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  1. Thank you. I'm reading that it would take a child to about the 6th grade level so I don't know. That's about where they are now. But would knowing the morphemes help them apply it to more advanced words? I'm just unsure what to choose.
  2. Is this a good program for older kids? My middle schooler took the highest placement test (level C) and got them all correct. It says it is not recommended to start higher than book C. He and my older high school son are still behind in spelling so I want to keep working on this. I thought I had decided on Sequential Spelling but now I'm also considering Megawords or Apples and Pears (because I hear such good things). It needs to be easy to implement as well as effective.
  3. Chemistry 101 has been great. We switched to that in the 1st week, and I love it. I like the way it's planned out. We watch the DVD on the first day and then I assign a report. The next day we go over notes. Another day we do the labs, and the last day we watch the DVD again while the kids take notes and we take the test. My 7th grader loves labs and these have been pretty fun for him. It won't be enough for a whole year but that will give us a chance to switch gears and do something else. Jump In has been pretty good too. We skipped to the expository writing section, and it is
  4. Maybe but not necessarily. We always suspected something was going on with our son but our concerns were always brushed off by the school AND the doctors. One teacher told me, "He's fine. I have seen kids with autism and he's not like them." :huh: They were well meaning but it wasn't helpful because the time I spent doubting myself was time I could have spent getting my son help. It wasn't until middle school that things really became an issue with school. So don't feel stupid or beat yourself up. Even the experts have trouble figuring it out.
  5. Just realized that I will be a third year homeschooler next year. This year has been tough, and I'm so ready for summer vacation!

    1. MerryAtHope


      Some years are like that. Hope next year is better!

    2. HeWillSoar


      Thanks! I can't believe we've almost been doing this for two years now!!

  6. First time not taking a child trick or treating in 16 years. My youngest is done. I'm kind of glad to just stay home and watch a movie.

    1. RootAnn


      I so can't wait!

    2. HeWillSoar


      And now seeing all the kids in their costumes, it's kind of bittersweet.

  7. Can I eat yellowed broccoli? Broccoli maybe--just don't eat yellow snow.

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  9. So ready for summer break!

  10. Feeling so good about the kids' test scores from our first year homeschooling! Much improvement in math!! The hard work is paying off.

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    2. Hkpiano


      That is so great!!! We haven't done any formal testing yet, but I know that seeing them progress and learn has been the absolute best part of homeschooling this year! Congrats!

    3. HeWillSoar


      Thanks everyone! It has been tough jumping into this so late in the game, but it's been so worth it.

    4. GailV


      Congratulations! How affirming for you!

  11. Carpet in the basement Just be sure it matches the drapes!
  12. Love our new dog but he sure is a distraction to our schooling.

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    2. HeWillSoar


      A crate would probably be a good idea but we don't have one yet. We have him on a leash and he's laying by our feet. Now it's going well but this morning was tough because the boys kept messing with him (he's really playful) and all the focus was on the dog instead of the lesson.

    3. HeWillSoar


      I think I just had an epiphany. I'm going to start with math since they work independently. That way it will give the dog time to settle down and if it takes them a long time to do their work, that's on them. Then when I'm presenting a lesson on the whiteboard later, I'm not fighting for their attention as much.


    4. quark


      I suggest taking the week off! ;D


  13. Son said that I am learning more than him in our science class. I think he's right!

  14. Bummer, chess club cancelled. That was the one activity my son was interested in. I would need to know how to play chess myself to start our own club, right?

    1. felicity


      No, find another kid that does and they will figure it out together. That's what I did and it worked out. I still don't know how to play but the kids are all pretty good.


    2. HeWillSoar


      Thanks! Maybe we'll try.

    3. felicity


      Good luck! I hope it goes well.


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