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  1. I need to do this for my senior but I keep putting it off. 😢
  2. I can't speak to the HTML or CSS classes (I took those at community college), but I really like It's a monthly subscription but the classes are high quality with thorough explanations and relevant content. Good luck!
  3. Here's the link for the 2015 thread: I'd forgotten what my 2015 word was: intentionality. I really needed the reminder right now to live each day with intention. I've just been enduring. :( I'll need to think a bit for my 2016 word. And post it in a prominent place so I don't forget!
  4. I've been doing WW & going to meetings now for 4 months & haven't lost much weight. I'm going to try this new plan with the hope that it will get me to a healthier version of me, including weight loss, increased energy, better cholesterol values, and to prevent diabetes. The new Smart Points plan reminds me of the diabetic diet I was on for gestational diabetes while pregnant with my first. Sugars, including grains, milk, juice, etc, were very limited and lean protein & veggies was strongly encouraged. I tested my blood sugar 4 times a day & could instantly see the effects of what I ate and it was eye-opening. I found this article that explains some of the changes: For the record, Oprah does not "own" Weight Watchers now. She bought 10% of the company and secured a seat on the board. She did this after trying the new plan (before release) for months and was blown away by the results. This way of eating may not be for everyone. I'm not completely on board with the new plan but I'm willing to try it. I, too, have been very frustrated with the technical issues and such, but I have to do something about my health. Only time will tell.
  5. Whenever she wants! I started greying in my early 30's & after a few years of coloring decided to quit. Many females I knew were horrified at my decision & that shocked me. I never knew there was such a strong opinion about my hair color! It turns out, I like the way it looks now. If I didn't, I'd color again. No big deal. Oh, and age doesn't matter. I see women in their 70's who color their hair & it looks great, although having a good hairdresser makes a huge difference.
  6. I am so very sorry for your loss. Many hugs and prayers for you and your family.
  7. I struggle with this as well. I'm adding the printable calendar pages (found here) but I constantly have my phone with me now so they may not be needed. I use Google Calendar for events. I have one main calendar with the family's stuff on it that's shared with hubby & kids. Then, I have a menu calendar and a church/bible calendar that's for my eyes only. I use the bullet journal for to do lists (monthly, daily, and general collections) as well as a place to record conversations, doctor's visit notes, house repairs, etc. It's also a dumping ground for all the stuff running around my brain but I'm really hoping to be more creative as well as use it to focus on my word of the year, "Intentional".
  8. Do the Sharpie pens bleed through the paper? How are they with smearing? I looked at them the other day but I couldn't decide.
  9. I'm going to add a delegated page. Great idea! I take medication 3 times a day & have for years now. You'd think I wouldn't forget but I do. Great idea! This is brilliant! I so wish I would have done this. My kids are teens now but it still may be worth going back through the records & writing it all in one place. We've moved, changed doctors multiple times, etc, so records are a bit scattered.
  10. Are there any changes you plan for your 2015 Bullet Journal? What has worked or not worked for 2014? Any questions for others? (Related threads: Original, Updates, Tasks & design ideas) Best for me: Medical Notes section - At a recent appointment, I was able to go through the history of what we've tried, tests, etc. It was a huge help! Dream Collage 2 page spread - Helps me visualize my long term goals especially when I get discouraged by the daily grind. Record of events & conversations on the daily pages - I refer back to these often. Vacation - Yes, I wrote in it on vacation! I recorded what we did, when, where, etc. Now, I'm making a photo book from vacation photos and have a reference and can add journaling to the photo pages. Books I've read list - I'm an avid reader but have never kept track before. Love this! I could go on & on. Obviously, I'm a fan of the bullet journal method! Struggles for me: Monthly calendars - As a family, we use Google Calendar, a wall calendar (which will be obsolete at the end of this month), and the Bullet Journal calendar. Inevitably, things would get mixed up & I would have two different days/times for the same appointment, etc. Now, I just use Google Calendar and I think I'll keep it that way for 2015.Questions: I'd love tips on overall organization. I'm thinking of having a section at the front or back just for the "Collections" rather than starting a page in the midst of my daily pages. Anybody find a way to combine the GTD system with their bullet journal?

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