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  1. In addition to AWS certifications, here in the Seattle market, certain Microsoft certifications come up a lot.
  2. If the scholarship is worth a lot of money, you likely won't get that as a transfer student elsewhere, so the cost of walking away could be pretty high. If your family needs the money in order for your child to complete a college education, I'd try to keep your personal reactions to this situation as positive as possible. Being able to extract information from dense reading assignments efficiently is an academic superpower. That being said, I think a professionally-written (not whining, not angry) complaint from the students is reasonable under these circumstances.
  3. Here ya go! https://www.bigjeducationalconsulting.com/s/Financial-Aid-for-Nonresident-Alien-Undergraduates-August-2020-Sheet1.pdf
  4. If your student graduates with a diploma from a high school or cover school with a number in the federal database, put high school. Otherwise, put homeschool. Makes it much easier if your FAFSA is selected for verification.
  5. This article, https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/21453067/amy-coney-barrett-potential-nominee-supreme-court cites many primary sources, including this one: https://scholarship.law.upenn.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1619&context=jcl
  6. The FAFSA does not ask about IRS-designated retirement accounts. (So, an IRA or 401(k), not a general investment account that you consider to be "for retirement") The CSS/PROFILE may ask about them, depending on the college.
  7. This doesn't mean it's OK -- since it's replacing a risk to spiritual health with a risk to physical health -- but churches do have a Q problem... If members won't support a pastor because they don't share their belief in the coronavirus conspiracy, what is a pastor to do? https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/08/26/1007611/how-qanon-is-targeting-evangelicals
  8. Again, this was meant as a general reminder to think with our heads and not our hearts. It is not about your personal circumstances. If it should be about anyone's personal circumstances, it should be about Janeway's, since she's the one who has to make a decision here. Colleges are supposed to have quarantine plans to cover this! Of course, it may vary in quality from campus to campus. It's something to look into before sending your kid back to campus. Don't wait until you're in this sort of situation.
  9. That "if" is doing a lot of lifting here -- So much depends on the individual situation -- how versed are you in infection control? how many household members are there to protect, and are any of them medically vulnerable, essential workers, moving about the greater community where they could spread the virus to others, etc? how can you get this kid home without exposing others to risk? And the calculus changes when "there's a possibility that..." to "he's definitely got it..." It wasn't meant to shame you, personally -- it was meant to be a reminder to think with our heads as well as our
  10. If you know for sure he could infect your whole household, definitely bring him home? No, that may make "mom sense" but it's not the best idea for reducing virus spread. The CDC guideline is quarantine at least 10 days after a positive test, and for those with symptoms, at least 3 days after your fever ends if fever ends later than 10 days after symptoms start.
  11. My kid got the avocadogreen mattress. Took a while to arrive (thanks COVID) and she's only slept on it a couple weeks, but so far so good.
  12. No account needed - just type twitter.com slash FacesOfCOVID into your browser (Not sure why I'm not allowed to embed the link, but there it is)
  13. Actually, public health professionals *do* study psychology, mental health, education, economics and the various aspects of society are effected in order to improve everyone's health. The problem is that our federal and many state governments have defunded and downsized them, and don't listen to those who are left. Virologists can look at the data and identify the strains and where they came from and how they evolve and so on. Epidemiologists can look at the data and determine how contagious etc it is. Public health is about how we can take what virologists and epidemiologists k
  14. The goal SHOULD be to reduce the deaths to zero, knowing we won't ever get there. The time when we don't have to restrict weddings is the time when having a wedding doesn't change the risk of getting covid significantly more than other daily activities. That might mean either (a) prevalence is very low (so, like how New Zealand did it) or (b) a different mitigation strategy that is more effective or less restrictive is available (for example, the wealthy have parties now, but they pay to have guests take the fast covid test at entry. for the rest of is, that less restrictive mitigation might b
  15. It has to be combination of prevalence (estimated level of infection) as well as rate of spread -- mitigation needs to be higher when the odds of encountering someone positive are higher. But even with low prevalence, certain mitigations to ensure that "super spreader" events don't happen may still be necessary.
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