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  1. Hello, ladies, I remembered to come back today, lol. Nothing much going on here today except recycling and of course dropping people off and picking them up. Anybody got any dinner ideas for me? Extra points if it can be done in the air fryer, DH is loving air fried french fries and i'm determined to learn to make more stuff in that thing.
  2. Hello Ladies! Sorry to pop in and disappear, that's not my intention, I just forget to come back, lol. Nothing much going on here today either, we're just gonna relax and grill, the adult kids will come for dinner.
  3. Oh my goodness! My first day back and I got a booya/h!!!!!
  4. Good morning! Up early with Dh because I'm helping him dogsit so, we had to go over and let the dogs out and feed them, get one to the vet and put the other one inside. Doing school now, soccer games cancelled this evening due to extreme cold. Oldest will be going to hang out with friends after lessons and I will relax even though I should do some housework.
  5. Happy fantastic Friday morning! I don't know what about today is going to be fantastic but, I'm sure something will!!
  6. Anyone have ideas for getting an elderly adult help? I know there's an adult protective service but, how do yo get in contact with them? What can we expect to have happen?
  7. Happy Thankful Thursday! We got nothing but more bill paying, regular lessons and a soccer game today. The boys are still in bed for now and so am I but, getting up so we can get going and not waste the day. Slache--howdy y'all!! myblessings4--you're so lucky! Dh was supposed to go out of town this weekend and I wouldn't have had to cook either but, her wimped out and has decided to stay home.
  8. Anyone else doing spring break in a few weeks? We normally don't do it this early if we do it at all but, I think I really need to since, we're working some this summer anyway!
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