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  1. I fly Delta and would have no problem at all flying with them now.
  2. This is the most College Guy thing I've seen in A LONG time. Your son is awesome!! I think he'd be an inspiration to my DS. 😃
  3. I did it online. I think it was very motivating. I don't believe Dave is in it to make money, but honestly really wants to help people get financially free. Yes, he's very very wealthy, but his advice is ages old and he's not shy is saying so. And, I the it helps for everyone involved in the budget to be on the same page.
  4. Organic milk Organic almond milk Cheeses Fruit Vegetables Never Any chicken Chocolate chips Sparkling water Puffy cheese snacks Organic rice Salad dressing (excellent marinade!) Jalapeno stuffed olives Random fun things
  5. All the Harry Potter books. I've been through them...12 times? More? Say Nothing - it was exceptional. About the The Troubles in northern Ireland. A NYT top 10 book last year. The narrator was great. To kill a mockingbird The Year of Living Danishly The Way I Heard It - so fun! And I've loved the Ruth Galloway mystery series by Elly Griffiths. There are 11 out now.
  6. I buy washcloths at Dollar General. They absorb great and actually last a long time. My husband likes paper towels so I have some around, but I much prefer washcloths.
  7. As a PSA: almond is the only Kringle worth eating. Sorry. Raspberry is cloyingly sweet. Pumpkin tastes fake. Pecan, meh. Hold out for almond!!
  8. There are some brands that have beveled edges, so tiny grooves between the boards. I didn't like those because I thought trap dirt. The "boards" themselves have varying degrees of texture on the top - like grain. Some are very smooth, some very textured. The smooth, to me, were dangerously slippery. I could see myself ice skating of I were in socks. 😬 The really, really textured ones weren't for me, either. Ours is lightly textured. For cleaning, most brands recommend water only. It works well on ours and there's no streaking. Sometimes I use a little cleaner, but mostly, water.
  9. We got samples (of the finalists we bought a box if we could) and walked on them. We also tried all the underlay with the dogs walking on it for noise (we put pergo in a house and the CLICK CLICK nearly drove me insane), and walked on them in socks/shoes/barefoot, etc. Some we hated once we tried them, so it was worth the effort. But, again, this was us making a pick for a whole house, not one room. 😃
  10. We just did a new build. We floored ALL of it with CaliVinyl Pro that we bought through the company (they sell some of their lines at Lowe's but not the pro line). About $3/sq ft not including underlay. We bought the red underlay at Home Depot for about $0.60/sq ft. I was RIDICULOUS about research. I wanted affordable, LVP, eco friendly, quiet, slightly textured (not slippery), etc. [The underlay is really important so I'd recommend you research that as well as flooring. I bought samples of about 8 underlayments and tried out each. FYI] For the flooring I needed something I could do long runs with without having to do transitions. The pro line was the best for that (and Flooret but I didn't like their colors). The company was EASY to work with and shipping was reasonable. For install, we did it ourselves. The product was nearly perfect and installed like a dream. It was perfectly stable and we worked around an island and walls and it rejoined perfectly. There were only 1 or 2 planks with chips. I can't recommend the quality enough. Before buying I took a sample and stuck it in a pail of water for 3 weeks. It came out exactly like it went in. It's insanely stable. After living with it for 9 months, and with marginally competent plumbers, (so far 3 water leaks), I could not love this floor more. I LOVE IT. We remark about our love for it multiple times a week. Did I mentioned that I LOVE IT. This is our forever home, so I don't care what anyone else thinks, but everyone who comes in loves it. We have 2 dogs, we USE the house, we track in dirt... I LOVE IT. Feel free to PM me any questions! Hope that helps!
  11. Kringle. Almond only. I just threw out the last 1/4 of ours because I will stand at the counter and eat ALL OF IT. PSA - Don't buy them. Seriously. You're welcome.
  12. Apply? Sure. Make promises to my kid? No chance. I'd be super, super clear about what it would take to go there. SUPER clear.
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