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  1. I’ve never even heard of the IP multicooker until yesterday, and it doesn’t affect IP electric pressure cooker users. It’s also not a recall, so there’s no reason to panic even if you do have one.
  2. I can picture that working somewhere like on Boulder’s Pearl Street, but not where I live. Walmart is where panhandlers go to collect money from vehicles leaving the parking lot.
  3. There have been multiple threats reported across my state in the past week too. Even my little hometown’s junior/high school added police presence at the school because of rumors of a threat made through social media. It didn’t turn out to have been a credible threat, but they took it seriously.
  4. Warning: I heard they’re going to be NBC’s announcers for the closing ceremony.
  5. My dad had similar problems when he was in incredible pain before he was able to have back surgery. I know our Walgreens has signs posted that say they may be unable to fill prescriptions for certain types of medication regardless of what the prescription says (I don't remember the exact wording), but other pharmacies in town don't have signage like that. It would be worth checking with a different pharmacy.
  6. Given that you’re in pain and it’s affecting your ability to do what you want and need to do on a regular basis, I would have the surgery. I’m sorry your family has had so many medical issues and expenses to deal with.
  7. Wow. It would still be unsettling for her to pop up again all of a sudden.
  8. I wondered the same thing. How could that possibly help?
  9. Has anyone mentioned Elizabeth Swaney? She basically gamed the system and traveled to qualifying competitions with few competitors in order to get a spot on Hungary's team (she's American, but her grandparents are from there). She didn't violate any rules and can claim to be an Olympic athlete, but she also looked rather ridiculous competing on the halfpipe against people who actually looked like they deserved to be there. I've seen heartwarming stories about international competitors who hardly even knew how to swim competing in the Olympics before and didn't have a negative reaction, but
  10. Fair enough, but that doesn't mean people who would make a different decision never speak up or confront bad behavior or are "living in fear."
  11. I use a thermometer sometimes but it depends on the meat and how I’m cooking it. I check chicken and pork with a thermometer more often, especially when I use my unreliable oven, but not beef.
  12. If you download the NBC Olympics app or log in on the website, you can watch different things live or see previously aired events on demand. You have a limited amount of free viewing and then just log in with your YouTube trial info.
  13. Yeah, I didn't think our number was that bad until I realized that total doesn't even include digital orders.
  14. And if you decided to clean up after other shoppers and picked up an empty food wrapper/container from a shelf and a busybody helpful shopper saw you throwing it away in another location of the store, they may wrongly assume that you are the one who ate food without paying for it and notify an employee.
  15. Yes! Your own time is worth something too even though you don’t put a dollar value on it.
  16. she said, proving she obviously doesn’t watch the Olympics. :lol:
  17. I definitely never said that and think the man acted like a pig regardless of what actually happened. It still doesn’t make it my responsibility to do something about it or police other shoppers, much less confront them.
  18. According to the DEA’s most recent National Drug Threat Assessment, meth continues to be readily available throughout the U.S. and is the primary drug threat in some areas, particularly the Midwest and West. It didn’t ever go away where I live. https://www.dea.gov/docs/DIR-040-17_2017-NDTA.pdf
  19. It’s Belinda Noonan and Jim van Horne I heard.
  20. I wouldn’t have said anything. I’ve seen empty popcorn chicken cups and other containers like that abandoned on shelves before and would guess it’s not uncommon for people to steal food in that manner. Sometimes stores have free cookies or fruit available for kids. I doubt that was the case here since it makes no sense to hide it, but it’s possible.
  21. I got a one-month trial deal to Direct TV Now so I could watch this year.
  22. It’s apparently Belinda Noonan and Jim Van Horne with Olympic Broadcast Services.
  23. I’ve been live streaming the skating via the NBC app on my Apple TV and prefer the international announcers over the NBC team’s blah-blah-blah-look-at-me silliness. I don’t even know who the announcers on that feed are—one is an Australian woman, and she’s good. They don’t even show their faces.
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