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  1. We eat a whole foods plant based diet so use nutritional yeast in cashew based sauces to make "cheese" sauces, make vegan "parmesan cheese" with it (and some raw cashews, a bit of salt and garlic powder), sprinkle it on popcorn, or use it on anything we want to taste cheesy. After trying various brands, the best we've found (also certified gluten free) is Anthony's Nutritional Yeast Flakes. Tastes the "cheesiest" to us.
  2. The hardest thing about watching other people taking chances and not following the rules is that it affects us all, not just them/their families. It affects how long this many people get sick/hospitalized/die (who knows how they will pay for those long hospitalizations if they don't have insurance), how long people are out of work, how many small businesses cannot hold out long enough to remain open, the lives of people in industries (like the arts) who have no way of going back to work and often times no option for unemployment/assistance due to work situations that don't fit the norm (ask me how I know), etc.... The long-term consequences will be horrible for so many people. It disgusts me how little regard people in the country have for others, actually.
  3. When dd was a younger teen, she was making quite a bit of money from gigs...too much to allow her to spend it all. She put 90% in her bank account and kept 10% to spend at her own discretion. The money in her bank account might be used for certain purchases (like a computer, iPad, new violin or bow, etc...) but those were discussed and we helped her research those decisions. Other times, her money might pay for travel/expenses for her gigs (though the gig money would pay that back eventually). Mostly, her savings were just that...savings.
  4. I second this...watched it numerous times and sob like a baby every time.
  5. Though it's somewhat of a balancing act, we waited for the home we were selling to be under contract then put an offer in on the new home (this kinda stunk at the time because there were homes in the meantime we liked and missed out on but we love the home we are in now so it all worked out for the best) so both were under contract at the same time. We moved all our belongings into storage to get out of the home being sold, packed our vehicles with everything we'd need in the short-term, went to closing for the sold home on a Friday, drove to the new state, stayed two nights with family, then went to closing on the new home. DH then flew back to original state, loaded everything from storage into a U-H*ul, and drove it all to the new home. It was a balancing act because had something fallen through on either sale....well, I'm just glad it didn't.
  6. We've had a lot of rain here in Eastern NC and I have squash plants growing out of my compost bin that look prehistoric. I have no idea what kind of squash I will get off them. I had potato plants grow out of my compost pile from potatoes I threw out there and harvested them as new potatoes. From the garden and green house, I've harvested tomatoes I grew from seeds of tomatoes we liked from the grocery store, peppers, cucumbers, lots of lettuce (though it is now going to seed), green peppers, jalapeño peppers, kale, swiss chard, and spaghetti squash. Something is eating the leaves of my bok choy but not sure what.
  7. The entire cast of The Outsiders (well, the Greasers, anyway) were my crushes...Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, C. Thomas Howell. I didn't have any crushed until my teen years either.
  8. I have to remind myself how important it was to me to be able to make my own decisions and mistakes when I was in my early 20's. I also find mentally distancing myself from their decisions (positive and negative) helps. I only give advice when asked and I do not take it personally when they do not take my advice (my parents did that and it led to relationship issues). When giving advice, I try to make my comments more about the decision than about them and try to help them look at the big picture/long term consequences because it seems they have a harder time with this. I struggle. My DSs are much more inclined to be risk-takers than I am and it is hard for me to watch sometimes.
  9. Babysitting as a teen was my first job. Data-processing and working intake for the X-ray department at a hospital was my first job where I got a weekly paycheck during my senior year in high school and when home during college.
  10. We eat vegan, gluten-free (mostly for me but DD is completely gluten-free), and sugar free. We've been eating this way for almost three years. The first month was the hardest for us as, I think, our bodies were adjusting to it and we needed to figure out exactly how many calories we needed. DD blogs and shares vegan recipes at and we did a post on different ways to ensure you get enough protein/sources of protein. There are lots of recipes on Pinterest as well. DD enjoys experimenting with vegan baking with gluten-free flours. Make sure you take B12.
  11. I turned 50 in January. I eat vegan (whole foods/plant-based), no processed sugar, and mostly gluten-free. I walk 2-5 miles a day and do 40 minutes of yoga at least 3 days a week, usually more and work outside, gardening and weeding, when the weather is nice.
  12. Our lives will not be back to our normal until music venues and cultural festivals open and international travel is allowed. We are wearing masks when near people but most in our area are not. We try to maintain social distancing when we go places but we see large groups of people everywhere. I am not sanitizing everything that comes into the house. Locally, restaurants are open at 50% inside and our downtown closes off a street on nice nights so they can serve even more people. All other stores are open and the beach is open--we went last week and stayed away from people. We took in two international students associated with the orphanage in Thailand DD does charity work for who are unable to return home due to international flights not being permitted in but being charged a fortune per month to stay at their university. They have been rather isolated at their small university since the virus started so only initially slightly risky to add to our household but they've been here for over a week and no one is sick yet.
  13. Our house has been nice during quarantine. We have plenty of space both indoor and outdoor and a neighborhood where we can walk while maintaining social distancing. The layout inside is perfect. Our backyard deck has been lovely when the weather is not too humid and we have room to garden but not so much yard that it seems like work. The only thing that would be ideal is--a pool would be nice now that it is hot outside.
  14. My gardenias are currently in bloom and the smell is amazing so I suggest that. I am in Eastern NC so zone 8a.
  15. I am happy where my life is right now but if I could change anything back in my 20's, I would go back and have more fun. I have been "responsible" my entire life and always chose the "safe" option. I had my first baby at 25 and DH and I worked alternating times (I only worked two days a week) so one of us was always at home with our kids. That leaves five years prior to having kids where DH and I could have done more. I feel like we were always preparing for something...finishing my degree, getting married, buying a house, having kids. Vacations, except our honeymoon, were always visits to family. If I could go back I would spend more time with friends, see more of the world (though I am doing that now), dance more, etc...
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