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  1. Youbible app has free audible for some versions. i find it easy to use but I don’t know how it would be if you are vision impaired
  2. DVD here. I only buy stuff on iTunes or kindle or whatever if I don’t care about long term ownership. Although I’ll be disappointed if I ever lose my audible collection now
  3. Kids have cheap androids but we have used both them and my iPhone quite a bit lots of curriculum use public domain reading so I put it on the kids tablets and they read on screen we have used Matholia in the past though we need to get back into it to get our moneys worth. we use various apps for foreign language not tablet but pc based we use Picta dicta for some latin when we were doing quark for science we would ask google for word definitions to get more information about the stuff than the program had we use a night sky app to help locate and identify constellations and star locations we extensively use Libby - the online e book library - dd especially borrows lots on there both books and audio we watch cnn 10 student news on my phone we’ve sometimes done minecraft builds based on our current history chapter Dd has had various online animal encyclopedias and our museum has a natural history app for identifying weird bugs. This is not quite homeschool but it’s related - we go to so many more places thanks to the maps app. I am horrible at reading maps and driving difficult places but this has really given me the confidence to have a go.
  4. I have an 03 Forester with around 240,000km. It has a leaking head gasket apparently which is supposed to be common with the older Subaru’s as they age. Supposedly Subaru changed the head gasket used in newer models. We did some expensive repairs around 18 months ago and decided not to do the head gasket due to the cost being more than value of the car. However 18 months on its still running. So we shall see how long it goes for.
  5. Oh sorry! I couldn’t remember for sure. That all sounds pretty frustrating.
  6. Forgive me if I’ve mixed you up with someone else but is the kid ASD?
  7. We’re only midyear hits Story of the world - as always - if all our other curriculum was this fun and accessible homeschool would be a breeze first language lessons 1 - I never did grammar with my other kids this young. I’m doing it with my grade 2 which is a bit below level but he’s enjoying it and it’s quick, painless and getting retained singapore 2 and 5 are working well for my younger kids which is nice after dds math struggle last year. I’m not using the textbook as much as we should but that is the difference between tears and happiness. IEW SWI B is going pretty well. I like how easy it is to substitute sources and apply the concepts to other writing busuu for Italian - we are enjoying this app and making more progress than we’ve made in awhile in between stuff (neither full hit or full miss) grammar for the well trained mind - we are doing through way way slower than the schedule. My kids haven’t had a tonne of grammar so they aren’t retaining everything. However I like what’s taught and the systematic approach. wayfarers - we haven’t really hit this this year. The combined read aloud was a flop (Lloyd Alexander’s chronicles of llyr) because it was just too scary for youngest. We didn’t get the geography read alouds for ages due to some holdups with interlibrary loan. And I’m struggling to fit much reading aloud in this year sadly. We also didn’t use their science rec so the science reading doesn’t line up. And we are way behind on history stuff because we decided to finish up the last four chapters of story of the world and just generally dawdled over history. The one part of it we’ve stuck with is the literature recommendations and they’ve been ok. Not brilliant but acceptable. picta dicta Latin - dd has quite enjoyed it but the progress has been extremely slow. There is an online spelling component for each lesson and dd cannot spell accurately to save her life. This means she’s ended up stalled on one or two lessons instead of moving forward with oral vocabulary. I ended up telling her to write down the spelling minus definitions and so she could get through it and now she’s making progress. Our subscription runs out in a few months though. I dislike subscription based stuff because if you don’t keep up you waste a lot of money. misses. Math for ds12 has been all over the place. AOPS algebra was too hard and he just wasn’t getting it. He started out well with math mammoth but hit a wall. We are currently in Saxon and it’s ok but I feel like this year has been messy. RSO science - not totally a miss but we just keep not getting it done for stupid reasons. I seem to really struggle with running two science programs at once. Plus I keep forgetting to buy stuff we need for the experiments or dh helpfully stole the science box to catch the water from the leaking roof ditching out what probably looked like a junky kids craft but was actually our home made weather measuring tools so we now need to remake them. expedition earth. We have literally done geography once this year 😬. Not good. barry stebbing renaissance art. The religious flavour is not really the same as our belief set and my kids absolutely hate the sort of “talking down” tone this program has. I really need to find art we like.
  8. I think the bundles seem to somewhat loosely follow the history cycles (they have ordered mystery of history in that order and wayfarers for the last two but not this in that order also remember the days). So this year would be early modern (aligning with story of the world 3). Which is when almost all the curriculums seem to switch to a more American focus unfortunately.
  9. I tend to agree with this. I couldn’t find any specific bundle this year that seemed like good value but by picking my own stuff I found enough to make it worth it I think. Whether I use it all is another thing. I have a pretty large collection of unused curriculum at this point.
  10. There is a brave writer literature guide for Johnny Tremain. I have been wanting to try them out so this is a good chance for me.
  11. Enrichment studies normally runs free pages every month or two if you sign up to their email newsletter. i did end up getting a bit of stuff as it works out so cheaply even if I use a quarter of it it I will be ahead. if you don’t have math mammoth already that might not be too bad. I bought the whole seven years a while ago. I also bought the knowledge quest medieval geography. I haven’t opened it yet but I like their other stuff I’ve used. But I agree it seems to be more and more that the really good curriculum providers aren’t participating.
  12. Ausmumof3


    Yeah maybe it’s a semantics thing. Although the be honest I wouldn’t speak to them if I passed them in the street if that counts as a negative action. I’m not talking vigilante justice or anything. i feel like some christians are quite good at telling everyone else to forgive their enemies. That’s a thing we need to do ourselves of ourselves not pressure from the church.
  13. I crashed with a crazy headache last night and apparently none of the other four people in my house thought stacking the dishwasher or wiping the bench was important.
  14. For me I feel the opposite. I’ve wanted to write but God has placed me in a position where I don’t have the spare time or energy available. So most likely that’s not my vocation or not at this point. This homeschooling thing is pretty all encompassing.
  15. Ausmumof3


    I understand. For me the people are not people that have hurt me personally but have done evil to other people. It’s not mine to forgive them really.
  16. Ausmumof3


    I don’t know how people can even want to love certain classes of people to be honest. I don’t think it’s necessarily a Christian attribute either. We are meant to love our enemies but also to hate evildoers etc. I think that’s where child abusers etc come in. We don’t hold onto personal vendettas or seek revenge but we are generally meant to hate those who are engaging in those behaviours. Maybe if they truly truly repent we might be able to change hate to pity.
  17. Yes I read a news article about this. From a western viewpoint it is almost impossible to imagine how that would ever be a thing.
  18. I didn’t want to be insensitive in the funeral thread but I found myself wondering why are funerals so expensive? Is it actually reflected in the effort and service provided?
  19. I haven’t flown since just after dd was born around 10 years ago. I mentioned this to dh the other day in a random conversation and he was super surprised. He travels all the time for work. I don’t think he really realises how different life can become as a stay home/homeschooling mum. We’ve had a tonne of road trips and day trips and adventures of course but flying with all of us is just not in the budget. And me leaving the kids with dh for more than a few hours is just not going to happen either at this point in time. If ever.
  20. Yes this! Flight safety doesn’t stress me out much but all the logistics do
  21. We did an eight week caravan trip and are coming up for a four week one shortly. What I love Cleaning - it’s small enough you can virtually clean the whole thing with a baby wipe decluttering - you quickly learn to pare back to essentials your own germs when you travel not a random motel rooms outdoor living - you tend to spend way more time out doing stuff when your indoor space is smaller laundry - kind of a love hate thing actually. If you manage to snag a quiet time you can use all machines and get the whole family wash done in the van parks in about an hour. But the machines tend to be rough so we don’t take precious clothes now. And you always have to have coins. And if you pick a busy day it’s a nightmare securing a machine. what I hate cooking - cooking with gas in a tiny space with timber behind just feels unsafe. Especially when we do a quick stop and don’t level up and the kids move around. We’ve worked around this by getting and outdoor gas bbq which dh uses for most meals stuff moving - when you travel stuff bounces around. It’s hard to keep curtain rods up and pinned, last time the microwave fell out of its bracket and I don’t know if it’s still working mould - if anything links or gets damp you need to go nuts cleaning airing and drying or mould seems to grow easily Toileting- no indoor toilet/shower for us and tmi but the first few nights we go away I always need to go a million times just because my brain knows that it’s a total pain. im not sure how much of that will be relevant if you are in a fixed location and also how much is Aus specific. I do recommend going for one with an indoor toilet at least if at all possible. That is my biggest gripe with the van is dh likes to do random roadside stops sometimes but I am a huge fan of actual plumbing or something that resembles it.
  22. There’s very little I’m interested in other than possibly the knowledge quest medieval geography but to be honest I feel like we get enough with the story of the world activity guides. I’m disappointed that wayfarers isn’t part of it this year. Lots of what’s in the bundles is just stuff that’s been offered as free downloads through the years. I feel like most of the really good curriculum providers that used to take part have pulled out.
  23. I do think it’s possible you may have to just back off on this particular thing. One of mine is exactly like this and offering a tangible reward doesn’t change anything. He’s a little younger. The older I get the more I think reward based behaviours don’t stick anyway.
  24. Hmm interesting perspective. You’ve given me something to think about. what about scrupulosity? That’s a thing right? i was raised in an environment (not my parents but our particular church group) where almost everything could be viewed as a sin through certain lenses and it’s made it hard as an adult to figure things out.
  25. I feel pretty young round here. I am old enough to have grown up without internet at home though.
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