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  1. Never leave dishes in the sink over night. Take a few minutes a couple time a day to tidy up. Not major cleaning just putting things back where they belong. My kid helped with this when they were little.
  2. Hello, just checking in for accountability. On week 2 of half marathon training hybrid calendar with beach body body beast and yoga. Not planning to run another half marathon but I like a challenge of the training.
  3. My daughter is having a great start in High school. Less than half chose face to face vs virtual. Most of her friends chose face to face also. She is liking all her classes especially ROTC. My boys are all healthy and working. Navy kid is happy that he can explore Japan a little before heading back to his home base in Washington state.
  4. I used a blue/grey (hide and seek was the color) in my sons room. Found a gray comforter with some red and put up red curtains. I don't have pictures. When he changed rooms we put it neutral and it's now a storage room.
  5. Its a choice here. Less than half are face to face. They can switch at the beginning of the semester. My daughter loves it most of her friends are face to face with 1/3rd of the students present. They do mask up. I don't know how middle and elementary work. However they did send a groups if students home because of potential exposure. They are now virtual for 2 weeks.
  6. With all the covid precautions it should go down. I'm concerned that flu will get covid diagnosis.
  7. Right now the adult kids restaurant or Amazon gift cards. My daughter hasn't asked for anything yet. She started wearing small earrings so I thought about opal studs (her birth stone). After that no clue.
  8. I grew up in a Norman Rockwell New England neighborhood and now live in the south. I miss it all! The seasons, the close neighborhood, the seafood, the family run bakeries and delis, the weekend drives in October to the mountains, summers at the beach or my grandparents farm.
  9. Kohls sells lee secretly shapes jeans. I understand the frustration. We brought home 12 pairs of jeans for my daughter and she found 3 that worked.
  10. If you don't mind me asking. What were your first observations during toddler years and what would you have done differently. Any resources or other info? If I can pm you with a few questions please let me know. Thanks.
  11. Mostly water. I usually coffee in the morning and iced coffee with vanilla almond milk in the afternoon or iced tea in the afternoon. I usually start the tea when I get my coffee and let it steep a few hours and just pour over ice. We also like bubbly (strawberry, BlackBerry or peach) and lacroix (orange)
  12. Do these run big/small, narrow/wide. My daughter wants a pair for school but she's not patient about trying on a few different sizes to find a good fit.
  13. Some highschool's have block scheduling. Only 4 subjects @ semester not all 7. Would that work?
  14. The Nightingale The Lost Girls of Paris Year of wonders Empire of lies
  15. Doing some research yesterday and asking some local home school veterans and was told for high school it's best to persevere all four years home schooling to avoid credit issues in public schools. All or nothing approach.
  16. It doesn't make sense that home schooled kids can take ACT or SAT and send that score with home school transcripts to colleges and universities and be accepted but some public schools won't give credits for the same home school classes.
  17. I did have someone tell me to request the study's guides for the test.
  18. I have dark hair, brown eyes, dh med brown hair hazel eyes. First born light blonde hair, blue eyes. The first day I went to get him from Mothers day out the lady looked at him, looked at me and said "he cannot be our baby". She did give him to me. My nana was also shocked the first time she saw him, she couldn't get over the blonde hair. Child #2 had dark hair and beautiful sky blue eyes. #3&4 look more like they belong to me, dark bair, Brown eyes. You never know.
  19. Home school to a public high school. Did they have to test in? Did you have a cover school? no cover school? Show them your transcripts and got right in or still have to test in? I was told today when I withdrew my daughter that she would have no high school credits if she did not use an accredited curriculum but could test in using their final exam? Any experience? Ideas? suggestions? We decided to start the year home schooling because everything is remote learning so when that gets straightened out we want to put her in the high school. Just curious of others experiences.
  20. Ours is a lot of extra yard to maintain. It wasn't bad when the boys lived here and yard work was divided up now it's just my husband and I doing the whole thing. There's a side walk then more grass to edge and mow. We wanted the large, flat, fenced back yard but didn't consider all the extra work of The corner lot. The corner was also the bus stop for our first 12 years here so that was a good/bad thing. We would not choose a corner lot if we had to do it over again.
  21. Any resources to start. If she does community theatre could it count as a credit? Any ideas or suggestions welcome.
  22. Me too. Masks help, masks dont. Can't have the kids in school, but will start after first 9 weeks, kids need to go back, we need mail in ballots but you can handle going into walmart, this RX works but let's not get that info out. I stopped reading ,opening and all conversations. It's wearing me out. Now the decision let my dd do the online real time school or homeschool so we can go the the beach and get away for a while then go back when people come to their senses and open schools back up. I can't give her the theatre class of the advanced biology electives or ROTC she ha
  23. Are you home schooling as a private school or under a cover school?
  24. Hello ladies, Just checking in. It's been hot and humid here but dh and I just get up earlier to get a good walk in before the heat and humidity which now means getting out by 6:30. We are definitely not alone in wanting to get out earlier, we pass several neighbors along the way. I have also been doing weight training. I've completed body beast and am now doing chalean extreme lean for life calendar for a month then back to body beast but I do a body beast leg workout once a week. I also have been doing intermittent fasting. To balance hormones and for now seems to be working.
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