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  1. Love to wish to see Navy kid but he's on deployment until May😢. I'm training for another half marathon so the only thing I really want is a new pair of running shoes.
  2. No littles at home but 16yearold only asked for a game and bath bombs. Having fun but overwhelmed with choose grandbaby gifts they will be 3, almost 2 and 4 months Christmas with the 3 and 2 year old having birthdays right before and after.
  3. Some things yes but mostly just from watching my mom. I did make sure my kids know how to clean. My dil is always commenting how much my son does around the house. I just tell her "you're welcome"
  4. My favorite go to....quick stir fry.Sauted vegetables, add rice or quinoa, any left over meat, teriyaki or soy sauce or Saute vegetables add scrambled eggs and make an omelet.
  5. Seems that a letter with all info should suffice unless you plan to travel.
  6. Why do the last weeks if the year go by so fast..... This weeks check in. I was able to get 2 runs in this week. I told dh if I am able to get to 7 miles without injury I'm signing up for another half. I also got my weight training in and a recovery stretching session on on my off day. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
  7. Checking in for the week. Work outs pretty much the same but added in a couple 5 min plank ab workouts and trying for 3 runs a week now that weather is nice and humidity is low to none.
  8. My dd's birthday is today and I received a Happy Birthday text for her from a doctors office she has never been to??? Nothing unexpected comes up in her insurance file. How and why would this Dr office have her info?
  9. When do you expect it to peak? We are trying to plan our trip. TIA
  10. This town is way behind but catching up fast. We did get introduced to trader Joes when we lived bin Tucson in the 90bs\ early 2000.
  11. Now its not in a convenient location but Dh and I decided that since we were out running errands and would pass by it anyways we'd stop by. I'm not sure when it actually opened but we got there about 5 min before opening and there was a line around the building and cars were streaming in. I don't wait in lines but once they opened the line moved fast and we went in. I wasn't expecting to shop there so I had to make a quick mental recall of what to try. They cashier said that morning was slow and theyve been so busy they actually ran out of bags and were giving away their plastic reusable bags. We do plan to go back when in the area.
  12. Put some favorites away for a time when everyone is together and donate the rest. My kids love to play games when we are all together.
  13. Because I am known to get bronchitis every couple of years I get in within 24 hours. I have not had to go in for anything except yearly regular check up.
  14. Thank you for the suggestions as soon as the line isn't wrapped around the building I'll get there list in hand.
  15. Anything chewy, good and plenty, gummy bears, juju fruit etc. That's why I don't buy it often.
  16. Nothing different here. dd's friend hosts a Halloween party. We have only a few trick or treaters now and in saw Halloween pea dispensers tongue out this year Going to the beach for Thanksgiving Christmas spending with my kids and grands. I usually visit my parents the week before. We visit family through out the year and we stay home for Christmas.
  17. Didn't feel like working out today so I did my hardest work out of the week which us leg, beach body body beast bulk legs to be exact and finished with runners yoga.
  18. A lot of my neighbors talked about hearing a loud boom. We thought it was something from the Arsenal but could have been space x?
  19. Some choose vaccine to help lesson covid and some will take meds to help their covid infection. Sounds pretty close to a win, win situation. I agree some still may not want it. Cant please everyone.
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