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  1. A proper fit is SO important! And a gel seat can actually be worse in the long run...it can move around and you won't be seated properly. Every time I have a 60 min or longer ride, I think about about getting some padded leggings, but I haven't yet. I do power zone training, and I'm planning a (virtual) climb of Haleakala in 2021 (five hours in the saddle) so I really should get a few pairs!
  2. Don't forget to download the app! As a member, you can get the app for free. Most content will be available through the bike tablet, but you can access all the running and outdoor content via the app. All the classes are outstanding! I've been using the app for over four years with a Keiser m3i bike and a Sole treadmill. Over 2500 classes! It's a great community!
  3. I have Lulu leggings I loooove, and Target leggings I looove, and Beyond Yoga leggings I looove! 🤣 Most of mine are probably from Fabletics, though. I really like the Mila leggings and capris. My primary requirements: thick enough not to be see through, pockets, and comfy. I spent $119 a few weeks ago for a pair of On "cold weather leggings," but they were actually super thin, not compressive at all, and too long for me. Luckily, I was able to return them...so I guess all that rambling to say: I'll buy whatever at any price point if it'll do the job I want. I run/cycle/lift/yoga every day, so I generate enough workout laundry that I wash them all together once a week and airdry. P.S. Not that you asked, but Lulu Sculpt tanks are my new absolute favorites for exercising. A friend introduced me to them, and I alternate between being very grateful and mad because I want one for every day now. Haha
  4. You might want to consider cross trainers for the walk at home videos if they include other movement. Definitely something with a flatter sole than many running shoes. I wear a Reebok for HIIT cardio/strength training and Mizunos for run/walk. I always have two in rotation: an older pair for casual walks and a newer pair for runs.
  5. Fagus trucks, wooden blocks (we have several sizes and varieties), and probably some legos and magnatiles.
  6. I've been living in these, which are unfortunately cropped (I'm 5'3" too), but otherwise meet your requirements. Maybe there's a full-length version? Old Navy had something similar a few summers ago, and I've been kicking myself I didn't buy more of them. These are the closest I've found. https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Essentials-Womens-Studio-Stretch/dp/B07FK7TSQ1?ref_=ast_sto_dp
  7. I don't have knee pain, but I do use the Peloton app and spin at home. I started with a Sole SB700 bike from Dick's and then upgraded a year ago to a Keiser m3i. I love it so, so much, but it costs just as much as a Peloton. It is, however, a great bike for shorter people because the handlebars adjust forward and back. If you're on FB, I suggest joining the group for Peloton Digital subscribers because they are VERY knowledgeable about bike options. The Sunny is a popular one, and it's available on Amazon. If your Dick's has a Sole on the floor, definitely try it. It's a very sturdy bike, and the 900 is even nicer than the 700. I bought my Keiser at a local fitness supplier and they had half a dozen models from various brands to test. I did also go to a Peloton store, and the bike was better than I was expecting (they look so flimsy), but I didn't want to be locked into their subscription either-- or have to update that screen one day. I've had the app for close to four years and $12.99 is AMAZING. There's so much content beyond the bike now too.
  8. Do the ISBNs match? Another thought: are you looking at the middle/high teacher guide? Of course, it's also entirely possible the Amazon sample is from a different edition. I was able to match questions/answers from my guide to the sample, but what you have in your hand could be totally different! What a pain! 😞 ETA: Forgot to say I have the older student guides so maybe the elementary guides don't include the answer key at all. In which case, WHY?!?
  9. I just ordered a bunch of the student study guides, and didn't event think about an answer key! 🤦‍♀️ I just went to the corresponding teacher guide on Amazon, and after going through the whole sample, it looks like the answer key is waaay in the back, after the teacher guide answer key. I'm looking at From Colonies to Country. I realize you posted a few days ago, so maybe you've found it anyway. But now I have to decide if it's worth tracking down the teacher guides too...
  10. BodyFit by Amy is fantastic! https://www.youtube.com/user/BodyFitByAmy
  11. You can buy Vitamin E oil on its own now! That's what I've used with kids after stitches. My youngest got a deep gash on his forehead at 18 months, and I was so sad to see his sweet baby skin scarred. Vitamin E oil religiously for 6-12 months, and now five years later, you can't even see it! Of course, he has youth on his side, but I think it's a miracle worker! (Sunscreen too!)
  12. I’m with you! I waste at least ten minutes every week dealing with those things, and it irritates me. I’ve just decided to leave them out on my fussiest bras! Anyway, I have two from Fabletics that do NOT have removable pads, and they’re pretty good. One is a high-impact that zips on the front, and the other is a medium-impact. Their styles change a lot, but I’ll link if I can. https://www.fabletics.com/products/ZOE-HIGH-IMPACT-SPORTS-BRA-BA1827875-5033 https://www.fabletics.com/products/COBIE-MEDIUM-SUPPORT-SPORTS-BRA-BA1826721-0919 (Never mind; these can be removed! But they do stay in place well— fooled me!)
  13. No advice, but I wanted to say that I went to Bard College at Simon's Rock twenty (😱) years ago! I'm also a huge fan of their options! 🙂
  14. It was such a weird thing to have happen! The kitty is now four years old, and he and the son in question have always been BFF. No lasting damage! And yes, to incidents of rabies in NY. We had something in the news just in the last month about a rabid animal in either my county, or the one next door! I can't remember now if it was a raccoon or a dog, however, so I'm not very helpful. 😛 The health department's attitude toward our incident was irksome, but I guess anything is possible. Found the news articles! There was both a feral cat positive for rabies in the neighboring county in January and a rabid raccoon last month. 😞 ETA2: Last summer the same area (very rural) also had confirmations of another rabid feral cat and a bat.
  15. When my son was bitten by one of our own cats, it did get infected (within hours) and we took him in, which triggered an automatic public health response (I'm in NY). We had to provide proof of his rabies vaccine while we were in the office, send a copy to the department, AND quarantine the cat (who was an inside cat) anyway! A few years before that incident we had an over-excited kitten who scratched another son in *both* his eyes (kid was sitting inside one of those hanging tents, and the moving fabric was too much to resist), and it initiated the same chain of action after we visited urgent care. (I'll tell you: waking up at 6 AM to a blood-curdling scream from a five year old will give you some gray hairs!) Honestly, I'm both impressed and annoyed by the response. It seemed over the top for known, vaccinated, INSIDE cats, but OTOH at least they're thorough. So all that being said, if the doctor isn't obligated to let the health department know you were seen for a cat bite, I'd probably let them know. So far behind on shots concerns me some, even though the rabies infection risk is so low.
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