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Weekly Report: Sept27-Oct 1


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we haven't done as much as I had hoped this week---both zach and I had dr appointments both monday and tuesday and that kinda threw things off--add in housework and trying to finish organizing our study year and sheesh! lol We did manage to get some elemental science (biology) done-this was our first lesson and so far so good-zach enjoyed it...we have read 3 chapters in his children's bible---and today zach did 6 pages of math--read a whole book of children's prayers (going to have to find a new one)---plan on using tomorrow afternoon as a catch up day to hopefully finish some if not all of what else we didn't finish this week---it's also payday so I have to get out in the morning and do a few errands.....

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Green Eggs and Ham Day sounds fun.


We have eaten it a couple of time - well, the eggs were green but I couldn't work out how to make the ham green, so it was more a case of 'pink ham and green eggs'.


You are all extremely organized. I haven't even started my Weekly Review post, and now I'm going to procrastinate by enjoying all yours :D before I head off to do my grocery shop, so it will probably be the wee hours before I end up posting and IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT :tongue_smilie: :lol:

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Well....I don't have a post because we've taken the week off of school so that I can do some cleaning out. I sprained my foot very badly this summer and dh broke his arm, too. Needless to say, we didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted to then.


We still attended co-op and the outside class that each takes.



Kids' rooms

Hall Bath

Living Room


Laundry Room


Still to go (have today and the weekend):

My bedroom

My closet

Bonus/Play room (not much to do there)


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We're done really early today (by starting early---two pots of coffee...) because Someone is motivated to attend the Grand Opening of the Lego Store at the mall!


No pictures in the weekly report, though lots of links, because I'm writing separate photo-heavy posts for our labs :D


Check those out, if you're interested in how I'm adapting school labs with easy-to-find supplies---the second one will be up by this afternoon. It might be sooner if Older Brother (off school today) and Daddy take Someone to the mall without me... :lol:

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This is three weeks in a row for me! Must be some kind of personal record. =)


Our focus was butterflies, in all their life stages. We did a fun craft that was intended for the kindergartener but the preschooler and the third grader all wanted to join in!


Look forward to seeing your reports as well! Have a great weekend.


(P.S. Link is wrong in signature! Forgot to mention that. New blog address: http://trilliumacademy.blogspot.com)

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added ps about link
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I wasn't able to post all of my pictures this week but at least I got some up!


And yes, they are taking apart an R2D2 robot - he broke so they wanted to see what was inside! (one picture of my small girl - a real cute one too - wouldn't upload :glare:)

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Here's mine! It's gotten so my Friday afternoon treat is to sit and read all your blogs! I never read as many as I want to though!


I'm unable to leave you a comment, but I wanted to tell you what a talented DD you have! :) I read the story she dedicated to you, and I was so impressed with it. She should illustrate it and get it published. :)

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