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  1. Friday here and needing some get up and go. For some reason had coffee yesterday then didn’t sleep till 12.30. Woke up when dh left for work around 4.30 and finally fell asleep at around 7. Now I’m struggling to get myself moving for the day and know I’m going to be sluggish. I feel guilty because dh seems to regularly work on that little sleep and do ok. First up shower and dress empty dishwasher start laundry
  2. Generally I’d agree but math mammoth is the exception because it’s pretty cheap st times. Cost me the same for the whole 7 years as one year of Singapore!
  3. Last year homeschool buyers coop ran a really good discount on buying the whole series in digital format. So might be worth signing up for the emails and looking out for that.
  4. For some reason ds seems to struggle with understanding power laws in algebra (using aops). We’ve gone over it a few times and different ways and we seem to get it temporarily and then next time he sees them it’s like a mental blank again. We’re near the end of the year now and have mostly taken this year off of forward progress to get more solid on the basics but I really want to get moving again next year (8).
  5. I read the books. We mostly do the mapping. Anything else is a bonus. The kids did have a notebook to draw the story while I read. if you did all the activities and extra reading it would take ages and be almost a complete curriculum.
  6. We used Singapore which is strong on teaching mental strategies for rapid calculation. We used ten frames and cuisenaire roads. And then we drilled for a couple of minutes every time we got on the car to go somewhere. And we played chuck the hackey sack and say the fact a lot. Something about mixing the physical movement in seemed to help the brains work faster.
  7. We went through a bit of stress a couple of months ago. Not someone dying or crazy illness stress but just life stuff. One thing that sounds so obvious but I noticed I’d get this kinda tight clenching feeling in my chest. I noticed that each time I felt it if I did a kinda scan I’d realise there was some kinda physical need that I was delaying dealing with. Maybe just the need for some lip balm or a glass of water or whatever. I found it really helped just to identify that thing and take care of it. It sounds stupidly simple but maybe it was some kind of way of saying - you know what. I’m worth taking care of. outside of those self care tasks I just really tried to focus on doing just the thing in front of me. Not giving myself permission to drown in the big picture. Just tackling the next thing.
  8. This started when I was still working ((in paid employment!) 15 years ago!) at that time it was only start ups that wanted to be cutting edge. It’s gradually become more mainstream. I suspect it’s related to web addresses/email not using caps so wanting to seem modern and techy
  9. Yes! We bought some towel when a local manufacturer moved overseas. They lasted almost 10 years. The replacements I bought since are fraying after 6months!
  10. I’m really glad horse is home. I feel like if it’s possible to have ownership fully returned to you it would be better though. Otherwise there’s the potential that after you’ve put four years of work in she turns around and sells the horse again. Seems like she’s shown she’s willing to do the right thing but after that scare I’d be nervous not to have things a bit more definite between you.
  11. I know a lady who had cancer treatment who has this problem due to having lymph nodes removed. She goes for some kind of lymphatic drainage massage. I’m not sure how scientific it is but it she says it definitely helps her
  12. We lost our contents last month. The plastic box with chicken food was next to the power point and when one of the kids opened the box to feed chickens it hit the switch and turned it off. Too late by the time we found it. Thankfully most of what was in there was hunted meat from dh and some berries we’d picked over 12 months ago. We did lose an ice cream cake and possibly a couple of frozen meals.
  13. Around $300 per week here seems to be the best I can get it down to. Have been using the local fruit and veg market so that is helping a lot. Dh has some venison to cut up which will bring the meat budget down for a while. I made a giant batch of oatmeal cookies (anzacs) and used up a few random bits in them instead of buying more coconut (almond and flax flour, whole almonds and sesame seeds). They taste pretty good and are disappearing fast. Have had a couple of nights of Quiche and pizza as chooks are laying madly and I had cheese close to expiring. I need to use up some markdown boconcini tomorrow. The drought is effecting meat prices a lot. Lamb cutlets were $52kg the other day. Thankfully beef mince and chicken are still reasonable. oh and I did a giant batch of soup with some celery carrot and onion that was getting old and added risoni and pasta sauce. Probably $6 for a couple of lunches and sides . Biggest problem for me is neither of my boys will eat any of this kind of stuff - soup, Quiche or even pizza because they don’t really like cheese or tomato.
  14. Not at this stage. All three played football the last two years but Australian rules is totally different anyway. I won’t be devastated if they give up as they get older because the injury rate goes up. dd is currently doing horse riding which is up there in terms of risk I guess. And dh works in a job that’s classified as high risk.
  15. Just as an aside if it doesn’t work he might need a liquid form - some people can’t readily absorb it otherwise.
  16. Surely all you need to do is take a dated photo of the voucher and the envelope and the mailbox though as evidence? He’d be mad to think he could get away with it. Most likely he is trying to sort it out. Though kinda weird to ask for it back.
  17. Lol yeah my first thought!
  18. You will never leave! Once you’re in it’s impossible to escape 😆😆 love my forester with an abiding love!
  19. Yep! i once made the mistake of “rescuing” a magpie who seemed abandoned. I took it to my sis place who has done a bit of rescue work and she sent me straight back with it. Thankfully mum and dad flew down with food! Instead of rescuing I had been kidnapping!
  20. I would expect better of the royal show and probably would at least write and explain the situation. If nothing else to prevent it being done to someone else.
  21. I don’t know the ins and outs but dhs volunteer brigade have been called out twice to a fire started by the same power pole that was malfunctioning. And it’s still not fixed. The black Saturday bush fires in Victoria Aus at least were partially started that way. And the power companies can potentially be sued for damages if it happens. They are understandably cautious.
  22. This was done here last year to a rural city (is that a thing?). Too big for a town but not the main city. I can’t argue with it because we have had deaths from fires started by sparking power lines. However there are also maintenance issues with part of the power network and I really hope they don’t turn it off regularly instead of fixing it.
  23. Also when I commented I’m envisaging a kind of mum and dad country show with someone who’s probably worked crazy hard to make it happen and get prizes together at all. If it was a massive multimillion dollar kind of affair I’d be much more likely to pursue it.
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