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    I have been homeschooling for 18 years though only my youngest is still home now.
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  1. I agree with others that individuals doing small things can help change the world. Being generally respectful and kind to people. Trying to see other people's point of view and realizing even views that you don't hold can be completely valid--we all have different experiences and world views. Realize having views that don't align with yours does not make someone evil. Greeting and giving small compliments to people you meet can make a huge difference in someone's day. My family went vegan a little over two years ago for our health and to do our part for the environment. Avoid single use plastics and plastic packaging. Buy locally whenever possible. Compost and keep a greenhouse/garden to grow food...give extras to the neighbors. Donate unused items to charity. Shop at antique and thrift stores for some things. Do volunteer work.
  2. I just read and loved Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.
  3. I have a good sense of direction. If I've been somewhere, I can find my way the next time I go there whether it was days or years ago. Sometimes I know things or predict things before they happen...not everything but random things will pop in my brain then later they happen. Dd has a crazy good memory. She remembers the tiniest details of things that happened years ago...what she ate or what everyone was wearing. Almost like she has everything in a file cabinet in her brain. She can learn a new tune on her fiddle/violin after hearing it once or twice and has perfect pitch.
  4. We use cloth grocery bags, mesh bags for vegetables at the grocery, metal straws, bamboo flatware for travel, glass water bottles, glass containers and mason jars with lids for leftovers, silicon mats rather than parchment paper on baking sheets, and KeepCups for coffee/tea when out.
  5. I have a chair that they tend to get thrown on. If I'm in a hotel, I'll hang them on the hook in the bathroom.
  6. I must be a dinosaur, too. I'm with you. Stay and support all the children doing their recital. What about the poor kid who goes last?
  7. Does her area have a shopping delivery service associated with the grocery store like Instacart? You could send her healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, veggies and hummus. (I'm vegan and would love that.)
  8. I do yoga with a youtube video (I don't do yoga in front of anyone), eat a square of dark chocolate, or snuggle a pup.
  9. Dd17 just flew internationally by herself for the first time on Monday. She is a very experienced flyer (I think we've flown over 10 times in the past six months alone) and once I knew she'd be flying on her own, I had her do the navigating in airports and I followed along. She flew from our tiny airport (only 3-4 small plane flights go out a day) so I did not walk her to the gate but I would not have even at a larger airport. Things to know...Look overhead for the signs...they will tell you everything you need to know about where to go. Check the board listing the flights as you are going to the gate to be sure there has not been a gate change. Get her there early enough she doesn't need to rush. Take an empty water bottle to fill at the airport and snacks if it's a long flight. Do not be afraid to ask airport staff questions...they are generally very helpful. Dd is always carrying a violin so will always politely ask to board early so she is sure it fits in the overhead--if your dd will be taking a carryon, she may want to do this as well so her luggage is not aisles away from her when she goes to get off the plane.
  10. I just realized I do not have any big picture goals for 2020 so I'll put this here... Dd just finished her last two DE finals yesterday so is now officially finished high school. Yay! She is taking six months off school to tour North America with Riverdance. During that time, she is going to continue working on learning Irish (kinda going to be immersed in it with a fellow band member who speaks Irish) and she'll figure out how much free time she has so she will know how many credits are do-able when she begins at University of North Carolina Wilmington in the fall. She found an online program in International Studies with a concentration in Arts and Literature and was accepted as a transfer student. She can continue to tour while she earns a degree.
  11. I agree. The secret is travel....lots of driving and a willingness to think outside the box to find opportunities. We lived very rural until recently (now in a smallish city) so it took over an hour drive to nearly anything the kids did. We mostly found social opportunities through the kids' activities so as close to "like minded" friends as possible. Summer camps and workshops related to their activities seemed to work best, sorry. It often meant friends were in other states or, in our case, other countries so online communications sometimes were needed the rest of the year.
  12. Dd only applied to one school and was accepted as a transfer due to her dual enrollment credits. She is graduating this month to do a 6 month tour as a musician for a major production and will begin at University of North Carolina Wilmington in the fall. All her DE credits will transfer and they have an online International Studies degree so she can complete college (studying something that interests her) and continue touring as a musician. Seems to be the perfect option for her at the moment.
  13. I basically began homeschooling because my oldest ds "hid" his skills in preschool. He was reading novels while the preschool teacher was teaching letter sounds and reading books like Frog and Toad Are Friends to the class. The teacher constantly complained ds was disruptive in class. He would dance on tables and run out of the room just so she would send him to the principal's office (it was a PreK to 8th private grade school) because he liked sitting and talking to the principal more than sitting in class. I told the teacher multiple times he could read and was probably bored in class. I don't think she ever believed me because his final report card said he "knew his letter sounds well and should pick up reading easily." He told me he didn't read in class because no one else did. Rather than spend the $$ for the private school, I figured he learned to read with me so I'd give homeschooling a try.
  14. My dd did DE at a community college in NJ for a year when we lived there and the cost was minimal (1/3 the cost if she hadn't been in high school). We then moved to NC where DE is free (except for the cost of books) and credits will transfer to any NC school. She took classes for three semesters here. All her credits from NJ transferred to the community college in NC as well. She is graduating next month and has been accepted as a transfer student (a few personal reasons we chose this route rather than as a freshman...she could have done either) so she will enter UNCW as a second semester sophomore in September with all her credits transferring and since she took courses with specific goals in mind, all counting toward some requirement for graduation.
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