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  1. I looked at that Blue Collar Homeschool site for math and it has a lot of good information. I did try to search on this forum for this sort of math but nothing came up or at least it wasn't letting me search just the high school boards.
  2. Thanks. Not quite what we are looking for. I did find Chenier's Practical Math Set which comes with a dictionary but looks a bit more advanced and more like the math you would want for a job-site. Also Real Life Math--which looks really interesting and possibly what we will go with since it does have algebra & geometry included in the multi-book set. And Strayer Upton Practical Arithmetic Series at least the last 2 books would be helpful. Lots of practical everyday types of math like managing a budget, figuring out how to price things, etc. I know it's listed at elementary level but I think it might be a good starting point before working with something more difficult. Just wanted to put this out there for anyone else who may have a student who struggles with math but at least needs basic life-skills math. A lot of these would be great for someone going into a trade.
  3. My daughter is not going to college after high school. If she does go it will be when she is older probably mid-20s and at that time she would need to review everything anyway. So we are looking for a high school math that is basically life skills math. You know making sure you got paid the right amount, balancing your checkbook, paying your bills, figuring out the price of something on sale,etc. Something that is a book form where she can just do the next page sort of format. Not a lot of bells and whistles just sort of the here's how to do the problem and some problems to do. Since we have 3 years left, we will probably will want a similar algebra book or combined algebra/geometry book. I do need a solutions and answer guide though to make sure it's all getting done correctly. Any ideas?
  4. My daughter has long curly hair that is fine and silky but tends toward dryness. When she was pre-teen it was like a bush. We did the no-shampoo method. She washed with conditioner and then after we spent time combing her hair with conditioner and a spray-bottle of water. Then we "set" it with mousse. It does well for a couple of days like that. Her scalp is now very clean but those first couple of months were a bit of a transition but worth it. We use Pantene Curl Perfection conditioner and never shampoo. It is a very thick conditioner with nothing that harms the hair.
  5. There is a lot of great Manga out there. I've mostly read Manga and I've got a few classics on my daughter's reading list. We won't be doing those until spring though because we're focusing on Romance of the Three Kingdoms this fall. Japanese stuff seems harder to find at least for me. I find a lot of great Korean and Chinese stuff out there.
  6. My daughter is a huge fan. A lot of the kids who watched when they were little now have tumblr blogs where they make memes and talk about the show together. She said he'd been fighting it for a while. When I saw this post I was worried that she'd get some upsetting news this morning. I guess he's a really nice guy outside of the character.
  7. I really like the ones sold at Kroger and the smaller ones at Aldis. I like a bag where I can put 2 carton of eggs side by side. Because this size doesn't get too heavy. And the ones from these two places seem to be relatively inexpensive $1-2 each and they hold up and last a long time.
  8. Are you looking for book recommendations like Tale of the Genji and 57 Ronin? You know classic tales or modern fiction?
  9. We bagged up all our sets and put them and their directions in the packages and then put those in totes in storage. My daughter wanted to keep all the sets for later on when she has her own place to display them or kids of her own.
  10. My dd would have loved an East Asian history curriculum for Middle/High school. That went deeper than "Japan has Samurai" but not as dry as the college textbook we ended up using. There's like nothing out there for that age group even in non-fiction books to check out at the library. It's either too light or too dry. Maybe she could write one some day.
  11. Helping my mom declutter and pack before she sells her house and moves. She has so much stuff. For the last three months my youngest has been going over on Saturdays and helping her but we've got a week and a half before our goal date to have her packed up. So now I'm helping too. Today we worked in one section of her basement and her sewing room (she quilts). We got one whole section cleared out, all the stuff for donation put upstairs in the garage for pick-up and the stuff she was keeping packed up and stacked and ready to go. We did the same in her sewing room only we got it about 1/2 done. We'll be back over there tomorrow to hopefully finish the sewing room and maybe work on the basement again.
  12. I don't like to wear anything with writing on it. Now the rest of the family likes stuff like that so we do buy it for them. For me I usually get something small and useful as a memory of the place we visited.I really like bags with the name of the place on it.
  13. Had a day off of summer activities yesterday (Monday), we ended up watching 10 episodes of Moonshine and Valentine (a Chinese modern fantasy/sci-fi drama) on Dramafever. It was quite addictive. Hoping we can watch the other 15 episodes soon and get back to our Chinese historical drama Secret of the Three Kingdoms (adaptation of one of the stories in the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms). We're also getting close to finishing up Star Trek Voyager as a family. Only a couple of episodes left and it's all done.
  14. That 10 to 15 years is now a dream. A lot are only made to last only 5 or 6 years for appliances. I've had to replace my washer/dryer 3 times over the last 10 years. My old ones I got in 2000 died, bought new, 6-7 years later they died and now I have old used ones which have been repaired.
  15. We actually bought a college textbook for my daughter. Everything we were finding wasn't enough. East Asia: A Cultural, Social and Political History For Literature we started with Folk Tales. We had an anthology from China, one from Japan and one from Korea. This year she is going to read the great books: Romance of the Three Kingdoms (we're actually watching a Chinese drama right now about one of the stories) The Water Margin Dream of the Red Chamber The Monkey King or Journey to the West (Who doesn't love him?) Tale of the Genji 47 Ronin If you want to look over the lit and history list I made on Amazon click Here.
  16. We used Khanacademy because it's free, online and they have both the practice and they have the "practice tests." But I've also heard that it is worth it to go to someplace that actually works with them on testing. Kind of wish we would have had the funds for that.
  17. DD did 1 year of one language and then switched and did 2 of another.
  18. Looked and I have the Holt Biology, it's the Environmental Science books I have from Glencoe. Sorry.
  19. Where: IUPUC then probably transferring to IU next year or so Why: She wants to work and save money this year to help with expenses and we were really too late in the applying game because she had wanted to do a gap year but plans didn't work out. Major: Linguistics and Eastern European studies. Looking at Estonian and Russian for languages.
  20. One of my twitter friends has seen them in concert a few times. Always meant to check them out.
  21. I think I may. I'll check the trunk of my car when it's light outside and look. You can have it for the price of shipping if it's the one you want.
  22. We've only taken summer breaks like twice over the years. My kids get bored plus you end up having to do all that review in the fall. We actually only do school a couple of hours a day in the summer normally. When they were little we'd take off between Thanksgiving and the New Year because Christmas was such an exciting time they couldn't concentrate anyway. Worked out better that way. Even when we swam a lot, we'd do schoolwork in the morning, have lunch then go to the pool for the afternoon.
  23. One OK Rock is a pretty good group. They're a band and hard rock/punkish. My daughter really likes Aqua Timez as well. Some Kpop groups also have Japanese albums so if you have a favorite group they may have one. I know FTIsland has quite a few Japanese albums because they're very popular there but the music is more punk than the pop they usually do in Korea.
  24. Yes but it is hubby's hobby. It also took years to build up our tools, system and canning equipment. Hubby gardens the bulk of the yard even our trees and bushes produce food for us now. I dry, freeze and can everything we can and it does help. But it's a lot of work.
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