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  1. The girls are at co-op. I MUST do some cleaning...Maybe ; )

  2. I think it's a great idea. I, however am a slow learner. My children are 10 & 7, and I just thought to do this THIS YEAR. Duh.:001_huh:
  3. Nadia, I understand your point, but my cousin was held hostage in Oklahoma for the same reason. Her and her ex had good jobs there, and despite the fact that she had primary custody, she was not allowed to take the kids outside of OK. I don't know if laws have changed, overall. Her kids are well out of high school. These were (well, still are, I guess) 2 American citizens with no police record, hard working, adults. One broke the marriage vows, but never broke the law.
  4. :iagree: here in Cincy, the have chocolate. Reseese's PB cup blizzard with chocolate ice cream.....YUM!!!!!
  5. I have been told, by DH to STOP reading this thread, so HE can have some peace and quiet.
  6. This is why I canNOT beleive she is making a big deal over a couple of little peices of plastic. I wouldn't even THINK to question a playmate over a lost lego. She needs to :chillpill: . A friendship isn't worth a lost piece of plastic. I honestly think she has a couple of little liars on their hands, and she is the Queen of DeNile. They have manipulated in the past, and won. And she is wondering why nobody likes her little angels. What I don't understand is why she goes to such lengths over insignificant things.
  7. I've got all the curriculum. Almost. I am still toying with spelling for my 1st grader. But other than that, I do beleive I'm done. NOW, I just have to print/collate/file into the 36 wk folders.
  8. Awesome! I had looked at these, but wasn't sure, and didn't really want to invest. And now I don't have to! And I can print them out on their own, color coded paper. THANKS!
  9. I was on the boards searching for about the same thing when you posted! I am looking for a Bible curriculum or study for my 4th grader. :lurk5:
  10. From what I've read you have 4 kids. I'm sort of assuming the house has 3 bedrooms. How are your kids split boy/girl wise? Would you be able to fit 3 dd/ds in one room? Or do you have 2 and 2? Is there enough space for a dining/kitchen table for you all to eat around? Do you have alot of extended family that come over frequently? Would you have room to feed them? We have a 1900 sq ft house, and 4 of us. Our girls shared a room until this past week. It was NOT working out. I have one neat freak and one slob. It was constant fighting. So for us, sharing of rooms would NOT b
  11. I voted yes, but that was before I knew about the 13 yo rule. I would let my oldest get one when she is 13, if she wants one. My youngest, I don't know yet.
  12. She's not here, leave a message! (in answer to the 1,000th 'mom' by 10:00 AM) Oh, I <wore those, used it, read it> yesterday. In response to the 'where are my <shoes, pants, book, game>etc. They all know better. Especially for the shoes. NO.
  13. I LOVE our Kroger too. We have a 'small' one about 2 miles down the road from us. It's an old-fashioned, food-only grocery store. And it has a Starbucks! And my husband works for Kroger, so we get a small discount on any Kroger Brand items that we buy. They actually make most of their own store brand, and we've been very happy with it!
  14. :rant: The two neighborhood kids have my daughter in an absolute tizzy about education. Homeschoolers, according to them, cannot get jobs, cannot go to college, and cannot eat at restaurants because it costs too much. DD now wants to go to school. (I don't know if she realizes that she has to BE there before her current wake-up time!). She doesn't hear their ignorance on things (not using that word to be mean!). Latin isn't a language, and various geographical and historical mistakes. Yes, he has his times table memorized to the 10s, but that's her choice. She's doing times up to 10
  15. I would have stared at her just long enough to let her know I was appalled at what she said and then walked away.
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