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For fun: let's get to know each other's bad side!


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I've thought of about 100 more since I first posted, mostly because someone else posted it here. :laugh:


I feel incredibly not horrible now.


Me too!


ETA: I LOVE this thread. It's so freeing to let out the real me! That is very much how I am in real life - very open about myself (and my opinions ;) ) - This is me, like it or leave it. :)

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Love this thread!


It's been eye-opening - I never realized how much "evil" I was engaging in, what with our drop-side crib and the kids wearing coats in their car seats and all... Guess I belong here, lol. :tongue_smilie:


Let's see....

  • I'm divorced and remarried.
  • I'm a recovering workaholic (I worked full-time from age 18 on, all through college/grad school, and at least 50 hours a week - often more).
  • I didn't stop working until DS was 5 and DD was 9 months old - I didn't have to keep working after we had kids, I wanted to
  • We used a drop-side crib (same one for both kids)
  • My kids wore/will continue to wear their coats in their car seats
  • I homeschool because that's what DS needs (he has Asperger's and preschool was so awful for him we didn't even attempt Kindergarten). Although I do see the benefits of homeschooling (even beyond his special needs), if he could do well in school and there was a school that met our standards, I would gladly send him.
  • DD has been attending preschool since she was 2.5 years old so that I could focus on homeschooling DS. It's been a wonderful experience for her (an awesome little Waldorf preschool just 2 minutes down the road from us in the home of a lovely, artsy lady), but I know many on this board would see that as "bad" so I'm including it. DD may very well attend public Kindergarten next year as I just don't know if I can handle homeschooling both her and DS.
  • We have a large outdoor trampoline and I let the kids jump on there unattended.
  • I swear, but generally not around my kids - although there has been slippage at times. Like a few previous posters, I blame it on my years working with a bunch of foul-mouthed (but oh so fun!) guys. I find that my swearing increases when I'm drinking, getting angry, or talking politics. If I'm doing all three at the same time, swearing is guaranteed.
  • People who say "excuse my French" when they swear bug me. When I swear, I own it.
  • I drink. I generally have a glass of wine (or 3) every night. Right now I'm enjoying a Trapiche Malbec. My alcohol tolerance level is high and probably something I should be concerned about. Instead, I'm proud of it and kid my friends that they can't hold their liquor. I come from good drinking stock - I'm German, Irish, and Swedish. Cheers!
  • I'm a political junkie and listen to way too much political talk radio (daily - sometimes for hours). Up until about a week ago, I had it on in the car whenever we were going somewhere, and let the kids listen to it too. That was until DD4 decided to "talk politics" at a military function we went to (DH is in the military reserves - this was a battalion holiday party). It should have been cute, but it was embarrassing. That's when I realized I needed to curtail it around the kids (duh!). I now only listen when they're not around.
  • I have a lead foot. If I think I can get away with speeding, I will. I have the tickets to prove it. Although in recent years, I've really tried to get that under control (both for the sake of our insurance premiums and because it's the right thing to do).
  • I never go to the bathroom without my iPod or iPhone. I don't think I've ever posted to this forum from the loo, but it's possible.
  • I spend an obscene amount of money on eating out. Sometimes I eat out 3+ times in a day (Starbuck's for coffee and a snack, lunch out with the kids, dinner with girlfriends). If I think I'm overdoing it on a given day, I'll put some of the charges on my own credit card instead of our "family card" so DH doesn't freak out (he's the more fiscally responsible one). However, when we're home, I cook everything from scratch. Go figure.
  • I hate folding laundry with a passion and will sometimes let it sit for a week (luckily we have a couch that is not in a main area, so I can get away with that). My mom comes over several times each week, so sometimes I ask her to fold it. And then it sits in the same place - folded - for another week.
  • I listen to music that I'd NEVER let my kids listen to. I'm hypocritical like that.
  • I'm into Karaoke. Haven't gone in about 6 months, but I used to go about once a month. My singing is good but I need to work on my "stage presence", lol.
  • Once a year, I like to smoke a cigar. I've never smoked cigarettes (had one at age 14 and nearly coughed up a lung - and that was it for me). But I love smoking cigars. So, I have my annual cigar - usually at a fun little martini/cigar bar here in town.

Whew! That's all I can think of for now (well, at least all that I care to share on here!!)... :svengo:

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Here are mine...well, the ones I can think of right now.


-I get grumpy for about 3 days of PMS.

-I am anal about having a clean house...I get grumpy if my house is a mess and can't function properly.

-My 10yo still sleeps in our bed and I like snuggling her too much to make her leave.

-I don't buy organic food and I love to eat meat.

-I love sweets.

-I sometimes play Call of Duty where I love to kill zombies with my boys.

-I have been taking my dd to pubs to hang out with 40-50yo Irish musicians since she was 5yo. (Some of her best friends are 40-50 year old men.)

-I always read two books at a time.

-My kids don't really have a bedtime and I often let my dd stay up until midnight or later to play Irish music when she's at camp or a session.

-I love to buy cute clothes for my dd and it makes me happy.

-We own a trampoline and I like jumping on it, too.

-I wear jeans about 99% of the time....I call jeans and a T-shirt (long or short sleeved) my "uniform."

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I'll add in...


I drink at least one diet coke a day. Though, it's typically caffeine free.

I allow my kids to drink soda fairly regularly. I do make sure their water intake is enough first, though.

There are always things on the floor here. I have four kids...it gets messy.

My kids all coslept. In fact, we don't own a crib.

My toddler takes a bottle of milk before bed (well, tonight it was egg nog). He drinks, we brush teeth, snuggles and sleep.

My kids go bare foot regularly. Hyrum hardly wears shoes.

In the summer, I usually wear yoga pants and a tee shirt. In the winter, my footed pajamas. :)

If we have nowhere to be, my kids can stay in jammies all day.

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A couple of more that I have thought since last night.


*I am enjoying reading about everyone's less than stellar habits. I am not sure what that says about me.

*We own the entire series of "Friends' and have watched them all the way through 5 times.

*My kids have also watched them.

*I complain a lot. I try not to, but if people aren't making me happy, I figure they can't fix it if they don't know about it. By people, I mean husband.

*I sometimes made my older children change my younger children's diapers.

*We have a dog that has never been to the vet.

*I don't let my kids climb up the slide at the park or sit on top of the play structure. (After the other thread, I am not sure if that is good or bad)

*I didn't let my kids chew gum for about 7 years because I knew one of the girls would get it in their hair.

*I often go to bed before my kids


*I still don't have my Christmas tree up.

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Okay, I have a lot of the bad stuff already mentioned If Imust put one down I....


I don't make my dd eat dinner. I usually make her a plate of small amount of dinner, everything has to be separate with no sauce and if she does not like it she will eat vegetables, fruit, wheat bread with natural peanut butter or triscuits and cheese.

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*We own the entire series of "Friends' and have watched them all the way through 5 times.


*My kids have also watched them.


*I complain a lot. I try not to, but if people aren't making me happy, I figure they can't fix it if they don't know about it. By people, I mean husband.




1 ~ONLY five?! :001_cool: We probably watch them all through at least 3 times a year. They go on almost every night for an episode or two before bed, plus whenever somebody (DH or I) wants "background noise" for something ie: school planning, sorting/filing papers, or just because. We can equate at least one moment of most days in our household to a 'Friends' moment, it seems.


FTR: THIS does not belong on the "bad side" thread. 'Friends', bad? Never. :lol:


2~ My kids also watch. Ok, maybe kind of bad. Only maybe, though. The jury is still out.


3~ But of course. I'm brutally honest. I try to be nice about it, but I don't keep my mouth shut - that just leads to "why can't he read my mind?" resentment. ;)

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* Our house is a mess. Almost always. Every once in a while we get it really clean and we are able to stay on top of it for a while. But it goes downhill again in no time.

* My car is also trashed.

* These days DDs and I are waking up about 11am.

* DH does as much of the cooking and cleaning as I do. Probably more.

* My 4.5 yo has never been to the dentist or eye doctor. She didn't go to any of her well baby checks between 1 month and about 18 months.

* We eat out or make crap food at home more often than I'd like. (I'd prefer to cook from scratch every meal and I try for it. I just fail miserably)

* I stay in pj's all day if we don't go anywhere.

* When I do wear "real" clothes, it's only jeans and a t shirt. With a hoodie if it's cold.

* I don't do anything special to my hair, wear makeup, or do my nails

* I spend too much time on the internet or playing games on my phone

* If we aren't going out, I don't make DD have her hair brushed and teeth usually get skipped, too (but they get brushed at night)

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Talk to drivers doing stupid things on the road, as if they can hear me, "Hey, buddy....are your going to turn or WHAT? Can we get this show on the ROAD???" My kids keep saying, "They can't hear you, Mom."



I do this, too. People who don't know how to drive really frustrate me.

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I don't care if the kids keep messy rooms.......but I flip out if their stuff is left downstairs at my bedtime. I MUST see a clean kitchen/family room when I stumble downstairs in the morning.


I don't like spending time with dh's parents. I am so angry that my wonderful, giving, fun parents are both gone and his parents, pretty much the opposites of mine, are still here. I do love my sisters-in-law.


I attend church even though I don't believe everything anymore. I guess I'm turning into a cultural Catholic. Dh feels the same way.

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I used to check in on FB and do Yelp reviews every time we ate out until people started commenting, so I stopped. I hide it like some people hide their smoking.


I'll actually be having brunch with a friend today at a...um.... NOT CHEAP restaurant today, and dinner with two other friends at another NOT CHEAP restaurant tomorrow night.



UPDATE: My "not cheap" brunch yesterday turned out to be very cheap indeed. Free, in fact. My friend picked up the check as a belated birthday/Merry Christmas gift. I totally could have fed my addiction and checked in! No pun intended.

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1. I never rocked my twins to sleep when they were babies. I feared it would create a habit that I could not maintain for 2 infants.

2. I allow my kids to drink a can of caffeinated soda every day.

3. I don't recycle and could care less about it.

4. I am a Christian, but don't attend church.

5. I don't like my mother-in-law and there are too many stories that describe why I don't like her.

6. I'm not rich and could care less about those who are.

7. I want to scream "get a job" to the people who hold signs begging for money at the street corner.

8. I was not a "nice girl" when I was single.

9. I curse even though it sounds very unnatural coming out of my mouth.

10. I re-gift.

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I peek in people's windows while I am walking the dog during evening or nighttime hours. I like to see how others have decorated their homes.



Okay, that sounds a tad weird. I do not go up to the house or hang out in flowerbeds. I do look in while I am walking on the sidewalk.

It's so easy to do at this time of year when most everyone has their Christmas tree in a front window.

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I peek in people's windows while I am walking the dog during evening or nighttime hours. I like to see how others have decorated their homes.



Okay, that sounds a tad weird. I do not go up to the house or hang out in flowerbeds. I do look in while I am walking on the sidewalk.

It's so easy to do at this time of year when most everyone has their Christmas tree in a front window.



I do the same thing (minus the dog) :)

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Okay, I'll add a few more:


- Dh was on a kick of watching Two and a half men for a while. Ds would sometimes watch, he's 15, he gets the mechanics. I would simply tell him to make the opposite choices of Charlie Harper and he'll be fine.

- We also use World's Dumbest criminals as the example of what might happen without a good education, critical thinking skills, and why he should avoid drugs and alcohol.

- I can't wait for Shameless to come back in January (?), but ds can't watch that one with me yet.

- I'm letting ds sleep in this week and we'll start school at 11.

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I can be lazy and there are plenty of days I'd rather not homeschool.


I breastfed our youngest til she was 4 and still feel like our oldest rejected me when she wouldn't breastfeed at all.


I co-slept with both my girls, the youngest still came in with us until last year when she was 11.


I like beer and wine and I drink both.


I absolutely hate cooking but I can and I do. I'd be happy with popcorn and a beer.


I'd rather watch Dr. Who with my kids than have any kind of literature discussion, though we are all voracious readers as well.


I can have a bad temper and pitch a day long rant over an unemptied dishwasher.


I swear like a trucker.


I am blessed beyond measure in many things but sometimes it is easy to forget and get pissy, like last night when I was wearing 10 year old jeans, 25 year old cowboy boots, a 16 year old cardigan and a 6 year old shirt to the cantata. On the other hand, even if I had clothes money, I hate shopping.


I use and love an e-cig and I make no apologies for it.


I quit serving in the nursery at church because I totally couldn't do it with joy anymore. I never even put my kids in there and I served for 10 years!


I refuse to be on any committee again, ever.


I serve leftovers for breakfast.


Sometimes I just tell my kids to forage in the fridge and pantry for a meal when I am busy or just don't feel like cooking.

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1. I'm a SAHM.

2. I worked until dd was almost 2.

3. We have been known to employ the five second rule.

4. Dd and I both go barefoot as often as possible.

5. My house is not perfectly clean - nor perfectly maintained at the moment.

6. We let our leaves decompose in the yard.

7. I encourage my dd to climb UP the slide!

8. Dd climbs trees in spite of the "concerned" adults standing nearby declaring tales of woe and doom.

9. I allow dd to climb our door frames.

10. When dd swims, I can usually be found on a lounge chair reading a book.

11. Dd does not have to eat foods she doesn't like; nor do I.

12. We don't enforce a strict bedtime.

13. We don't do sleepovers.

14. I have a no shoes in the house rule.

15. I sometimes use canned cream of whatever soup.

16. I do not require Sir or Ma'am from dd even though we live in the South.

17. I am estranged from my parents.

18. I am an introvert who would rather stay home with a book, movie, or forum than go to a party.


I'll probably think of more later, but I must move on to other things now.

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-My kids RARELY wear matching socks. Hey, I'm doing good when they all have socks on under their shoes...matching is not a necessity.


- In fact, when it's about 5 mins past time for us to leave for school and my son is AGAIN saying that he can't find his socks. I tell my son to grab some out of the dirty laundry. There. I said it. I tell my son to wear dirty crusty socks. Eww.


- I drink WAY too much pop. Just to justify this one...I don't eat breakfast or lunch. I can't afford it. Pop keeps me full and is WAY cheaper. Yep.


- I swear. Gah! I do. Lord help me. My kids have even been known to ask me "what does *** mean?" Sigh. (Although, that wasn't because I was cussing in front of them.)


- I have my kids 24/7 unless they are at school. Their dad sees them a few times per year. When they are gone those few times per year...I drink. Yep. My friends all take me out and everyone wants to buy me shots. It goes downhill from there. ;)


- When I got divorced and for about the year before I started questioning my entire belief system. My children have been drug through that whole thing. :( I think, actually, they may come out better for it, though. They have learned a lot about God through it and how to decide what you do and don't believe. heh. Look at that. I didn't even mean to do that. lol.


- Sometimes I forget to feed my kids. Yep. I will tell them to go and brush their teeth for bed only to hear..."uhhh....mom, are we going to eat dinner first?" :svengo: Oops.


- I have ADD and often lose my mind and forget really important stuff for me and my kiddos.


- My house is always a wreck.


- I have 3 loads of laundry sitting at my house that I refuse to fold. In fact, the last time I had no laundry to do was....hmmm... I don't think I've ever gotten to the bottom of my laundry pile.


- I feel guilty every day for my divorce. Mostly because I can't stay home with my kiddos. Every day I'm sad that my youngest has to go to preschool full time. :( LOTS of Mommy guilt about that one.


- I like bad boys.


- I think pot should be legalized. The only reason I'm not a stoner is because:

1) It's illegal and I would be too scared that I would get into trouble.

2) I'm broke. Can't afford pot.

3) I would get humongously fat, because I get the world's worst muchies. Which leads me to the next subject:


- I was a HORRIBLE teenager. My poor mom.


- I am the worst people pleaser ever.


- I STILL can't stand up to my mom and make my own choices. Hence, the reason I was married to such a horrible man for 8 years. And the fact that I didn't want my kids to be from a broken home.


- I'm scared of relationships.


- I want more kids and I can't afford them.


- I let me kids listen to music that I shouldn't.


- I have NO issue with the word crap. None. My Mom would pass out if she knew I allowed the kids to say it. lol



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I went to the grocery store last night to stock up on food for Christmas Break. I was SO afraid I'd run into somebody I know. My cart had spaghetti-os, crappy, sugary cereal, NO vegetables or fruits, campbell's soups, frozen pancakes and waffles, pop tarts, and other miscellaneous prepared foods. All so I wouldn't have to cook much over the next 2 or 3 weeks. In my defense, I am suppose to be cleaning out the house and getting it decluttered so we can put it on the market near the end of January. We will be renting a storage facility. My next task is to go steal boxes out of the carboard recycling bin. And hit up the liquor store for boxes for all the books!

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Wow, this is a rough crowd. (No judgement intended). But, then again, I have always been a goodie-two-shoes, pleaser type of girl. Maybe I can say that's my bad side. Lol. Ok, let's see...

- my kids do eat food from the floor

-I got burned out making real breakfast for the kids so now they eat a bowl of processed sugary cr@p mixed in with a few Cheerios (to make me feel better) almost every morning.

-I yell at my kids too much

-I spank (when they were younger)


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I act friendly to people that I actually despise because they were mean/dismissive/rude to my kids. For some, the hate has gone on for years.


I have a very short fuse. Am slowly learning to quietly mumble what comes out as a result.


I also have no problem with the word "crap", but the word "sucks" makes me nauseous.


I am often jealous over attention given to others.


I refuse to serve on committees or help my kids sell things. I don't care if the organizations have money or not.


I am often critical of how events are planned and carried out, but refuse to help in the planning or carrying out of said events. For heaven's sake, don't these people have any sense?!


The only fresh vegetables I buy are sweet potatoes, lettuce, and onions. Everything else is frozen.

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:D I don't drink alcohol. I used to, but not anymore - so it's an even trade for the pop. I didn't used to drink much pop at all - except as mix with alcohol! LOL My DH doesn't do coffee or tea though, so he drinks Pepsi for his caffeine and since it's here, well... I'll only drink Pepsi throwback, though. Regular Pepsi is gross! If it's not throwback, then I have to drink Coke.


We actually do eat a lot of organic, too. I try to buy most things organic for at home, so when I don't cook, I feed the kids raw, organic fruit and veggies, along with their corndogs or pizza rolls. LOL Or DD will scramble up the organic eggs for breakfast, etc.



Yes, we do organic veggies along with corn dogs or pizza rolls. Lol. I love to cook healthy and even gourmet like quality meals (okay sometimes!) but boxed food works great too, I can’t cook fabulously every night. hehe


I didn’t drink for the longest time, now I am making up for it with organic wine!

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Okay, here goes...


* I'm addicted to caffeine.

*.* I cuss. (My kids don't...the rule is you have to be 18 to cuss in my house)

Me too! lol


* When I want my kids out of my hair I put in a movie or let them watch shows on Netflix.

.*.* I often tell people that I am praying for this or that on their behalf - and do - but I don't know that it does any good.

.Okay, reading back over all of that I realize it isn't as shocking as I thought it would be. I actually think it's not even "bad". It all seems pretty normal to me. Then again, everything everyone else has posted seems normal to me too. :confused1:



FYI.. I read another interesting study about prayer; scientists monitored two groups of sick people in a facility, one group had people praying for them, while the other one didn’t.


Guess which group healed more quickly? Yup, the group with people praying for them.


I certainly do not judge you or anyone else for not believing in God, that is a very personal matter. But whether you do believe or not, it would seem that something about the positive vibes (or Holy Spirit) can indeed have a positive effect on another person! ....so, pray for me!! hahaha!

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Oh goodness, reading everyone's posts, what do I do that's NOT bad???


I curse, though I try, try, try not to around the girls. They're very aware of what is and isn't appropriate though.

I watch Toddlers & Tiaras and Project Runway with Rebecca.

I watch a ton of trashy reality TV besides those two shows.

I'm lazy.

I don't buy anything organic.

I use cream of crap soup.

I eat fast food sometimes and let the girls do it too - horrors!

I let Sylvia sleep with me regularly.

I let the girls play on the computer if we have nothing else to do.


I'll probably think of 10 million more after I read the thread!


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My kids often sleep in their clothes too. Now that i'm homeschooling, I've started questioning everything...like really, what is the point of pajamas for kids who wear comfy clothes all day anyway?



See, for me, it's like, what is the point of clothes for kids who wear PJs all day anyway?


I wear them all day too.

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I used to smoke a pack and a half a day, but I quit when I got pregnant with ds1. Sometimes I still wish I smoked. Instead, I eat.


My car is a freaking disaster area.


One kid wears pajamas all the time, and one kid sleeps in his clothes, and I don't care either way.


I don't change the sheets nearly enough.


I also had kids wear coats in car seats.


I like to say the f- word a lot.


I smoked a WHOLE bunch of dope in college.


My kids are still awake, and it's 10:47 PM.


I eat very healthily, but I give up easily with the kids and let them eat crap.


When I drop something, I call one of the kids to come and pick it up.


I let them eat stuff that falls on the floor.


I often fantasize about running away and living on a desert island by myself.


I programmed different ring tones on my phone for individual callers so I'd know whom not to talk to.


I was not a 32 yr. old virgin when I got married. That's all I'll say about that.


I'm sure there's a lot more, but I'm too tired to think now.

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I am a rebel when it comes to school, and now that I have kids, I'm conflicted. I chuckled when I got a report that DS6 called another child "buttcheeks." Currently I'm rolling my eyes over the candy cane my kid "stole" from the class Christmas tree (for which she has a 1-hr detention to serve). Clearly my kids are unsafe in my care.

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Mine sound pretty bland compared to some!


We have done things in our early 20's that were just so wrong ( not illegal, just um, quite immoral) that DH and i never ever speak of it and our kids will never ever know .


Yeah- someone above mentioned kids not wearing matching socks. Heck, I am lucky if my kids even have socks on, let alone matching ones.


No one in this house wears pajamas. The boys sleep in their underwear.


I let my kids drink coffee.


My house is a wreck, I don't fold laundry, and I am not a great cook.


I am a yelling mom. Trying so hard and making improvements.


My almost 6 yr old can't swim. He is terrified of water. We have a pool. He refuses to let go of the edge. I don't push it.


I let my kids play in the back yard unsupervised. They are 3 and 5. But we have a 6 ft privacy fence with locked gates. no one is getting out and no one is getting in.


I was once in a car that played chicken with a train.


My kids eat McDonalds about twice a week.


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I let my kids drink coffee.



Oh yeah, how could I forget this one? I still don't quite understand why this shocks some people. I see no ill effects (not on myself, either).


As for fast food - if I didn't let my kids have it, they would not get to do many of their extracurriculars. So I compromise by ordering the least worst stuff and keeping them active.

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I am a rebel when it comes to school, and now that I have kids, I'm conflicted. I chuckled when I got a report that DS6 called another child "buttcheeks." Currently I'm rolling my eyes over the candy cane my kid "stole" from the class Christmas tree (for which she has a 1-hr detention to serve). Clearly my kids are unsafe in my care.



Until about two years ds would tell me he hated school (and we homeschool!). I started to get bent out of shape when I realized I hated school too. I told him that was his right to hate school, but he had to respect me and the put in his time so to speak. Then I probably gave him a lecture on the evils of public school, where they make you get up at the crack of dawn, wear shoes and a shirt to school, tell you what time to eat, and make you *gasp* do homework.


He hasn't said anything about hating school lately. Although he did say if he was in public school, he'd show up when he wanted to. So, I think the public school is getting off easy by me homeschooling. :rofl:

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I see that many kids wear pajamas all day, but do any kids run around mostly naked for most of the day?


When ds was in vision therapy, his appointment was at 6. One week i realized that it was 5:30, time to start getting ready, and ds was still butt naked!




If you look at my blog and the homeschooling pictures, you'll probably see a few pictures with shirtless boys. The older one goes around in pajama bottoms or boxer shorts most of the time. The younger one wouldn't change his clothes if I didn't specifically tell him to, but he does sometimes go around shirtless, as well.

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Oh yeah, how could I forget this one? I still don't quite understand why this shocks some people. I see no ill effects (not on myself, either).





My calmest child that shows the lowest levels of adhd is my coffee stealing 5 yr old. I can not set down my coffee without her stealing it. coincidence I think not.


When she is really hyper at dd13's dance studio and I need he quiet I hand her my travel cup of coffee. The number of glares, eye rolls, and comments you would think I handed her a cup of bleach. Do they not see her go from being hyper and in trouble, to sitting quietly drinking coffee and looking at books etc?


I have tried to encourage the other 3 to have it but they hate the taste, they prefer black tea

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I almost afraid to post that I might kill the thread.


- Both of my kids were bottle fed. Powder formula. Oh, the horror!

- I have never, ever... not even once allowed my kids to sleep in my bed.This is my bed. You have your own. Sleep in it.

- Both of my kids had colic. I would put them in their crib and let them cry while I made dinner, cleaned, and just plain out survived.

- They went to daycare while I worked full time, until they were old enough to start school. Sometimes I even took them to daycare on my day off.

- When me and my first husband got divorced, he got custody of my kids. (Not because I was unfit but because I couldn't afford an attorney. Obviously, I eventually got them back.)

- I have diagnosed OCD and OCPD and I don't take medication for it.

- I have higher expectations for one of my kids than another.

- They were public schooled until the end of 1st and 3rd grades.

- I have a bad temper. Some times I get frustrated and scream and yell like an insane person. Some times I throw things, too. (much of this comes from OCPD and things not being exactly perfect)

- We don't always cook from scratch. Sometimes I will use a can of veggies or soup to mix in. We eat frozen pizza at least once a week. Sometimes hotdogs, too. ;)

- At least part of the reason that I homeschool is because I'm an OCD germaphobic who does not want PS germs invading my home.

- I curse like a sailor. My kids used to repeat it when they were toddlers, but not any more. They just ignore it mostly and I've gotten better about not cursing around them.

- I am addicted to caffeine to the point where I have multiple attacks if I fall behind on my daily intake.

- My germaphobia causes my kids to miss out on things. For example, my daughter is supposed to have a Christmas party with her cheer gym tomorrow. We won't be attending because it's pot luck and I refuse to let her eat food from peoples kitchens that I don't know. It's easier not to go than to try to explain this to her.

- I allow them to climb up the slide at the park. :blush: :blink:

- We used to take cupcakes to public school. :eek: :willy_nilly:

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