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    I have been given classroom sets (ie... TONS OF BOOKS!) of Scott Forsman Science books from a local school. They are just student books, but would like to get rid of them! I'm only charging what it'd cost to ship (about $3.60 media mail, and the packing materials and any fee I'd have to pay to use paypal). I'm not looking to make a profit... just want to get rid of them!!! Desert scene covered one is 2nd Grade, Airplane one is 3rd grade, Planets one is 4th grade (***I have MULTIPLE COPIES!!!***)


  2. Tests are to test your kid's knowledge. So with the younger grades, peeking over their shoulder or seeing the answers on the workbook does just fine at testing their knowledge. For me, I'm already seeing their progress by working closely with them on the lessons and seeing their workbook, so the tests are unnecessary. As my kids get in upper grades (so far just 7th), and they want to do more independent work, I do give tests... but even still, I can see on the work I grade if they are getting it. So I am just now starting to "grade" and really only to get ready for highschool. Less stress, too! :-D
  3. Does any one use a coloring book with Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology? What one do you use and like?
  4. This is a GREAT idea!!! And my be my way of doing things next year! Especially for the kids who need to start planning on their own.
  5. YES! everything in pencil! I HAVE to be able to erase and move around... I plan, but I know that if I can't be flexible, no plan will work!!!
  6. I have a sort of "schedule" in my home. We stop schooling in May, in June my kids sign up for everything they can fit in in our community and play all kinds of sports (kinda like mini-camps for all ages... SO GREAT for a small town!!). So in June we go from one sport to another, with some picnics and naps built in. Then in July I obsess over curriculum buying cheap and waiting for books to arrive on my doorstep! By the end of July I am already filling in my planner subject by subject, student by student. Then in August we start working on routines, gradually getting up earlier, going to bed earlier, and slowing down our extracurriculars. And I start organizing my school shelves and figuring out what kind of supplies we need... But... I DO plan out at least the first semester of school (Until Christmas break). The planner is written in, highlighted, and detailed. Recently I met with our co-op board to finalize our co-op plans so we could get it out to the parents and we had to suddenly switch our meeting days. But my planner was already filled out!!! (No problem, I had to use white out on the dates, but I did manage... even if my planner isn't quite as nice looking as before). So I thought I'd ask the question... Are there really people out there that do not plan in advance? And what is your "Advanced". I don't judge, I mean, I love my non-planning friends... And they still manage to get through life... I just can't imagine! So, how do you do it?
  7. I grow my hair out, then donate it when I can cut 12inches off... This last time, I had a picture, I asked my mom, who is THE best hair stylist EVER (but doesn't live near me) if my hair could do what the picture showed, then asked her to help me with the phrasing I needed to use. I have done this EVERY single time I go in to anyone but her and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I get the same hair cut... never what the picture shows! I don't live near my mom (the best hair stylist ever!) and now she is a nurse, not doing hair anymore, and has taken in 3 foster kids, so even when I DO see her, I can't bring myself to ask her to work! So... I'm stuck with hair I barely know how to fix... but it is nothing like what you are describing... I cry, so I can't imagine how you feel. I'm SO SO sorry, hon!!! To try to cheer you up... here is a clip!!! https://youtu.be/jas4wS1a2yc?t=2m28s Enjoy!!
  8. That's kind of sad! There is just SO much out there! I always feel I'm missing out... but then again I can't spend my life researching, so I try things, stick with what I like (don't even research anymore). And switch the next year if it didn't work. I always feel kind of dumb when people share what they're doing and so many do the same thing and I've never even heard of it! haha. But I keep reminding myself that the one major joy to homeschooling is knowing that I get to choose my kids' education. So I don't have to go along with what they are doing!!! I spend SO MUCH time in the summer reading reviews and pricing things. This is my 8th year and I'm getting better, I have everything purchased for this year, except health... this is such a hard subject!!! Especially for 7th grade!
  9. Oh, I do not have the money to try some things either. I have to be content with the resources I have and just teach my kids HOW to learn. I totally get you!!!
  10. I do not buy prepackaged kits. They're enticing, but I can't afford them most of the time, or I don't want to commit that strongly... so I piece things together. I use all kinds of different materials for different kids based on their needs... and sometimes I don't because well, THAT can get expensive... sorry kid, your brother used it, you can use it! However, the other day I ran across of a classifieds post that was selling my exact combination!!!! Early grades Singapore Math, later grades Saxon Early grades Abeka, later grades Rod and Staff Writing, history, readers... It was like she came and raided my bookshelves! I was super excited... 1. I felt justified in my previous purchases. 2. I felt like I must be doing SOMETHING right to combine those curriculums when there are SO many out there! 3. I thought, "Why is she selling?" "Was I really dumb to combine these, and she's figured it out and I haven't!!!???" HAHA Anyway, it was fun! I'm actually pretty confident in my "style" but do find it interesting that there'd be someone out there with the exact same combo!!! Early Singapore, Late Saxon Abeka phonics until 2nd or 3rd then switch to Rod and staff (same with spelling/vocab) Apologia Science Abeka health I've tried everything when it comes to history... but am settling on SOTW and HO for the older kids... Art... well, to be honest, I let Co-op teach that, and encourage them to explore on their own. I've tried all kinds of writing... and fall short here a lot! Going to try Lively Art of Writing with WTM's suggested lessons... So, who's like me?? haha
  11. I used Singapore in 1-4 grades. My OS loved it, did well, caught on and moved on. Great... My OD who is a year behind him, just kept falling behind. She didn't catch on as quickly, and once singapore was done teaching a concept, you rarely saw it again. We have since had her tested for dyslexia, and she is definately on that spectrum and struggles with just memorizing and going on. Midway through 4th grade, we switched them both to Saxon (she in 4th, he in 5th). It was "behind" singapore, but was really good for my daughter to review. And the repetition was exactly what she needed. Although my son loved the fast pace of singapore, he loved being able to teach himself. The lessons are written to the student, and he truly excelled at that. My daughter does all 25-30 questions on the worksheet, and although she would miss a good 8-10... she would get those same type of problems on the next days work so by the time she took the test, she'd do surprisingly well. NOW... I have a younger set of kids... going into 1st and 2nd, and thought I'd switch them over to Saxon now instead of waiting... however, I do not like the younger Saxon "way". I don't know why, but my kids don't like the manipulatives. They'd rather write it down and get it done. I can't believe that. Sometimes I show them just for their eyes to see it, but they are more paper and pencil type. So, I've decided to stick with the early Singapore and switch to the later Saxon (4th and up). Best of both worlds, right? haha
  12. What do you do (if anything) for vocabulary in Middle School age? We use Rod and Staff English, and up to now, we've done the spelling, too. So I didn't feel the need to include anything extra just for Vocab. However, I want to let my 7th grader drop spelling. I would require correct spelling on assignments, but no real formal spelling. But that means I'd miss the vocabulary that came with those spelling books. I'm thinking about requiring 10-15 new words per week. He'd have to write the words down, use it in a sentence, and give it's definition. He'd get those words from sermons, reading, even tv shows... He's always been pretty good with spelling, averages 95% throughout the last few years... Just wondering what others do.
  13. Thanks! It's so hard without seeing things right in front of you. And It's like pulling teeth to see the inside of these books! I have 2 "sets" of students. So I experimented with the first two! haha. No, it just took a while to find good fits. But if the lower level Saxons aren't the same, I don't think I'll switch. I was in love with Singapore math with my first. But when it came to my younger 2nd child, she struggled and we needed a different approach and switched mid year and I loved it so much I switched my older one who wanted to teach himself. And Saxon is great for that kind of student as well. But, they all seemed to do well with singapore through 3rd grade. So, I guess I'll keep it (I have a 1st and 2nd grader now, the 2nd grader did singapore last year and did well). Plus... I have it all!!! SCORE!
  14. IEF... is it worth it? Should I just stick to something else? I did singapore with my older 2, and switched to saxon in 4th grade... Now I'm reconsidering the switch for the littles. My kids are SO WEIRD!!! They HATE when I make them use manipulatives. They do well in math, so I never pushed it, but now that I've been using Saxon with the older kids, I like it SO much more than Singapore. MAybe making the switch isn't what I need... hmmmmmm....
  15. For Saxon Math 1 and 2... can I get by with just getting the student workbooks? Anyone use this and can tell me if the teacher manual is super important? I use Saxon for my older kids and their books have the lessons right in the student books. But I can't find anything that will show me the inside of the 1 and 2 books. Thanks
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