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  1. Oh geez, I answered the poll and read replies before it dawned on me that I am adopted. I was legally adopted by my stepmother as a young adult so it’s not a common adoption situation, and it’s not something I often think about. I wasn’t “given up” and didn’t have a birth family vs. adoptive family dynamic. And it took until JUST NOW after writing the paragraph above to remember that my daughter was adopted by my husband when she was five. It was 18 years ago and he is the only father she’s ever had, so not something I think about. LOL!
  2. ondreeuh

    more celiac questions

    Go-gurts freeze really well. Is there a GF meal replacement drink like Boost or Ensure? I see that Carnation Breakfast Essentials “May contain wheat”.
  3. ondreeuh

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    I just started a thread for chit-chat and pinned it. Let me know if it doesn’t show up when you refresh.
  4. ondreeuh

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    We can do either way, but I think I’d rather chit-chat in the club. I’m actually a rather private person. Yay on your progress! I love fitting into things I had “outgrown.” I don’t have an event I’m working for. It drives me a little crazy to work on a timeline, since I can only control my behavior and not my results.
  5. ondreeuh

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    I started a "club" which is closed but not private (which means anyone can request to join, but only members can view & post). I sent invitations to everyone who has participated in this thread so far. If anyone else would like to join, the club can be found here: After you've joined, you'll find the discussion here:
  6. ondreeuh

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    Is there interest in making this a social group (or whatever it's called)? It would be nice to have a thread for meal ideas, fitness ideas, product reviews & suggestions, recipes, weekly weigh-in reports ....
  7. ondreeuh

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    I'm up a pound from last week, but oh well, I trust that I am eating well enough and getting great activity, and the scale will eventually reflect it. I had that one high day but I more than made up with it the other days. I definitely didn't eat 3500 cal over maintenance this week. I've been working on the "Up to the BEat Fit" videos this week and love them! I'm tempted to buy one to try. I did the Christmas one yesterday (along with a couple short ones) and even though it felt slow, it still kept my heart rate up. I'm feeling a little blah about food. Kinda feels like I am repeating foods a lot (which really isn't bad, so maybe I should embrace it). I'm going to post the last couple days' food to give you guys ideas. I've been making lunches bigger than dinners, and both days I ate after dinner, which isn't usual for me, but I was hungry. Breakfast: steel-cut oats with some sugar-free maple syrup and a small container of fruity skyr yogurt, plus coffee (290 cal) Lunch: grilled turkey & cheese sandwich on Nature's Own bread with a little light butter, soup made from a Lipton packet & a bunch of frozen soup veggies, and a green salad (400 cal) Snacks: almonds, grapes, Protein One bar, and a few fun-size candy bars (540 cal) Dinner: a little pasta mixed with Italian sausage and lots of veggies. (260) Unintended snack: Then I made banana bread muffins for the kids' breakfasts, licked the bowl, and ate one, and then I had a tiny taste of ice cream. (250, bringing me to 1740 for the day - but my Fitbit said I burned over 2100 so I'm ok with it even though it's higher than I had planned). Breakfast: banana bread muffin, egg sandwich with an English muffin, a slice of Canadian bacon, and a Laughing Cow wedge (412) Lunch: Two big chicken fajitas using roasted peppers I made in my air fryer. I'm going to make roasted peppers indefinitely. SO GOOD! (465) Snack: Celery, 2% Greek yogurt with a bit of sugar-free jam, some grapes (165) Dinner: leftover soup, small green salad, and a Boca Burger with a laughing cow (pepper jack) wedge smeared on top. (200) Planned snack: light popcorn and a half-serving of Ben & Jerry's strawberry cheesecake. (223 total) I was smart and weighed out my portion earlier in the day when I was full, and I stuck my little bowl in the freezer so it would be ready to go. I ended the day around 1460 and Fitbit says I burned 2100+. Today's plan: Breakfast: steel-cut oats with peanut butter, Skyr yogurt Lunch: chicken fajita bowl with riced cauliflower instead of tortillas Snack: almond milk/frozen banana/spinach/PB2/yogurt/flaxseed meal smoothie and veggies + hummus Dinner: Wasa crackers with egg salad, green salad, and a blueberry cheesecake Greek yogurt for dessert That brings me to a bit under 1400 so I have room for more if I want it.
  8. ondreeuh

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    Consider the "thanks" icon a trophy for your success! I am trying to dip a few pounds to be a bit lower than my "maximum" but progress here is slow and unsteady. Great job!!
  9. ondreeuh

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    I understand what you mean. I told dh that I have become a picky eater - nothing sounds good because everything has so much baggage. It's not just good-tasting food, it's calories, and it means either gaining weight or restricting somewhere else to offset the calories, and I don't want to do either. I just want to stay on my plan and be left alone. I bought this mustard-seed cheese that is amazing, but I still haven't opened it, because while it's good, it's not GOOD ENOUGH for 130 cal a slice. This sounds kind of macabre, but Feb. 16th is the day that I will have outlived my mother (she died at 41; my father later remarried so I have a mom but it's a different mom ... long story). My mother's favorite city was London and she LOVED high tea so I toyed around with the idea of going there for the day, but the train is too expensive at the last minute. So then I thought about getting high tea somewhere around here, but who knows if it's any good, and it will just be disappointing if it's expensive and not worth it. Then I thought I could just make some scones and sandwiches at home. But why spend a million calories on food here just because my mom liked it? Do I even like scones more than chocolate (no)? So we probably won't do a food thing after all because I took all the fun out of it. I miss not over-thinking food, but I don't miss being obese. Sigh. I'm making treats for a fundraiser. I decided to make mini tiramisus because I won't be tempted to eat them all myself like I would with brownies or cookies. Tiramisu is okay but it doesn't call to me.
  10. ondreeuh

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    There wasn’t hot milk - he was given small packs of cream. I have never seen coffee in a bowl here, only in mugs; however, I don’t see what local people do in their homes. I talked with hubby and decided to keep making the interesting meals for supper, as that is when I have time to do it. I will just try to make my lunches more satisfying. I’m not sure I could eat a huge lunch to tide me over until dinner, but it would be nice to not clock-watch to snack time. I think tomorrow's lunch will be soup, salad, and a sandwich with yogurt for dessert. Then dinner will be a little pasta with veggies and sausage.
  11. ondreeuh

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    So when my son was in the hospital, he got like 12 days of hospital food. It followed the European custom of a big lunch and tiny breakfast & supper. I took photos of as many meals as I could because I found it so interesting. For breakfast he got coffee, 3 slices of wheat bread, and either spreadable cheese, Nutella, jam, or cookie butter. So basically caffeine and carbs. Then noon lunch was a huge, gorgeous, restaurant-quality full meal with soup and dessert. Then six hours later, more coffee and bread and a wee bit of protein - like a bit of pâté, prosciutto, egg salad, or sliced cheese. Then nothing until coffee & carbs 15 hours later. I couldn’t start my day like that, but the lunch & supper made sense. So for those of you who have a bigger lunch than dinner, does your family do the same? Hubby starved himself at work and wants a big family dinner. Honestly though, he is super flexible and understanding, so he would probably be ok with adjusting. Maybe I could make yummy lunches and send him to work with leftovers. As long as we sit together, it doesn’t matter if we eat simple food at 6 (right?). Half the time I don’t eat what they eat, so I guess I could keep doing that. It is easiest to find time to cook in the evening. Hmm.
  12. ondreeuh

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    I did the 90s dance walk this morning and re-did the 2019 dance tonight. My arms got tired! I don’t think she always uses 8 beat sets in her routines so that throws me a bit, but it’s still such fun. She has professional ones for sale on her website and I might give one a try. I’ve spent so much $$ on videos lately but as long as I use them, it’s all good - right?
  13. ondreeuh

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    I had a terrible stomachache this afternoon, and the only reason I can think of is that I tried some chia seed pudding. I ended up eating some white bread to soothe my stomach and it seemed to work. So odd. Luckily I feel much better now, but I don’t think I will try it again. Dh and I were supposed to start Scottish Country dancing tonight but he has to do a conference call. Thinking of doing a dance workout since my steps are low. Food today was ok. Breakfast & lunch were the same as yesterday, plus that blasted chia pudding and a big bowl of steamed broccoli. So for snack I had white bread, and then I had my dose of chocolate ;). Dinner was teriyaki chicken and riced cauliflower. Finished up under 1600 and I’m happy with that. I still need to plan tomorrow’s food. Maybe stuffed pepper casserole for dinner. I actually prefer to have the heaviest meal at lunch, so I might plan on having just a little for dinner. But I’m not sure what to make for lunch. Choices, choices!
  14. ondreeuh

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    I hope the stitches removal goes well. Would it make sense to put a wrist splint on to protect the area? 8 days does seem fast. My son has stitches and they told us 3 weeks. I tel people I am like a toddler with my food. If a meal is late I get cranky. My husband and I have had many an argument when we are looking for a place to have lunch and he wants to walk for miles to find the perfect place. Now I keep a protein bar in my purse. And a meal scheduled at an odd time throws me off too. Can you eat half your lunch before the appt and half after? We usually eat dinner at 6, and the past two days I have finished mine before dh sat down. Sorry, I’m not waiting a minute longer 😉 luckily he doesn’t mind.
  15. ondreeuh

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    @soror YES! Progress, not perfection! I would have quit a long time ago if I held myself up to perfect standards. Instead I fully believe in "good enough." I started off my day with steel-cut oats, 1 tbsp peanut butter and 1 tbsp sugar-free jam (180). That kept me full until lunch, like it usually does - I should just commit to having that for breakfast most days. I cook 4 servings at once so it's easy to do. For lunch I had half a frozen spinach pizza (350 cal) and some celery root soup (50), but then I nibbled on my kid's pizza crusts so I counted another 150 for that. Snack was a couple Wasa crackers with a laughing cow cheese and some smoked turkey (180). I might still eat a bell pepper (30). Dinner tonight will be a crispy chicken salad (total of 350) made with six! frozen nuggets I cook in the air fryer. I like the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing that is only 30 cal per tbsp. I plan to add some bacon bits and reduced-fat shredded cheese. I should end the day under 1400, but it feels like a lot of food. Since yesterday was a "rest day" with only a bit of walking, I cut out my sweet treat today and did two gentle workouts. I did an easy Jessica Smith 30-min walking video this morning, and then my Australian SIL introduced me to Gina B and I love her! I feel a bit like Napoleon Dynamite but that's cool. I will definitely keep rotating in these videos. I like that she uses the arms quite a bit so you feel like you're doing more than walking, but the intensity is still low enough that it shouldn't trigger the hunger beast inside.
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