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  1. Dd and I each purchased one of these backpacks from Kopack off Amazon. We love them. They have so many pockets and a spot for a laptop computer. They are very durable. We've been traveling all over the world with ours this past year. The straps are thicker so more comfortable when the backpack is heavy.
  2. We are paying $200 for 7 days for our neighbor's ds to watch our two dogs in our home. It was $20-30 per night per dog to kennel them or hire a pet sitting service. I do not think you are being unreasonable.
  3. I agree. For real change to occur, children need to be taught healthy eating habits. Children need to be offered healthy foods in order to develop a taste for them rather than fried foods and sugar. While visiting nursery schools in the slums of Bangkok, I was amazed at the lunches the children were offered...seasoned rice or noodles served with steamed vegetables and some sort of protein and a piece of fruit. The food was delicious, freshly prepared, and whole/not processed. I wondered how these schools in poverty stricken areas were able to get children's lunches so right while American schools with much more resources do it so wrong.
  4. Another option you might consider if you don't think your dc will be good high-stakes test takers might be dual enrollment. My dd did one AP course and exam her freshman year and did well but once she turned 15 and was able to take DE in our area, we went the DE pathway. There were a number of personal factors that went into our decision but partially because she hated the stress of everything depending on one test.
  5. I loved when my dc were your oldest's age! So much fun to play with science and history! Science was exploration, hands on experimentation/exploration (nature, gardening, astronomy, anatomy, etc...) of anything that interested them, reading books, and following rabbit trails. We took nature walks (identifying plants and animals) and drew in nature notebooks. We experimented with growing conditions in the garden. We experimented with cooking and recipes. We learned about rocks and minerals. They made models of things like the solar system (the best to the boys was a to scale of the solar system in the yard), the human body and its various parts, and plants. We had chemistry kits and other science kits. I found books with experiments on every science topic I could find. They played with simple machines (ramps, pulleys, etc...) to learn physics. They learned to develop their own experiments then carry them out. History involved reading, watching documentaries, and visiting historic locations with lots of rabbit trails if they showed a particular interest. We tied history to music, art, and literature so they could do craft projects and connect everything.
  6. I roll everything when I pack.
  7. My dd had two online CC classes that required exams to be proctored. She had to go to the school proctoring center for Statistics and her Biology professor used the lockdown browser with video recording.
  8. We travel a lot so splurged on a carry-on piece by Away. We absolutely love it. The wheels are extremely sturdy and the case covers the bottom wheels a bit so has a bit more space than the usual case of its size. There is a piece that squashes the clothes on one side so it fits more. It has a removable cell phone charger and a small laundry bag. My dd and I have fit enough clothes for two weeks on the road (in cold weather) in that case by rolling everything.
  9. We've gotten a lot of questions over the years about homeschooling. Sometimes people are just curious and I am happy to let them know why we are doing it and why it works for us. Sometimes they are trying to justify their own decisions and in those cases I tend to pass the bean dip. Sometimes the questions come from elderly people or others who do not know anything about homeschooling and I'll answer depending on the nature of the questions. I always tend to laugh when people ask about socialization. These tend to be people (usually elderly people) who have just watched dd give an amazing performance interacting with the audience (and sometimes fellow musicians) and who have spoken to her afterward then come up to me talking about how poised and confident she is. I tend to roll my least on the inside.
  10. Donna


    We recently renewed passport and it took 3 weeks (non-expedited) but that was in March. I'd pay the expedited fee in your shoes just to not have to stress over it.
  11. Ah. They decided not to do the transvaginal ultrasound and only did an ultrasound over her abdomen which showed nothing. Dd started her period at 12 and was very regular. It just stopped coming two years ago this July. She doesn't mind not having it but is worried she may have difficulty having children someday when the time comes.
  12. Would ovarian cysts show up on ultrasound? They did an ultrasound a few months ago but everything was normal. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
  13. The doctor called today. Dd and I leave on June 9th for the entire summer in Ireland so she knew we were very anxious about the results. They were looking for a pituitary tumor. Dd has not had a period in almost two years and did not have one even when the endocrinologist tried three times to stimulate one plus her ACTH was high on her most recent labs six weeks ago. The MRIs of her brain were tumor. The bloodwork that has come back so far (most will take a week because it was sent out) is good. She does not need any medication right now for her cortisol levels. Still no ideas as to why she has no periods but so very thankful the answer is not a tumor. Thank you all for the prayers. It has been a very scary few weeks having that possibility floating around in my brain.
  14. I think that's a thoughtful gift.
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