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  1. Hunter, Thank you so much for your insights. It leaves me with a lot to ponder. I am schooling mainstream students. The are not brilliant, but all excel in their own ways. I am attracted to your experiment because of the simplicity. We use a couple different math programs (Saxon and TT) and I have resources that I use for grammar. I am mostly interested in page 2 with all the literature/history/science selections. Again, thank you for sharing your work. Joy
  2. I have been looking at your rainbow curriculum. I find it intriguing. I have a couple of questions. I had printed off version 9.8 and now version 12. I was comparing them and I am interested in knowing what criteria you use for adding/removing/placing books. For instance, I noticed that "Last of the Mohicans" and "Silas Marner" was in the Gold level Novels of 9.8 and has been replaced by "Les Miserables", Robinson Crusoe", and "Scarlet Letter" in 12.0. I am not questioning those choices in particular, just wondering how you are determining what is best for each level because I see lots of changes between versions. Also, is each level a year? How would I determine where to place a student? Are you using this/planning to use this with actual students or is it just a theory? I really admire the exhaustive work that is going into this project. I have been mulling over how I could implement it with my own children. Thanks for any information about the thought process that is going into this you would be willing to share. Joy
  3. I taught a class using this book where you make a model of the body. We would read a book/do an activity based on the body part and then color/cut out the body part and build the body. Read and find out books were a great series to supplement with. It was very hands on and the kids had a really nice project to show for it at the end of the semester. I think we did it in about 11 weeks. I did it with K-3rd graders. Joy
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