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  1. I think he ruled this out because I don't have nausea/vomiting and I really don't have palpitations at all? The ER dr mentioned this now that you say it. He said it was a possibility but I would have to go to a cardiologist. It does usually present with a normal ecg.
  2. That was true a few years ago when we talked about it but this is highly affecting my QOL. This isn't something that I'm willing to sit on. I am hardly functioning level of exhaustion and pain.
  3. Saw the cardiologist and he just really doesn't think it is cardiac. He said at my age, stats, labs, ekg, blood pressure, etc. He thinks it is so low chance but he has ordered a stress test for the 12th and an echocardiogram for late august. He basically wants to rule out heart so that I can put my focus elsewhere. He said he feels like it is more a pulmonary or rheumatology issue or possibly a pinched nerve? He also said I could try to see if insurance could cover a CT of the heart? That would rule out a lot. I have no idea. My primary doesn't want me to see a rheum, she thinks that it is useless that they will just label me with unspecified autoimmune disorder and then want me on a nasty drug that I won't take anyway. ETA he looked at me and said what every new doctor says to me "you have lupus?" I guess I just "have the look" But see I have rosacea so my cheeks are always rosy.
  4. oh, ours is 6,000 and I assumed ER would be that expensive?
  5. I have my cardiology appointment tomorrow so I’ll see if they can do a stress test. tbh I probably met deductible by going to the ER so why not take the time to figure it out 😜
  6. I have never had a chest CT. When I continued to have a difficult time breathing I went to an allergist/pulmonologist but my O2 was normal so they didn't suggest anything further. I saw a dermatologist once for the rash but they had no idea what it was and suggested maybe something autoimmune? They wanted me on several odd expensive prescriptions to see if it would work but I didn't do that. They also wanted me on this skincare routine which flared it up 10 times worse 😞 ETA I know it may seem like I haven't been proactive in seeking answers but I seem to never get anywhere when I try so I give up haha.
  7. Not sure if I quoted everyone I need to but please talk to me about this. In 2014 something attacked my lungs and I just couldn't take a deep breath and it has been off and on since. Even though my O2 is always ok, it's just like I can't take a deep breath. Like I love to hike but its hard. I've also struggled the last few years with an odd rash around my lips and sores in my mouth. Because of inflammatory numbers, my dr has wondered if I am slowly going down the RA/Lupus route but not far enough to diagnose but I keep wondering more about sarcoidosis but know its hard to diagnose. If I put together the breathlessness and rashes, sarcoidosis is what always pops up. Wouldn't my O2 be off though?
  8. I haven’t had luck getting the appointment moved. I did a lot of talking and Checking to get the appointment this early so I’m not sure I’ll have any luck moving it. Symptoms are the same 🙁 thanks for asking
  9. I haven't started any new exercise routines at all. The pain in the arm started after the chest pain, then it became pain in my shoulder too. but first was the left chest pain. I guess MS isn't totally off the table, neither is RA. I have had something autoimmune "brewing" for years that just isn't present enough for any sort of diagnosis. I try not to worry about it. other labs are good but inflammatory numbers are always high. SED C-RP, etc.
  10. Doesn't seem to? Would ibuprofen help these things? I'm not sure, maybe it wouldn't help a pinched nerve? thyroid levels are good. my tsh is always super low but it has to be to keep my t4 and t3 in line. I really don't function well with a tsh much into the normal range
  11. Y'all have been the best source for helping me get on the right path with my kids and some health issues so I'd love your input but it's me this time. I'm 43 years old, I had a slight pain in the left side of my chest for about a month but the last 9-10 days it has been markedly worse and each day it is a little worse. The pain is always there a little but it will intensify and run across my shoulder and down my left arm. I've also lost a lot of strength in my left arm. I've been battling fatigue for about 2 months but this last week and a half is a whole new level. If I'm on my feet and up for long at all, the pain will intensify and I need to lay down to get the pain to come down some. I'm also very light headed but even more when it hurts really bad. I haven't had any injury to my chest, shoulder, or arm and ibuprofen makes no difference or makes it worse? I'm not anemic (I checked). My primary had me take a covid antibodies test and it was negative (so it isn't a post covid thing). I have a cardiology appointment scheduled but it takes a little while to get in. I went to the ER yesterday because the pain was that bad (first time in my whole life at the ER). EKG was "beautiful" and labs were good. Chest x ray was clear. The doctor made me feel like an idiot for being there. He said that since I'm 43 and have better labs than him or most of the hospital staff that I'm fine. He wondered about reflux (I don't have any GI issues or heartburn, etc) and he made me drink a cocktail of stuff with lidocaine in it that would ease the pain if it was reflux or esophageal but it didn't help at all. I don't think of myself as anxious? I'm not battling anxious thoughts and I don't have a racing heart or palpitations at all, no sign of panic attack. Ok y'all I have a family to take care of and dd is getting married in 2 months. I have stuff to do and I can't spend most of it out of commission (my current state). Any ideas what else I need to ask about/explore? If my heart is fine and my chest is clear, what else can cause so much pain, lightheadedness, fatigue?? Thanks for any thoughts y'all have ❤️
  12. We haven’t and won’t extend the offer for him to stay with us for the reasons you’ve stated.
  13. y'all are still welcome to reply, I just feel like I have the confirmation I need 😉
  14. He has lots of male friends. Many of them are on college campuses though.
  15. Most likely they do. He wants out of that church so bad too.
  16. Good idea. I feel like this kid is facing a crazy amount of guilt. IT makes me so sad. He's a great guy.
  17. It isn't that he is brain washed or can't create a boundary. He knows it may come to that and is willing to if he necessary. He sees the situation very clearly. He knows they are controlling, has no intentions of allowing them say or control after he moves out, but is hopeful to navigate this in a way where he can maintain some sort of relationship. He is trying to make wise decisions. He knows it may come to packing up and moving but he really wants to do it in a way that doesn't destroy it.
  18. I will ask him if he has these. He can always order his own if he doesn't and she won't give them?
  19. He opened a LOC a few months ago to start to establish credit. I think I've talked him into getting a mobile savings account like ally that he can transfer most of his money into so his mom doesn't have access.
  20. I encouraged him to open his own savings account since his mom has access to his checking. That way he can transfer most of his money to an account she doesn't have access to.
  21. Ok y'all I get it. I agree to an extent but he wants to try to navigate in a way that keeps a relationship with his family, mostly because he is close to his siblings.
  22. DELETED - I feel pretty confident from the replies that I am on track with my thinking. I just needed to hear that I'm not off base. Thank y'all so much for your help with this. I dont' want to drag the topic out. It seems we ALL agree so that's great 🙂
  23. I fully agree with you. That isn't the issue I've had with this thread, but thanks for pointing it out.
  24. I haven't posted here in so long that I forgot to clarify for all the angles I'd be hit from, haha. You know, years ago you didn't have to do that so much. It's ok. It is easy to make pre-judgements based on our own experiences and to read things with that in mind. Completely changing words and pulling things out of context is more than I know I can handle right now. Once it goes down that path, its best just to bow out 🤣 Thanks for your support.
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