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  1. You can absolutely call, but be aware eligibility varies by state. A child only one month premature would not be automatically eligible in my state, and what OP described wouldn’t make them eligible either (barring any other delays).
  2. Is baby working on a physical milestone right now, such as sitting up or crawling? It’s common for babies to slow down sound production when they’re learning a major motor skill. I’ve worked in early in and wouldn’t be concerned yet, just keep monitoring it.
  3. Views of marriage are still very dependent on culture, even today. There are plenty of arranged marriages in the world still.
  4. Me too. I prefer it over Fixer Upper- I Iike that the houses are usually older, and often a Craftsman-y style. Her decorating tastes are much more similar to mine, and more colorful than Joanna’s! Jo’s houses are beautiful but all look very similar.
  5. Yeah, usually you can’t eat much and definitely not your typical fare for a few days, which will effect your energy for physical activities.
  6. I was asleep and took 4-5 days off activities. Didn’t need weeks, but I wouldn’t have been dancing that soon.
  7. Well, the arts, particularly performing arts, have always been more of a haven for LBGTQ folks. Maybe there’s some self-selection going on there? I suspect you wouldn’t find the same numbers in a public school math class or baseball team, for example.
  8. My endo recommends increasing selenium for thyroid. I think she said try 2 Brazil nuts a day? Food is a better source than a supplement.
  9. I love my Gizah’s with the original footbed. I wear a size down from my regular size.
  10. Can you leave the door open? Ours isn’t open all the way, just a bit. She seems happier knowing she has the option to come in.
  11. LOL this was my problem with my poodle mix during her puppy training class. The instructor asked me what she liked better than my attention. She got a blank stare as an answer lol!
  12. How long are you ultimately hoping to leave her out? I leave my backdoor open while my dog is out there. Depending on the weather, she will happily stay out for 20-30 minutes, come in to say hi, then go back out. She wouldn’t stay out for hours, but I don’t care if she comes and goes. When it’s warm we use one of those magic screens to to keep the bugs out. ETA: mine is also a poodle mix, and there’s no way she’d willingly stay away from me for hours when she knows I’m close by.
  13. I don’t think OP knows for sure the princess thing is why he wasn’t invited. My understanding from her posts is that none of the other moms in her friend group have said anything to her about the party, including the mom throwing the party. The princess thing is just guesswork.
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