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Which apps do you use most?


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I use my Google apps a lot, especially




-Google Now


Other apps that get daily or almost daily use


-Overdrive (for audio books from the library)



-Gentle Alarm


I also frequently use the Starbucks app (I always pay with it), weather.com, a few games, and a stitch counter app when I crochet or knit.


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My calendar apps (I have a few, they each display something different)

Out of Milk (grocery shopping list maker)

Overdrive/Hoopla/OneClickDigital/Audible (I listen to a lot of audiobooks!)



Amazon Music

Alarm Clock Extreme Free (for alarm and timers)

Yahoo Mail

TickTick (to-do list/reminder app)


The only paid apps I've found truly useful are my calendar apps, TickTick, and Out of Milk. The main apps were free, but to get the advanced functionality I needed, I had to pay. It's been worth it. I've definitely paid for a few duds though!




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Kindle, Amazon music and iTunes, myfitnesspal/misfit (app for my tracker which then syncs with My Fitness pal, FB, Twitter and FB pages (to monitor DD's social media pages for her projects), Safari


Plus usually 3-4 games at a given time. Right now that's Nibblers and Fishdom, plus Plants vs Zombies 2

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individual podcasts (like wtf pod and MMP)



whatever apps read my pdf's and send stuff to the printer for me


free rice

offline maps

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Chrome (I pretty much hate all the separate apps for websites, so I use Chrome for most everything. I can have tabs for Facebook and this forum all up at once.)






Maps, sometimes

Word, sometimes

OneNote yet again (because I use it a zillion times a day)

Amazon music

YouVersion Bible


Dropbox, sometimes, enough to keep it on the front screen


Google Hangouts -- I don't use it because I prefer iMessage, but DD does because it integrates with Google on the desktops.

AllRecipes -- sometimes, but I prefer to use Chrome.


My bank's mobile deposit, on DH's phone

YouTube (sometimes -- again, Chrome works fine for me), Netflix, Hulu, CBS, Amazon Movie. . .

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Paprika - on my ipad I plan meals and download recipes. Then the shopping list syncs to my iphone to take with me to the store.

Cozi - family calendar

Goodreader - PDF manager/reader

Pocket - Save web pages to read offline

Dropbox - How I move stuff between computer and ipad, and share files with kids. Integrates seamlessly with Word for iPad if I actually need to edit a document away from the computer.

OneNote - Lots of homeschool planning in there

Notability - My current fave note taking app

ScannerPro - My current fave scanner app

Voice Dream - My younger DD uses this text to speech program constantly

OneBusAway - To see when I need to pick up older DD at the transit center

WSDOT - State dept of transportation app, good to see freeway delays

Explain Everything - Makes instructional videos. I'm not using this as heavily as I used to just because I'm not teaching anything where I need it, but if you are creating videos for a co-op class or something, I highly recommend it.

Camera+ - My current fave camera app

MyScript Calculator - For quick calcuations

A scientific calculator (not sure which one it is) - For longer calculations



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Cozi--can't live without it! I use that for my personal calendar, shopping list, meal planning, other lists


My Calendar for tracking cycle


StudyDroid--notecards for vocabulary words I want to remember


7 Minute workout--use on occasion, not often enough

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Key ring




Iowa 511

Nebraska 511 (we are near and in both states often and these two tell about road conditions)

RVC Pet Epilepsy Tracker (epileptic dog)


And a multitude of photo apps. My phone is my space since the computer is share with the kids for school. So my fun and entertainment is on here. School or work related stays on the computer.

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What'sApp (we have a family chat room with extended family in it. We send pictures, make plans, update each other on life, etc.) 

OurGroceries (grocery list app we can sync across phones.)

Facebook (which I uninstall every now and then when I get annoyed)







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Authentic Weather (explicit language used oh so wonderfully)

Cartwheel (Target discounts)

Period Diary



UK radios

GizmoHub (tracks my DD7's GizmoPal. A watch that can make/receive calls from us and has gps)





Facebook and Messenger


Games I actually play

Two Dots


Jigsaw Puzzles




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