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  1. We also do The Best Christmas Pagent Ever every year. This year I’m reading The Vanderbeekers book. They liked The Three Wise Cats last year.
  2. Dd1: turned 7 in October of first grade Dd2: six Dd3: turned 6 in September of first grade
  3. Anyone know of a good picture book with a character(female) named Elliot? Elle would work as well. Thanks for any ideas!
  4. Song School Latin 1 and 2 we’re both independent for my youngest at 8. She did need help getting the DVDs to the correct chapter. I put the cd’s on my computer and she listened to them easily. My 11 and 10 year old did LforC A this year independently. I’m learning it as well but I didn’t do it with them. I did correct their work and have them fix missed translations.
  5. For us math work isn’t done until it is checked and corrected. So I check it as soon as they’re finished. I sit at the table during math and often check the answers while they are working.
  6. So she can read the book Frog & Toad, but when doing Phonics Pathways she struggles to read the word f-r-o-g and sounds it out oddly? Is that what is going on?
  7. It's worth it for me to join for part of the year. I joined in the fall. I will Get up to date on all the content and deactivate after the Tomie dePaola interview. I cried during his interview last year. I love him! It is quite a large expense for us so I can't justify keeping it the whole year. But I do enjoy it while I have it.
  8. Growing up I went on one vacation ever year. We would spend two weeks about 5 hours away at the same beach resort every summer till I turned 16. My husband went on one vacation his entire childhood. It was to the same resort.
  9. Does any one know of an Illustrated book of literary devices? Or a book that has an explanation of literary devices in picture book format. I can find books for teaching literary devices using picture books but I'd like one with examples in the text and for it to be visually appealing. Not black and white text. Thanks!
  10. I think that it is a posative for the younger kids to amuse themselves for an hour or two everyday.
  11. Is there a reason you think SSL2 would not happen but LFC would? They are set up in a very similar way so you may have the same problems. Each has A cd component, DVD lesson, reader, and a workbook. They are both stand alone but maybe not child completely independent. My girls can mostly get the work part done by themselves but they need help playing the right videos, chants, and setting a schedule for the workbook/reader.
  12. Reading: Leap frog letter factory Followed by OPGTR when letter sounds are remembered. Math: 100s board to practice counting Count, add, and subtract small toys or beans as child is able. I also teach my pre-k to write their full name.
  13. Some of my kids started Beast at 7 but had already completed MM3. I found it easier if they were already fairly fluent in multiplication.
  14. We read a lot. 1 or 2 hours worth. It's just what we did at that age. I like art, crafts, playdoh, and messy projects so we did that too. Math, handwriting, phonics, spelling, memory, and grammar were under an hour total. Reading aloud covered history, science, and religion. Kindergarten was great!
  15. I do this for my girls. My older two do math, writing, and spelling with me first. Then they spend the rest of the day doing independent work together. My youngest does independent work then works with me when her sisters start independent work. Independent work: Readings Dreambox math Latin Spanish Piano
  16. Oldest was redshirted. Her birthday is October 31, but the cut off was December 1st that year. She has major attention issues which effect her education and social behavior. Youngest was not held back and entered 'kindergarten' at almost 5. Her birthday is September 25 and the cut off was October 1st that year. She struggles a bit with writing but overall is doing great. Socially she is used to being the youngest and has always acted older than her age. Oh and my kids were/are in plenty of age/grade segregated classes. They have 7 such classes this semester. I teach them at their own academic level irregardless of their stated grade.
  17. Ordinary Parents Guide to Reading was my favorite. We did 100ezl and PP too. OPGTR and PP were available at my library, so you might be able to try before you buy.
  18. I'm also doing Beast with more than one kid. My 5th and 4th are working through 4C. Though they have already read all the guides independently for fun, we take time to read them aloud together. Each of us has a couple characters we read for. Then each girl works through the workbook while I stay at the table. Due to concentration problems for my oldest and anxiety/perfectionism in the other we were unable to combine them until this past summer. They had a hard time with Beast 3 but since starting Beast 4 things have been easier, which allows them to finally work at the same time. This is a huge time saver for usSometimes they do a page from MM6 for extra review. My youngest is using Beast 3a and MM4a right now. She does the readings with me (she isn't a great reader) and works in the workbook for a page or two. She does MM independently. We also have dreambox for review and complete about 5-7 lessons a week.
  19. If I was one to wear white pants I'd wear them whenever I wanted!
  20. My mythology kid read all the How To Train a Dragon books. I think they are very conversational in tone. She also loved the Mytholpedia series done by scholastic at that time. She really loves the Reader who does the Percy books especially the Greek Heros and Greek Gods books. All my girls like the Greek god graphic novels written by George O'Conner. They are housed in the teen section of our library so you may want to check them out yourself first.
  21. I love your post! I also like feeding the birds. We now have a hawk that also likes me feeding the birds and uses my back yard as a hunting ground. My favorite is the blue jays who come in a big pack but only if I leave out peanuts.
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