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  1. So, my K'er is begging me to do more science, which equates to doing any science at all since I don't do it. Now that it's spring, we'll be outside a lot doing nature things, but I wonder if this would work for us this spring/summer before we officially start first grade. Just read a chapter or so, draw a picture, and dictate or copy a sentence. Interesting!
  2. I only have 2 kids and there is no way I would do it. Actually, I don't even babysit kids during the day if it's all day. I will do 1/2 days only, and that's for good friends, with the exception being treue emergencies. It just throws off our routine way too much.
  3. :) Yeah, fiction is how I got interested in the first place. Sometimes the line between my fiction reading and reality can start to blur a little if I read too much! Making a list...
  4. I've taken quite the interest in the Vietnam War lately, it seems. And honestly, I wasn't born then and don't know much about it. What I do know about it can be summed up as this: it was messy politically. People detested our soldiers. POW stories that I've read leave me wondering how humanity can be so horrid. So - book suggestions?? I'm going to start looking through our library soon, but figured people may have some good suggestions.
  5. Bumper stickers aren't really popular around here, either that or I don't get out of the house much. My current favorite funny line is "I'm not nuts, I'm condiments. I've been promoted!"
  6. Have you seen my invisible dog Billy? (anyone name the TV show?)

    1. Belacqua


      Do you love it when a plan comes together?

    2. Mommie_Jen


      Ha! I do! We are on a kick and watch every night after the kids go to bed. The insane lines have me cracking up.

  7. We haven't had school in about a week. We took a day off, then I just can't get back into it.
  8. And I don't know what I want, but I do know I don't want the crappy laminate things we have now. I need low maintenance and durable. I'm open to suggestions of unusual materials. Mid range price. I'm currently pondering soapstone. I tried to talk DH into concrete, but he said no, too much work. :) Suggestions/ideas? We are hard on our stuff, so it needs to hold up to wear and tear.
  9. Something else I've done recently is any screen time is now directly tied to attitude and behavior.
  10. Well, I have boys and they are younger than your girls. But the other day I made them hold hands and they then had to work together to get out the laundry baskets and sort laundry. I usually make them work together on some sort of dull chore for a while to break up the fighting and get them to work together for a bit. The connectedfamilies.org site has a lot of good things. I've printed out some pages about teaching conflict resolution as well as working through it from the parental side.
  11. I've tried every trick known to man. This is what is currently helping. It's still commonly mixed up, but I've started to notice that sometimes he gets them right.
  12. LOVE IT. So much, it may just go up on my china cabinet in our school area. I'm a fellow rookie with a K'er. I didn't really believe in the February blues until it hit. Yesterday we did handwriting, read books, and baked pie from scratch, that's it. Today was the most productive day we've had all week. I'm just feeling the Feb burnout and ready for warmer weather so we can get OUT of the house, I don't care how muddy we get!
  13. Yep, unless it's a really big chicken! I can put it in at 2 (absolutely no later) and pull it out to eat at 6. I add a bit of water and seasonings.
  14. That's just how I cook a frozen chicken - it goes in my big crock pot (minus lid, covered with foil) and straight into the oven frozen. I do 400 for about 4 hours or so, depending on how big it is and I check it a lot. When it's thawed/cooked enough, I take out the bag of guts. I'm a lazy cook!
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