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  1. I like bottomless panties for stunt panties. Yandy.com has them (incognito mode of course). For panties that could go stunt and are ok for everyday wear, adoreme.com.
  2. I'm so glad you didn't eat your cat!!! I have drunk after my cat a few times. Plus, we have one of those counter-mounted water filter systems (the kind where the filtered water has its own faucet beside your regular faucet). The handle that controls it is one you just push down or pull up. My cat knows how to operate it. He taps it all the time just enough to activate it before it sort of bounces back up. So, he gets a drink whenever he wants it. Dh is always worried that the cat is licking the faucet part, though, in the process of lapping at the water stream. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. Who knows? I clean it regularly, but we may all be drinking after one of the cats. 😋
  3. We have a CareCredit account and take advantage of the no interest payoff periods. I know most people don't advocate using credit, but this is what has worked out for us. It has also come in handy for some dental emergency situations too. *We have a couple times a year where we get extra money that we don't count in our budget, so that might be why this works ok for us. I don't usually issue a blanket recommendation for credit use. But, I also do not believe that carrying debt is the extreme enemy that I see some people tout it to be. We are a "do what you got to do" kind of family. Just be as smart about it as you can.
  4. We have many pets, but I mostly just miss my cat. He is my sweet Lovey who stalks me every morning in the kitchen, meows at me, and sits in my lap every time I sit down. Right now, for instance, he is on me. There is also another cat to my right and one to my left and a dog at my feet. I love all of my animals. We also have rats and ferrets. I love them all, but my cat is my favorite (just don't tell the others). Thankfully, all of the pets love my mom who takes care of them if we are out. She gives them all too many treats but takes very good care of them.
  5. We did this for dh's grandmother. I don't know if it differs by state. We had to go through an attorney and go before a judge because she was being deemed mentally incompetent due to her mental health. We were given a conservatorship (which gave us the ability to make financial decisions) and a guardianship (authority over medical and legal matters). Once all of her funds had been dispersed and dealt with she qualified for Medicaid, and then we ended the conservatorship but continued the guardianship. While under the conservatorship, we had to get bonded and had to file reports to the court (can't remember how often) updating what we were doing. It was stressful, and I was very glad when we were done with that part. Had there been a different way to do it, we would have chosen it. A simple power of attorney is a much better option if it fits your circumstances. I don't know if everyone who does this has to get bonded or if it was unique to us because of our age at the time. Dh was only mid-twenties and I was early twenties. There was no other family willing to do it though. There were no other options in her case because she was a paranoid schizophrenic who had functioned well all her life until dementia began to creep in. Things got ugly fast, and she needed a certain type of facility that she could only have access to if she was on Medicaid. It was one of those frustrating things where she had too much money but not enough at the same time.
  6. The best baked potato method I have ever used: clean potatoes, rub potatoes with olive oil, roll in salt (or pat with salt), bake directly on rack for about an hour at 350. So delicious!. We always eat the skin, and this makes the best potato.
  7. You get more cats! That way you use a whole can split between them at each feeding and don't have any leftover to store. That's how we do it. Now dog food is a whole other story...I'm not getting any more dogs.
  8. This boy was held this long because it took that long to stabilize him. He was violent and an active danger in our home. I would not expect the same amt. of time automatically. There is a lot to look at. If they feel meds are needed, they might give it a few days, but please don't think that 10 is an automatic thing! The docs will recommend what seems best for your child and then you will be able to share your concerns about length of stay etc. They will communicate with you on all that. ETA: You can refuse, but please hear them out and think hard before making any choice. Allow time for it all settle in. It can be easy to get overwhelmed emotionally and then be tempted to act on those emotions. Been there done that! It is a good thing to know that the therapist thinks well of where you will be going! ETA2: I edited the first post to be more clear. It was not my intention to freak you out further!
  9. I'm so sorry! Does the therapist have any recommendations? In my experience with mental health crisis (not suicide but still serious), the closest children's hospital to us took it very seriously. They handled it well, I felt. The child in question was held for 10 days **** for evaluation after being transferred to a an appropriate facility. Just give them all the info you can. My prayers will be with you and your child. ETA: A better way to put this would be: held 10 for stabilization and further evaluation for treatment options. This is after the initial eval. that occurs to determine if treatment is needed. That initial process took 48 hours.
  10. Same here my dog had to take Apoquel last month. He is doing so much better. He has taken Zyrtec and benadryl before.They helped with itching a bit, but the Apoquel actually healed his skin. He had developed black patches where he had been licking and scratching for so long. Now those places are fading back to normal. We were also given a prescription shampoo that we had to bathe him with every other day for 2 weeks. That was a major pain but worth it.
  11. We go to Howl O'Scream at Busch Gardens every year. I am not a huge haunted house type of person mostly because I can't handle strobe effects. It messes with my balance too much (I have a vestibular imbalance due to inner ear damage). But, I have gone into some and just shut my eyes during those parts, trusting dh and dd to guide me. Some I just skip all together and wait outside sipping hot cocoa or iced tea depending on the temp. I actually like the atmosphere of the park itself...pumpkins and bats and lanterns etc.
  12. A lady at our church is a red hatter. Her group gets together every week for brunch and cards.
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