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  1. I need to decide between two paths. Option A is to use Bookshark 8 history and science over two years, with K12's Human Odyssey. Option B is to do unit studies for a year and then use Bookshark 8 for 7th grade. I have Bookshark 100 already for 8th grade. Option A would be easier in some ways. This year, we did most of Bookshark 7 history but then diverged halfway through SOTW 4 to do a lot more in-depth study of WWI and WWII. We did Holt Earth Science this year and are racing through Bookshark science 7. So we would be in a good position to do Bookshark 8, except the stretching it out & adding resources part is a pain. And it goes right into physical science, while I had planned on doing life science next year. Option B is to spend a year doing unit studies and then do Bookshark 8 in 7th grade. I have a LOT of resources and we could do some really fun stuff! Potential resources if we don't use Bookshark next year: Social Studies British History (SYRWTL History 1-3) History of other places we travel to (we are living in Europe) World Religions Science Holt Sci & Tech Life Science Ellen McHenry units (I have most of them) - I might include other students with these Health & Fitness LA British Literature w/ guides Excavating English Adventures in Fantasy or NaNoWriMo for creative writing Writing & Rhetoric 1-3 Hot Fudge Monday? Writing Club Either way, Math will be Math in Focus C3 (8) and then on to Algebra. And we'll keep doing book club. I think I'm leaning towards Option B, even though it is a lot of work on my part to schedule and pace.
  2. Thisnis what I am just starting on with my 5th grader! We need a change of pace, and I have a ton of saved resources that we need to use now or never. It’s wonderful to see that it worked out well for you. We are doing a WWI unit now and I have a bunch queued up. I will probably do 2-3 at a time. Math: Zaccarro books & other challenge math, Patty Paper Geometry, Hands On Equations higher levels Social Studies: WW2, Irish History (we are going to Dublin in a couple of months), Alaska, world religions, micronations, Science: The industrial revolution & inventions, recycling (and visit a center), Ellen McHenry units English: Excavating English, Nanowrimo, Hot Fudge Mondays, Moving Beyond the Page lit units Other: Health, Family Time Fitness I have the first 3 HP units from BYL, but I think we missed the boat on those.
  3. The story is up now! We’re waiting until this afternoon to listen and I’m so curious! We’re having some friends over to listen with us. He feels like a bit of a celebrity. <grin>. Here is is this morning with a special breakfast of French toast.
  4. My faaaaavorite workouts on YouTube are on Up to the BEat Fitness with Gina B. She has all sorts of beginner workouts and uses fun music. The only downside is that I am now spoiled, and all my other workouts seem boring in comparison.
  5. He seems to think so, haha. We are really curious to see what they do with his story. I'm not sure how much of the interview they will air - at one point he was talking about foot cheese and I am HOPING that doesn't make it to the final cut! He was so nervous and thought he sounded terrible. He's much more articulate on paper than in person.
  6. This Thursday, the podcast Story Pirates is airing their adaptation of a story my younger son submitted! We are so excited. If you want to hear it, you can use this link: On a Mac, the link will take you to iTunes; on a PC it will play in browser, on iOS it will open in Apple Podcasts, and on Android it will open in Google Play. His name is Noel and his title is "The Quest for the Golden Bananas" (I don't think they will change the title). Homeschoolers represent!
  7. Oh geez, I answered the poll and read replies before it dawned on me that I am adopted. I was legally adopted by my stepmother as a young adult so it’s not a common adoption situation, and it’s not something I often think about. I wasn’t “given up” and didn’t have a birth family vs. adoptive family dynamic. And it took until JUST NOW after writing the paragraph above to remember that my daughter was adopted by my husband when she was five. It was 18 years ago and he is the only father she’s ever had, so not something I think about. LOL!
  8. Go-gurts freeze really well. Is there a GF meal replacement drink like Boost or Ensure? I see that Carnation Breakfast Essentials “May contain wheat”.
  9. I just started a thread for chit-chat and pinned it. Let me know if it doesn’t show up when you refresh.
  10. We can do either way, but I think I’d rather chit-chat in the club. I’m actually a rather private person. Yay on your progress! I love fitting into things I had “outgrown.” I don’t have an event I’m working for. It drives me a little crazy to work on a timeline, since I can only control my behavior and not my results.
  11. I started a "club" which is closed but not private (which means anyone can request to join, but only members can view & post). I sent invitations to everyone who has participated in this thread so far. If anyone else would like to join, the club can be found here: After you've joined, you'll find the discussion here:
  12. Is there interest in making this a social group (or whatever it's called)? It would be nice to have a thread for meal ideas, fitness ideas, product reviews & suggestions, recipes, weekly weigh-in reports ....
  13. I'm up a pound from last week, but oh well, I trust that I am eating well enough and getting great activity, and the scale will eventually reflect it. I had that one high day but I more than made up with it the other days. I definitely didn't eat 3500 cal over maintenance this week. I've been working on the "Up to the BEat Fit" videos this week and love them! I'm tempted to buy one to try. I did the Christmas one yesterday (along with a couple short ones) and even though it felt slow, it still kept my heart rate up. I'm feeling a little blah about food. Kinda feels like I am repeating foods a lot (which really isn't bad, so maybe I should embrace it). I'm going to post the last couple days' food to give you guys ideas. I've been making lunches bigger than dinners, and both days I ate after dinner, which isn't usual for me, but I was hungry. Breakfast: steel-cut oats with some sugar-free maple syrup and a small container of fruity skyr yogurt, plus coffee (290 cal) Lunch: grilled turkey & cheese sandwich on Nature's Own bread with a little light butter, soup made from a Lipton packet & a bunch of frozen soup veggies, and a green salad (400 cal) Snacks: almonds, grapes, Protein One bar, and a few fun-size candy bars (540 cal) Dinner: a little pasta mixed with Italian sausage and lots of veggies. (260) Unintended snack: Then I made banana bread muffins for the kids' breakfasts, licked the bowl, and ate one, and then I had a tiny taste of ice cream. (250, bringing me to 1740 for the day - but my Fitbit said I burned over 2100 so I'm ok with it even though it's higher than I had planned). Breakfast: banana bread muffin, egg sandwich with an English muffin, a slice of Canadian bacon, and a Laughing Cow wedge (412) Lunch: Two big chicken fajitas using roasted peppers I made in my air fryer. I'm going to make roasted peppers indefinitely. SO GOOD! (465) Snack: Celery, 2% Greek yogurt with a bit of sugar-free jam, some grapes (165) Dinner: leftover soup, small green salad, and a Boca Burger with a laughing cow (pepper jack) wedge smeared on top. (200) Planned snack: light popcorn and a half-serving of Ben & Jerry's strawberry cheesecake. (223 total) I was smart and weighed out my portion earlier in the day when I was full, and I stuck my little bowl in the freezer so it would be ready to go. I ended the day around 1460 and Fitbit says I burned 2100+. Today's plan: Breakfast: steel-cut oats with peanut butter, Skyr yogurt Lunch: chicken fajita bowl with riced cauliflower instead of tortillas Snack: almond milk/frozen banana/spinach/PB2/yogurt/flaxseed meal smoothie and veggies + hummus Dinner: Wasa crackers with egg salad, green salad, and a blueberry cheesecake Greek yogurt for dessert That brings me to a bit under 1400 so I have room for more if I want it.
  14. Consider the "thanks" icon a trophy for your success! I am trying to dip a few pounds to be a bit lower than my "maximum" but progress here is slow and unsteady. Great job!!
  15. I understand what you mean. I told dh that I have become a picky eater - nothing sounds good because everything has so much baggage. It's not just good-tasting food, it's calories, and it means either gaining weight or restricting somewhere else to offset the calories, and I don't want to do either. I just want to stay on my plan and be left alone. I bought this mustard-seed cheese that is amazing, but I still haven't opened it, because while it's good, it's not GOOD ENOUGH for 130 cal a slice. This sounds kind of macabre, but Feb. 16th is the day that I will have outlived my mother (she died at 41; my father later remarried so I have a mom but it's a different mom ... long story). My mother's favorite city was London and she LOVED high tea so I toyed around with the idea of going there for the day, but the train is too expensive at the last minute. So then I thought about getting high tea somewhere around here, but who knows if it's any good, and it will just be disappointing if it's expensive and not worth it. Then I thought I could just make some scones and sandwiches at home. But why spend a million calories on food here just because my mom liked it? Do I even like scones more than chocolate (no)? So we probably won't do a food thing after all because I took all the fun out of it. I miss not over-thinking food, but I don't miss being obese. Sigh. I'm making treats for a fundraiser. I decided to make mini tiramisus because I won't be tempted to eat them all myself like I would with brownies or cookies. Tiramisu is okay but it doesn't call to me.
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