything available for 7th grade, my head is spinning. I put together a full plan, but now I'm looking at BJU 7th grade and thinking it looks really good! Have any of you actually used the full 7th grade textbook kit? My daughter does not like the DLO option. We've tried it for Math in the past and it was a nightmare. She didn't learn anything for months. My alternative is to go with the plan I originally came up with, although, I feel overwhelmed with it. Anyone care to critique my plan or offer their experience using BJU 7th? MY ORIGINAL PLAN BIBLE - CAP God's Great Covenant OT1 (with little sister) HISTORY - Notgrass From Adam to Us SCIENCE - Apologia Gen. Sci (2nd edition) with Lab Kit MATH - Considered using R&S 6 for a solid overview of elementary arithmetic WRITING COMP - Write Shop 1 GRAMMAR - Analytical Grammar SPELLING AND HANDWRITING - Considered using R&S (She's a terrible speller and her writing has always been awful) LATIN - I Considered using First Form Latin and I would do it with her, but now I'm thinking that would just be too much!
  15. I've also been looking into this for my 7th grader next fall. The two that I have found interesting were: 1. Veritas Press Transition History Course 2. Notgrass From Adam to Us I have decided to choose Notgrass. They both look like wonderful programs. I think my daughter would enjoy the Notgrass more.
  16. For those of you that use the Writing & Rhetoric series, how do you schedule it? We will be starting the series for my 11 yo daughter in the fall. She will begin with Level 3 according to the FAQ on the CAP website. I looked at the samples, and it has 4 lessons a week, but there was a note on the page that suggested it could be done differently. Does anyone complete the weekly lessons in 3 days? Also approximately how long do you spend on each days lesson? We plan on working through 2 books a year.
  17. I’ve decided that I’d like to use SOTW (all 4 books over the next two years). It’s the perfect level for my 10 yo with LD’s, but it’s not quite enough for my 12 yo. I’ve been looking at ways to “beef it up”. i discovered last night that Sonlight uses all 4 books in 2 years in Cores G/H. I have tried to find actual user reviews, but all I can find are “unboxing” reviews. I would follow Sonlight history for my 12 yo, but only do the SOTW readings with my 10 yo. I have the pdf of the Activity Book that I could use for ideas for her. I would also use the Bible and Read Alouds for both. Has anyone actually used these cores that can share your experience?
  18. Thank you all so much for your responses. I am thinking 3 chapters a week. I like the idea of looking at the Sonlight cores for literature ideas!
  19. I would like to do a 2 year overview of World History with my kids. I have a 12 yo and 10 yo. My 10 yo is working on a 2nd grade level due to many LD's. I am thinking of using SOTW Volumes 1 and 2 for the first year, then Volumes 3 and 4 for the next year. I like the idea of SOTW because it can be as simple as it needs to be for my 10 yo, but I can add literature, encyclopedia research, note taking, outlines,... for my 12 yo. I've also considered using History Odyssey for extension ideas. Am I crazy to think we can fit 2 volumes in each year? The reason for the 2 year overview of World History -- We are currently studying Modern History with SCM. It is going well, but I don't want to continue with SCM for History. My 12 yo will be 7th grade and 8th grade over the next 2 years. I would like her to have a thorough overview before beginning high school. Help me to determine if this is a good idea or if I'm setting us up for failure and why.
  20. So, I really like the looks of Jump In! It seems broken down into “doable” chunks. It’s affordable too! I spent some time looking into Bravewriter, and although it does look lovely, I don’t think it’s quite what we need. I bought Jump In! On Amazon. It will be here Tuesday. Thank you all for your suggestions!
  21. Thank you all for these suggestions. Several of these look interesting. I have a friend who has encouraged me to read “The Writer’s Jungle” and look into writing projects with Bravewriter. I’m going to focus on researching these options for the next few weeks.
  22. I would like to find a writing curriculum for my 6th grader that teaches basic skills such as writing a book report, a letter, a short story... We have started our year using IEW SWI-B. We are about a month in, and I find it to be so boring and annoying. I don’t feel like she is really learning anything, and we are both tired of key word outlines. I would love to have her working on writing projects that have a purpose so she can see why these skills are important. She has also been using Fix It Grammar, and she likes it so we will continue with this. Any suggestions?
  23. Thank you for so many great suggestions. I guess I’ll spend the evening doing research. A friend had also recommended using Sonlight LA2 along with Easy Grammar. I was planning on going through the SL LEVEL 2 readers anyway, so that might make sense. She said they’re LA is great for writing,but not Grammar. So much to consider.
  24. My 9 yo daughter is still learning to read. She has many delays, but is making progress. I bought IEW Bible Heroes for this year, thinking that it would be a gentle approach to grammar and writing. I really don't like it - already. She really really doesn't like it! It requires too much writing, and she just can't grasp the "key word outline". I feel like I have looked at just about every English curriculum out there, and I feel even more lost than when I started my search. We will be doing AAS for spelling and phonics/reading instruction is covered by other resources. We are also doing literature units from CAHS (Confessions of a Homeschooler). So, all I need is Grammar and Writing. I have looked at BJU and Abeka. I struggle so much with the BJU teacher's guides. They are just information overload, and the workbook is so so boring! I don't want to drop down to a level of English that covers phonics either. Abeka seems to include all of Language Arts, and I don't need or want that. Any ideas for English curriculum that only covers Grammar and Writing. This can not be a DVD or online curriculum either, as she has visual issues and these don't work well for her. Also, we don't want multiple components. Lots of manipulatives frustrate her. I don't know if there is anything out there that will meet our needs, but I figured you all might have some suggestions.
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