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  1. Thanks, that looks like a good lesson on division; I've saved it and will check out their other samples. Yes, this is what I had in mind for that. I also volunteer in a 5th grade classroom, and they start off every math lesson with this warmup! Thanks to you both; after looking at your suggestions and googling some other stuff, I feel confident that there are materials that I can use to help her. So I've just emailed the program director.
  2. I volunteer in an after-school program. We don't really "tutor"; it is more like we are there to nudge them to complete their homework so they can go play. Today I was helping a 5th grader with her math homework. She absolutely couldn't do the long division problems. As we tried to work through a single problem it became clear that she didn't get the basic concept of what she was to do (figure out how many times 37 goes into 111). She also doesn't know how to round (I suggested rounding to 40 for the first guess attempt), nor does she know basic multiplication facts other than 2s and 5s. She couldn't skip count as a "cheat" for the math facts (I suggested she count by 3s, and she started with 3, 6, 8...) I want to ask the program director if I can arrange 1-2 hours a week to work with her individually but wanted some advice before I approach her; my kids are in college so it's been a long time since I've taught elementary math! 1. Do you think 1-2 hours a week would help this student improve meaningfully? (I'm *assuming* no real learning disability; according to the program director the student has moved frequently and may have fallen behind because of that). 2. Since these concepts are foundational for long division, and it's what I noticed she was having trouble with, I think time would be best spent on : a) math multiplication facts/skip counting b ) division with single-digit divisors c) rounding concepts 3. I don't have any materials left from when I taught my kids elementary math. I hope to find something free online - is there anything specific you would recommend? Please help me help this student!
  3. I'm sorry. Your experiences sound truly horrifying. You know that "the customer is always right" is a thing? That I didn't make it up? It applies in the way I used it - in the case of a customer asking for a lost item to be returned. For you to continue to compare it to vile, criminal, anti-social or otherwise aberrant behavior - I just have no more words. :huh:
  4. My ds is going to Hawaii for 3 months...sending you a PM!
  5. I know this is an unpopular position sometimes, but I do the same. I've heard Dave Ramsey mock that he's never heard anyone get rich off their credit card points. No, but I've been on more free trips than I can count using air miles & hotel points. England, Peru, Hawaii, etc. Trips that we couldn't otherwise pay cash for. When my mom-in-law died 2 years ago, all 4 of us went to Texas on award tickets (would have cost us well over $2000 cash). My hubby earns a lot of these points with his business travel, but I also highly recommend credit card sign up bonuses. Google that phrase for tips. :)
  6. I don't understand the prevailing tone of this thread. Compare it to the thread from a few days ago when somebody asked WWYD with found cash. Almost every poster would go out of their way to try to find the owner! People told stories of following another customer back into the store, leaving their name with the customer service desk, etc. All for an unknown person who lost cash that could never be traced back to them. Nobody said, "Well it was their own fault they dropped the $20." as wonderchica and I have been told. We're all human - people drop stuff and forget stuff. Some of the stories on that thread were very touching! So we'll all happily go out of our way for a stranger, and yet if we work at a hotel we won't do the same for the people who paid us to stay in the room last night. Edited to add link to the thread: Surprisingly I noticed many voted for "finders keepers" but nobody really promoted the idea in the body of the thread. http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/518509-found-money/
  7. Sigh. Did I really have to say "except in the case of criminal activity"? Because all you've described is criminal activity which I would never condone. Throwing that in there is a red herring, but for clarity I've edited my post.
  8. I think the hotel's obligation extends to holding lost items for a reasonable amount of time and then sending them back at the owner's expense. If you want to call that "serving you even after you've checked out" then yes, I do. Things get left in hotels every day. This is why, as other posters have mentioned, hotels have policies about sending items back to their guests. Do you really think it's OK for hotels to throw left-behind items in the trash? It sounds like you are proposing that as a reasonable alternative on their part. :confused1: :confused1: My husband spends approx 50 nights a year in hotels. I spend about half that amount. Only one other time can I remember either of us leaving something in a hotel other than a phone charger (gah, the bane of my traveling existence!). The day he checked out, before dh even noticed it was missing, the hotel had called his office and spoke with his assistant, who then called dh to make sure he wanted to authorize the charge to send it back. That was great customer service. Throwing lost items into a bin and waiting for the owner to call is a reasonable policy, but I'm still completely baffled that it's described as "above and beyond".
  9. Not kidding, but using it in a slang way that's not uncommon on the internet when someone disagrees with you. :unsure: Maybe I'm hanging out with too many young people who throw around "haters gonna hate"
  10. Yes, do this! Several posters have mentioned the unfollow part, but you should also go the extra step of restricting her access to your feed, or adding her to a list like acquaintances, and they have all of your posts exclude acquaintances. I've done this with a few people who aren't really "friends" but I don't want to unfriend for whatever reason.
  11. Well, I'm "from" Texas but moved to the West coast 18 years ago, so I'm not sure how I'd answer a poll. Have I been deTexed after 18 years? :laugh:
  12. I wonder if it's regional or ?? that some people think the word date only means romantic dating.
  13. I go on "dates" with my husband, son, daughter, & girlfriends. I don't think the word "date" itself has a romantic connotation, but I agree with the others who've said there are some creepy ways father/daughter dating is being done.
  14. My post said it was gold, so that covers the expensive part. I guess uniqueness is in the eye of the beholder, but I frequently get comments on it. I still say that although it was negligent of me to leave it behind, it was equally negligent of them to pop it in a flimsy letter envelope and have it go out with their daily correspondence.
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