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  1. I am that American in Europe who has to find food at 6 wherever we are. I just can’t adapt to the more typical schedule, and I certainly can’t survive on just a little bread or cornflakes for breakfast. If we are going to eat out, we almost always do it for lunch since I get cranky when I have to wait for dinner. My son spent two weeks in a Flemish hospital last year, and here was the menu: Breakfast (9): bread with either Nutella, jelly, or spreadable cheese, and lots of coffee. Pretty much just carbs. Lunch (noon): a massive plate of meat, starch, and veg, plus
  2. 6pm, plus or minus 15 minutes. The kids and I are on a pretty consistent routine: breakfast around 8, lunch at noon, snack at 3, dinner at 6, dessert at 7. I find this keeps us fueled through the day so that we make nutritious choices and don’t get impulsive or hangry. Dessert is something that has only become routine in the past couple of years, but we also eliminated most snacky food so it’s our one indulgence. For snacks we have fruit, veg, nuts, crackers, etc. I recently read a really interesting book about the evolution of meals in America. In a nutshell, our standard meal compon
  3. My 19 year old is not college bound as of now; it is partly by choice and partly by circumstance (we live overseas). Most people do NOT understand that there are kids for whom college is not the best path and just assume that every kid should go. I’ve gotten several people trying to explain to me how it can work - oh the local university has classes in English, he could go to the UK, he could move back to the states and attend, he can do online college. This kid doesn’t even know what he would want to study, he has LDs that make learning difficult, and frankly he needs more maturity and life e
  4. I just saw this post - this looks super interesting! Can you share more about how your DD used the books - did she correlate them together somehow, or just do one after the other? Did she write essays or do projects? Basically, how were these turned into a course? Thank you!
  5. We're going to do some environmental science next year for 7th/8th. I'll be using FoodSpan lessons, alternating with Holt's Environmental Science textbook. Each are about a semester's worth of work, so together they make a full science course if you're counting that kind of thing. Actually the Environmental Science is probably meant to be a full course, but it doesn't have that many assignments. Oak Meadow has a high school environmental science course that could be done by a 7th grader, adapting the assignments as needed. OM courses don't use tests, but have projects to demonstrate lear
  6. Well it’s nearly three months since I posted my plans, and they have changed a little. We finished History of Science, Fallacy Detective, The Thinking Toolbox, and the geography class. Oh and we did a whole bunch on The Hero’s Journey but didn’t get to LotR. We also are planning a move back to the states, and our new state is a high-reg state. So I have to be a little more intentional about things like health, art, and PE. Math: finish up AOPS Pre-Algebra this fall and then move into Intro to Algebra. We are loving this. LA: Vocab from Classical Roots A, and Essentials in Writing
  7. My 12 year old is definitely not PG, and I do have a bit of imposter syndrome affecting me here. On the other hand, what we do is pretty different than my local friends do. So here we are. We normally school through the summer as we take many travel breaks during the off-peak season. Because of that, we just move on to the next thing and change plans throughout the year. Here is what we are doing now and what we have planned next. He is strong all around, but his main interests are the social sciences. Math: he recently moved over to AOPS after finishing up Math in Focus. Since
  8. Hey there! We have more restrictions than most places in the states. We have been in lockdown for about four weeks and are only allowed to go to grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, banks, post offices, and restaurants for takeaway (of which there aren’t many still open near me). We can’t go to parks or drive anywhere for exercise but can walk near our homes. No more than 2 people in a car. We have to shop alone and grocery carts are mandatory to maintain distancing. Our bases are requiring face masks at all times starting tomorrow, but we can’t go to craft stores to get materials to make
  9. It’s been forever since I visited the board, but I needed a change of distraction! We haven’t saved much yet. We already ate at home, and I have always kept a fully-stocked pantry (well, since living in the bush for a year without access to any stores or restaurants) so we have not done too much extra stocking. We did make sure to have plenty of flour, oats, meat, shelf-stable milk, beans, rice, pasta, etc. We buy extra eggs when we find them, and we keep buying produce. I’m challenging myself to use up those random things at the back of the pantry, and my meal planning is at a gold-star
  10. We have loved MIF since 1A 🙂. Along the way we have supplemented with Beast Academy, Zaccaro, and 70 Must-Know Word Problems, etc, but we have done all of MIF too. We also always use Math Minutes for "review & preview" since MIF is somewhat topical. I would say that's the only con of MIF - it could really use a supplemental review book, especially the B book content (statistics, geometry) since that isn't really reviewed in the A books. Courses 1 & 2 were an awesome fit, and Course 3 seems to be just as good. The number of problems is just right (we use the practice workbook inst
  11. I saw this thread and thought I would update 🙂 We started our school year last week, as we school year-round and travel a lot. I am mostly doing Option B. Most things will go year-round, but I will have a sequence of unit studies. Unit Study: currently health & fitness, then probably world religions, philosophy, something like that Science: Holt Science & Technology Life Science Math: Math in Focus, Course 3 (our final level! We're both sad about moving on) History: British History using various resources, including BBC documentaries, SYRWTL history, and field
  12. Sadly, I agree, LOL. I still eat an occasional burger but usually not with cheese, and I don't eat it with fries. It's just not worth the calorie cost. The USA really got it right when they started requiring chain restaurants to post nutrition info. You can plan ahead and make healthier choices. Soups are often light or moderate. Some salads are worse than a burger. It's impossible to guess the calories from the menu descriptions. You can eat well and stay in your calorie budget while eating at restaurants, but it takes pre-planning. A Big Mac is 540 cal and a BK Whopper w/o mayo is
  13. Every person's weight loss & health recovery journey will be different, because we all have different issues, both psychological and physical. Some people have thyroid issues, some have mobility issues, some have chronic fatigue, some have binge eating disorder, some have a history of food scarcity, some use food to celebrate, some use food to soothe, some self-sabotage ... it is all so complicated. Personally, I got over weight because I have a big appetite and am naturally not very active. I've lost 95 lbs through tracking food, focusing on nutrition, & getting moderate exercis
  14. I need to decide between two paths. Option A is to use Bookshark 8 history and science over two years, with K12's Human Odyssey. Option B is to do unit studies for a year and then use Bookshark 8 for 7th grade. I have Bookshark 100 already for 8th grade. Option A would be easier in some ways. This year, we did most of Bookshark 7 history but then diverged halfway through SOTW 4 to do a lot more in-depth study of WWI and WWII. We did Holt Earth Science this year and are racing through Bookshark science 7. So we would be in a good position to do Bookshark 8, except the stretching it out &am
  15. Thisnis what I am just starting on with my 5th grader! We need a change of pace, and I have a ton of saved resources that we need to use now or never. It’s wonderful to see that it worked out well for you. We are doing a WWI unit now and I have a bunch queued up. I will probably do 2-3 at a time. Math: Zaccarro books & other challenge math, Patty Paper Geometry, Hands On Equations higher levels Social Studies: WW2, Irish History (we are going to Dublin in a couple of months), Alaska, world religions, micronations, Science: The industrial revolution & inventions, recycl
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