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  1. My shy guy got a job at a pizza place working in the kitchen. It's been really good for him!
  2. Thank you. I'm reading that it would take a child to about the 6th grade level so I don't know. That's about where they are now. But would knowing the morphemes help them apply it to more advanced words? I'm just unsure what to choose.
  3. Is this a good program for older kids? My middle schooler took the highest placement test (level C) and got them all correct. It says it is not recommended to start higher than book C. He and my older high school son are still behind in spelling so I want to keep working on this. I thought I had decided on Sequential Spelling but now I'm also considering Megawords or Apples and Pears (because I hear such good things). It needs to be easy to implement as well as effective.
  4. Those comments never really bothered me but I couldn't really relate either. When my kids were in public school, I loved the lazy days of summer without the hustle and bustle of school, getting up early, constant phone calls and fundraisers, plus the kids being there over seven hours a day. I would just smile but no, I wasn't ready for all of that.
  5. I didn't look closely since I had already ordered mine from Amazon.
  6. Also FYI, Walmart had a bunch of the glasses for around $1 a piece.
  7. I got my set of stainless Calphalon at Bed, Bath and Beyond using a coupon so it wasn't too expensive. I fully expect them to last forever. My MIL gave me a set Revere stainless pans that are also still going strong--over 20 years now! One lid (plastic) broke over that time and the company sent a new one. There is a little difference in cooking. You have to heat the pan up first before you put anything in it, and you need to use some sort of oil (at least I do). I'm sure you can find tons of youtube videos to show you how to use them but it's really not hard.
  8. We have a good year planned, I think. We'll be trying IEW for the first time, and Runkle Physical Geography should be interesting (and maybe some field trips to caverns, gem mining). What I am most excited about is MIT Kitchen Chemistry, our culinary arts elective and possibly the Great Courses cooking dvd if we decide to extend it out all year. Even if my son changes his mind on becoming a chef, he will use these skills his whole life. Also, we are no longer going to be following the public school schedule. I did that because my oldest was in public school but now he has graduated so it's not an issue. I planned on having larger blocks of time off instead of a day here and a day there.
  9. I love, love, love Caesar's English. We have been doing this together, just a short time each day, and are now half way through book two. The books have a lot of review and only five words or stems a week so the kids have really learned most of these words/stems and it has increased my vocabulary as well, and I love that I actually come across the words when I'm reading. In fact, last night I made flash cards to use when we are finished with the book so that we can keep practicing after the book is done.
  10. The only idea I have at this point is cheesy chicken rice casserole on the Carnation website. Last week I made chicken and shrimp fried rice, lasagna (double batch lasted two days and also lunch), chicken wraps. Maybe I'll get dh to grill some chicken legs.
  11. I hope you have a good time! Sometimes I like bring my own bread or buns (put them in baggies individually) because usually there is some meat or lunchmeat you can add. Also, protein bars can fill in for a meal with some fruit. Pistachios. Bananas travel well.
  12. I love MCR! I can go from them to Opera, Rap that I listened to back in the day, Garth Brooks (only country I like), Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Classic Rock. All over the place! Oh yes, alternative like The Smiths--yeah my kids call it Emo.
  13. Maybe he'll thank me one day!!! He ended up getting mad at me at one point and walking off because he didn't like me telling him he needed to write more than just "thank you for the money." I sat there along side him and addressed the envelopes. Maybe that's too much hand holding but I wanted to get them done because I'm going to be the one who looks bad if they aren't done, and these people deserve a proper thank you!
  14. Got the thank you cards done for my son's graduation. Not as easy as it sounds when you have an adult child that really doesn't want to do them! Coffee in the morning and iced tea the rest of the day.
  15. I wish I wouldn't have gotten rid of my step!
  16. I've been doing mostly bicept curls, hammer curls, overhead press, bent over row and tricept kickbacks. I had to look them up to get the correct names, lol. Also squats. I just saw on Pinterest there are some nice charts of different exercises to do. I just kept the weights in my bathroom and it takes almost no time.
  17. Oh I do have a set of kettlebells They could add some variety. My son, who lifts weights at a gym, has told me a couple times to watch videos to make sure I don't throw my back out. I'm trying to just slowly work up. I put that book in my Amazon cart. Thank you!
  18. I'm interested in adding to my at home routine since I'm not a member of a gym. For months now, I've done arm exercises in my bathroom before my shower. Just a few minutes a night, but I've went from five pounds to 20 and I can see definition in my arms that I've never had!!! It's kind of exciting! Now I'm inspired to do more so I bought a barbell and am looking for a good bench. I'm trying to build some muscle to help boost my metabolism since I struggle with my weight. Any tips or advice? I'd love to hear what you do, where you started and where you are now.
  19. We don't have requirement although I have followed the ps shedule of 180 days. This is the first year that I'm doing our own schedule and instead of a teacher's workday here and there and random holidays, we are going to take chunks of time off. I think it puts us at 175. Mainly, I just want to have enough weeks to finish our curriculum. When my kids were in public school, the last week was mainly cleaning out desks and watching movies. It didn't seem like they did much.
  20. I'm in a major rut right now myself. The other day the thought of dinner just hung over my head and I just could not think of anything to make. The kids weren't much help with ideas either. I ended up getting some chicken tenderloins and cooking them on the Foreman Grill to make wraps with. Then I got another pack to make chicken parmesan the next day. Now again, out of ideas. Normally I have a plan and am pretty good about having a home cooked meal during the week but right now it's such a struggle!! My lazy ideas (that everyone is tired of) are rotisserie chicken and Bob Evans mac and cheese, frozen ravioli with marinara sauce and cheese quesadillas. And I agree, salads are a pain to make. I guess you could get the bagged salad.
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