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  1. The Far Side collection. Calvin and Hobbes
  2. My daughter just sent hand written thank you notes. Congrats on the scholarship!!
  3. My kids both used Prep Scholar. I did a review a while back on it so you can search for it. Both kids improved 4 points and one had very little room to improve. It takes about 60-80 hours (kid dependent) to get through the course to qualify for the refund, so unless your kid is willing to work you can't bank on the "4 point guarantee".
  4. I did both and provided my scale for weighting. On the Coalition App there are 500 questions about the grading scale so it'll be covered.
  5. They sell them at Target so I assume you could return it easily if you hate it.
  6. What's the state law? I'm in the South and our state is 15 for legal overnight. I recently left my 16 year old for a night, then a couple nights. He doesn't have a licence so he biked to work (easy, safe ride) and church (next to work). He managed the dogs, etc. He's also 6'2 and a second degree black belt with good situational awareness and dual enrolled (on campus), so he ages up. I also had neighbors in the know so he had 4 people he could call for help if he needed it. So, I'd go with family, a friend, etc. He'll be ready soon, but I think 14 alone is a lot.
  7. 1. Address the physical. 2. What are her goals? Does she want to attend a highly selective college in a demanding major? Or, does she want to attend a LAC with a more holistic learning experience? I think the answer makes a fairly large impact on the decision about schools. If she's intent on, say engineering at MIT (just an example) she'll need to learn how to deal with the rigor and pressure and pace, and find her personal balance in that. Now would be a good time to start learning the coping skills for that. But, leaving a high pressure environment now might be tricky to explain on an application if she's wanting a high pressure college experience, kwim? It's not impossible - but something to consider. If she's more interested in a unique LAC education, then going home and designing her curriculum herself is in line with the future and easily explained on an application. Neither path is right or wrong or better - but definitely a good idea to consider how she'll explain her path and decisions. I think in either path the ability to make a decision about what she wants for her life, health, and education and walking it out and being able to explain that to an admissions director are all AMAZING things that will show her maturity and ability to succeed as an adult.
  8. I did not do course descriptions. DD now attends a highly selective University. She also had a bit of DE (20+ hours?) and a few unusual courses (shop, international studies, etc) but otherwise a fairly standard (normal for the college) academically advanced transcript.
  9. This might sound dumb, but Walmart jeggings. Buy a size large. They're great. Very flattering, longish, and if you destroy them they're $9ish a pair. After that, Old Navy jeggings in a long. They're great too. Nicer than the Walmart ones, but more $.
  10. My sister is a high school physics teacher. Last year I was stressing about the same kind of issues. One thing she said really helped. "If you asked 100 admissions officers what they'd do with their kid, it's what you're doing. Don't stress." She was right. I think my DDs unusual path really helped her. (One of her big decisions was more DE to get through Calculus 2, which most every everything freshman have at her dream school, or travel. A lot. We choose travel. 😄) Celebrate her journey! And every school will try and sell you all the benefits of their international programs... You already know that. Sell it!! 😃😃
  11. Yeah. I hear you. Our church says it's scholarship is "need based" and then never asked a single financial question. 🙄
  12. 1. Deep breath. It'll be ok! Really. 2. I'd contact the academies and see if there's a rep near you that you could meet with. This can help a ton with the process and connection for a recommendation. I'd have your student take the initiative on connecting and setting up a meeting. Go beyond the fairs. Grads (I'm one) and reps love to talk about their academies and love initiative. Recruiting helps but she still has to get in. 3. Overall, I'd recommend emphasizing your student's uniqueness. The competitive colleges see A TON of similar, highly qualified candidates. What makes your student special IS the weirdness of your journey. Celebrate it. She's smart, capable, and has walked an interesting path - communicate that. She needs to also. You have opportunities with the educational statement and she can do it in her essays. It's the time to share your journey. 4. If she's a junior - seek out the academy summer programs. Highly recommended. Hope that helps! Really, don't underestimate her LIFE. It's far too interesting to stick in the standard box and that's A GREAT thing for selective colleges. Hang in there!!
  13. I'd go back to the doctor. I had an ear infection recently and was prescribed ear drops and a zpack. It was crazy painful and most of it cleared up in 3-4 days.
  14. This thread cost me $26. Thank you. LOL!!!😊
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