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  1. I've been konmari-ing in preparation for a move. I've lost count of the number of trips to Goodwill and the dumpster. I have 2 friends who've been through house fires recently, so a bunch has been delivered to them, in addition to the other drops. I'm so so so so so glad it's going. I had a little stress at the beginning but the further I get in the more momentum I gain. The idea of being surrounded and USING the things I love is so motivating. I've also started a spending ban... I'm almost 8 weeks in. It's been awesome. Food, gifts for others (specific, not junk), consumables, specific house needs (we're building)... Otherwise I haven't spent much of anything. If anyone is interested, "A Year of Less" and "The Magic Art of Tidying" have been super encouraging. The Tidying show on Netflix is great, too!
  2. I've used both and BJU DLO was /substantially/ more rigorous. For one kid BJU was great, it would have been overkill for the other.
  3. We used BJU for science from 6 through chemistry. My kid who went took chemistry and biology was extremely well prepared for the SAT subject tests. She also scored extremely high on the ACT science (which admittedly is more reading comprehension than science). So yes, there is a strong YE creationist bent, but the specific science is, imho, strong enough to have your student very well prepared for secular standardized subject testing. I will add that biology and chemistry are HARD and VERY detail oriented. They are NOT easy classes. I think they DLO makes them easily an "honors" level course. My science-loving future engineer enjoyed them but I did not use them for my more easy going student.
  4. My arthritic hip sometimes gets really painful, but normal sickness, no.
  5. Pretty please!! I'm dealing with serious writer's block and it's stressing me out! I don't want to be the reason she doesn't get in! I did not predict the stress of college applications. This is a lonely spot without a guidance counselor and people with actual experience. ? We're traditional homeschoolers so I need to write a great piece for my daughter applying to a competitive engineering school. She's very qualified but I know this piece is critical. We're eclectic, she's done DE, traveled a lot...etc....but... Putting it in writing. Yikes. I know it's a long shot, but would anyone have any examples of a counselor letter or a statement of educational philosophy? Or any tips/ideas/suggestions? Feel free to PM me!!! Thank you so much.
  6. My kids will leave for college as 3rd degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do. I fear for anyone trying to bother either of them. ETA - We also discuss situational awareness and street smarts as we travel a lot and often in areas notorious for petty crimes (pickpokets, snatch and grab, etc).
  7. My always Aldi buys: Cheese (their "fancy" sharp is great) Almond milk, reg milk - organic US caught shrimp ($5.99/12oz) Sparkling water ($2.99/12 pack) Pasta, beans, cans (beans, tomatoes, etc,) Never Any chicken products Organic ground beef Jalapeno stuffed olives Any and All produce that looks good
  8. I'd take a look. It did not strike me as conservative. Lots of diverse clubs advertising on campus. No religious component. It's a huge, beautiful campus and lots of nature so pretty crunchy atmosphere. You might be pleasantly surprised. ? A friend has a student about to go there and she described the orientation as "very relational, very personal".
  9. Have you looked at Berry? Small, quirky, no Greek life at all. I loved it when we toured, but dd is crushing on Tech. ? ETA - Berry is a work school, so nearly every student has an on campus job. Hope applies to GA residents, and they have interesting scholarship opportunities.
  10. We're loving Chuck on Amazon prime. Lots of fun and an occasional head turn for scantily clothed women. Language is clean. Story line is fun. 5 seasons.
  11. This is my experience as well. I use it A TON in the winter. Today I made a crustless key lime pie in my IP. It makes a perfect 6" pie. I wanted a Weight Watchers friendly dessert and I think this is it! I love my IP.
  12. I bought a few skirts from them. They were excellent. I wore them out.
  13. Oh my. I have THE VERY BEST VEGAN CHOCOLATE FROSTING IN THE WORLD recipe. It's from "The Grit" cookbook, which you should totally buy online. 12 oz silken tofu melted with 3 cups vegan chocolate chips. Blend to smooth after it's all melted. I use a hand blender. Let cool to frosting consistency. There are not words. It's so so so rich so spread thin. I used it on a wedding cake this weekend and it was RAVED about. It's divine!!!
  14. We have a rule in our house between adults, "you can ask me to do something or you can tell me how to do something, but you can't do both". Works great 98% of the time. ?
  15. As a former military member and wife of a military guy, we've moved a bit and painted a lot. I can cut without tape. Easily. If you cannot, then tape on!
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