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  1. So it sounds like we didn’t just upset the French, we really upset the French. They are withdrawing their ambassadors to AUS and the US. I know the subs were a big deal here, they even introduced French language classes to schools etc because it was so important.
  2. If that was me, I would be testing to double check you didn’t have a reinfection/breakthrough infections. Not that it’s definitely not the vax but I’d want to make sure.
  3. There is some evidence for it working in the chicken coronavirus. I think it’s the one that can potentially increase cytokine storm I did a quick search and found this which is a summary of the current evidence. https://www.healthline.com/health/infection/elderberry-and-covid?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=social-sharebar-referred-desktop#risks I get sambucol - the one with zinc and vit c or the lozenges and do find it seems to help for colds - I’m not sure if it’s the sambucol or the zinc though that’s helping.
  4. It depends. If said art teacher was an amazingly awesome teacher who just wasn’t great at sticking to the schedule I probably wouldn’t mind paying but if they were just disorganised without any compensating factors I would be disappointed.
  5. It could take ten minutes just to get through the checkout queue here on busy days. Typically an hour all up, but I do fruit and veg elsewhere. If the budget is tight it takes longer because I spend a lot more time comparing prices etc. I think it probably depends on the size of your store, size of your shop (if I do it all on one place I will fill two trolleys sometimes!) and how busy and navigable your store is. Online shopping takes a while to with internet speeds here but at least I can do it in bits of waiting time.
  6. I’m wondering what’s in the middle of the roll for that price!
  7. Vic 510 cases 1 death NSW 1284 cases 12 deaths QLD 1 case in the school from the previous outbreak.
  8. Yeah, that’s all sounding really a bit too close to home. I hope you haven’t been exposed though I guess at least you are fully vaccinated, and I also hope that your dd and partner avoid catching it.
  9. Does she have access to a pulse oximeter? Monitoring seems like a good idea if she does test positive. I hope she’s doing OK.
  10. I thought the pic of Biden, Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson didn’t inspire me with a lot of hope for the “free world”. Also apparently we upset the French by not including them which is probably not a good idea. I think the ability to secure shipping around the world is going to become increasingly difficult and necessary for prosperity. I’ve been a fan of Aus closed border arrangements but it’s 18 months and we do seem so isolated from the world.
  11. I don’t know how helpful this will be and it’s speculation but there’s some thought that virus might be dormant for a long time in some people and the vaccination triggers the body to recognise and try and clear it. That could be a possible explanation for why you’re feeling worse after the vaccine and maybe it will clear completely? Either way I hope you feel better soon. I struggle with energy levels anyway but to go from highly energetic to the way you’re feeling now must be so hard.
  12. I don’t think it was meant as an attack just a response to the way we are all impacted even if we don’t realise it? Like you missing the familiar cashier you’re used to seeing. But I might be missing something.
  13. 0.2%. Larger than the infection rate some have suggested even if 100% of the population had been infected.
  14. I think from the comments I’m reading on it they aren’t 100pc sure but probably both from this comment from one of the study authors Twitter feed. “Most of this rapid pace of evolution is likely due to adaptation to a new host, but in general, this suggests to me that the S1 domain of spike in SARS-CoV-2 is a readily evolvable domain. Circulating mutations like 484K partially escape from antibody responses and although I'd anticipate the pace of evolution to slow as the virus becomes endemic in the human population, I would also expect relatively rapid antigenic drift, just given this data. We'll of course have to wait to see what unfolds, but I would, at this point, suspect an influenza H3N2-like process of antigenic drift and necessarily frequent vaccine updates in the upcoming years. “
  15. This study referenced and linked is pre-print only but seems to indicate this virus is changing much faster than flu at the moment.
  16. Friend of a friend is a paramedic doing admin and they are busier than they’ve even been and seeing multiple Covid related heart attacks in 20-40 age groups per day. Will probably delete for privacy reasons.
  17. Are you on homeschool pages? So disappointing but there’s a few homeschool pages pushing anti vax stuff so it may have been coming that way. Or there’s a disinformation campaign going on.
  18. An hour or more will mean more ambulance call outs and car deliveries
  19. 1127 for NSW. Epidemiologists are suggesting peak may be close to passed! Hope they’re right! It’s a bit uncertain due to the weekend being a typically lower rate anyway. 2 deaths. 22 for ACT and lockdown extended four weeks 445 in Vic and 2 deaths. 1 of those was a man in home care who didn’t know he had COVID. WA is opening up Pfizer to over 60s. They have an issue with low vax rates.
  20. Thank you all. It’s really reassuring to see so many people who have had mild reactions if any.
  21. Ok all booked in. Anyone know if there’s a required spacing for tetanus.
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