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  1. Thank you all for your experiences and recommendations. My DD has decided to go with the AOPS class instead of WTMA. She read all of your posts and is going in with an open mindset - she will begin this summer so she can focus solely on math. Thank you again!
  2. Sorry about the age confusion, DD is actually 15. I thought my update had worked a while back - thanks will try again.
  3. Thank you all for your experiences, feedback and recommendations - extremely helpful! Do you all think the class is doable concurrently with AP Chem, AP world history, Russian (DE), - or is it better to go with the slower pace AOPS Geometry through well trained mind academy. My daughter is on the fence about it - she doesn't want to be bored with the slower pace but is a bit nervous about it in general...any thoughts??
  4. How to prepare for the "most challenging in the intro series"? My DD is currently in AOPS AlgB and there have been several weeks that have been quite challenging. She is really thriving mathematically and enjoying the class. What makes AOPS Geometry the most challenging? Any recommendations on how to prepare for this challenge? What did you wish you knew prior to your DC taking this course? Thanks!
  5. Thank you for sharing! So inspirational!!!
  6. I highly recommend OnlineG3 - they have an american lit course. They have weekly live classes (great discussions) and they read A LOT! They read Great Expectations in three weeks. For an additional fee you can also add the writing component where they are doing lit analysis. Brave writer is another option.
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