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  1. I just made my order a week or so ago! I knew I wanted DE+print for the reasons others have already mentioned. I was buying Year 1, so I chose to go with the hybrid option. Being willing to have my paper margins vary by unit saved me $60, so getting a print copy only cost $30 or so more than DE alone. I thought that was a deal even if I need to print a few updates! :)
  2. Thanks so much! This is what I was hoping to hear!!! :)
  3. Thank you, Ladies! I knew I wanted to get print+DE ... I just wasn't sure about the hybrid sale option where the margins vary by unit. I talked with Lampstand Press yesterday, and I don't think it is that big of a deal. It seems like a great way to save $60!! :) Thanks! I wish I had more hours in my day!! Since the move, I just haven't had the time to blog our homeschool journey as consistently as I used to!! :)
  4. Hi, Ladies! I am ready to get my hands on TOG and start wrapping my mind around it all as we will start over with Ancients next year. I am planning on buying DE+print, and now that I've read that they are revamping Year 1, I wondered if maybe buying the hybrid DE+print would be a good option for me. I could save a little money and have a print copy to play around with this time around as I learn to use the program. My kiddos will be in LG and UG (with some transitioning to D during the year ... maybe one or two D level questions a week?). My understanding is that most of the changes are for D questions and R literature anyway. I can just reprint from DE next time we get around to Ancients, right? Am I thinking this through clearly? Is there something I'm missing? What say The Hive?! TIA!!
  5. Yes!! I was going to recommend the Doctor Doolittle books, too! I can't wait to share them with my younger son this year! :)
  6. Here's an easy idea for those who are busy through the summer but still want to get some school done. We are in the process of moving, but I wanted to continue on with some basics through the summer. I've put all our "essentials" in a box to take with us from place to place. I also shared what school sometimes looks like at our house. :) Happy Summer & Happy Homeschooling!
  7. This was our last week, too - YIPPEE!! Here's my YEAR in Review!! :)
  8. I also blog our homeschool journey! Link is in my siggy, too! :)
  9. Here's my 2-weeks-in-review, picture-heavy post! We had a ton of fun learning about the Renaissance!
  10. Our room is small, but we are loving our schoolroom this year! Having a designated space has been a good thing for our family! I love my adjustable-height IKEA table, my bookcase with baskets, and my closet (so I can close those doors!)!! You can see pics on my blog here. Happy Homeschooling! :)
  11. Today we celebrated our 100th day of kindergarten! We didn't do this with my oldest, so it was fun for my middle child to have something special all his own. We didn't do all that I had planned because I'm not feeling my best, but we still managed to do a few cute things. :) Here's the link to pictures of our morning for those who are interested! Hope you all are having a great day!
  12. Yep! Us, too! :) I have had friends make remarks about my homeschooling being rigorous. Funny, we don't feel that way at all!! :D They have said things like Latin doesn't necessarily meet their goals. They are more concerned with their child's character (as if I'm not concerned with character!). What they don't know is that my son enjoys his Latin studies. He doesn't see it as drudgery. Watching you on the DVD and Andrew Pudewa's Student Writing Intensive DVD are the highlights of my son's school week. So, thank you for making age appropriate, fun curricula! :)
  13. I haven't seen a weekly report thread yet this week, so I thought I'd go ahead and start it. :) Here's our week! We had a great time with chemistry! Have a great weekend!
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