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  1. UPDATE!! Our new kitten, Zander Rommel Catalli, is coming home THIS SUNDAY (the 12th). Here is a video of him playing:
  2. Dollar General tests never failed me.
  3. This was taken last weekend of our new baby!
  4. Sarah CB! Yes, Panzer isn't much of a lap cat but he sits with me and lets me carry him around and is very content! Makes dh so jealous, lol!! Yea Bengals!!
  5. He is my profile picture! I couldn't make the attachment work!!
  6. Soooo...it's almost a year later and we are going to bring home ANOTHER Bengal baby boy in April!!!
  7. Order some food and veg on the couch watching Netflix...naked! (oh wait, that's what we did for our anniversary a few weeks ago :lol: !!) ETA: Ours was actually a milestone...10 years!
  8. I have terrible seasonal allergies and find that using a combo of generic Claritin and some sort of eye drops works well. Plus lots of hand washing and face washing.
  9. The Love Dare. And you can do a showing of "Fireproof" with Kirk Cameron. Which male is leading the group?
  10. I vacuum often regardless. We recently purchased a Bengal cat and they do not shed. I still vacuum about 2x a week just because I like nicely vacuumed floors!!
  11. You will be able to see the stars! That is my most favorite thing about living rural!
  12. My days are really long so I have a lot of time to get stuff done. I AM the one who is moving around all the time and doing stuff around the house. I don't formally exercise because my daily activity is enough. I keep the main areas clean and work on the struggle spots (ie. dusting and our master bathroom) maybe once a week. I vacuum a lot because it keeps the carpet nicer for a longer time. We don't walk around with shoes on. I clean while cooking (like getting dishes washed as stuff is baking, in the pan or boiling). The girls pick up the current toy they are playing with before going onto the next thing.
  13. We went to the ER two weeks ago because my youngest had a mild concussion from hitting her head on the concrete. She was sluggish, complained of a headache, and vomited 4x. The vomiting was what caused us to bring her in. She had a CT Scan and it came back negative/normal. We were told it was mild and that she should take it easy for a couple of days. She is fine. We did not go in for a follow up visit. They gave me information on what to look for if there is more of a problem. I don't go online to look up medical advice. It's way to vague and only causes panic (ie. a pounding headache MUST be brain cancer).
  14. nm again, the resume will be mailed certified mail because it says "submit" followed by the address. That seems like the preferred method of delivery.
  15. Which way would show the most eagerness for applying for a job: hand delivering the resume or sending it via certified mail? Why? The website uses the word "submit" to the particular person and gives their address.
  16. What?? I am wearing that romper right now!! :lol:
  17. When I lived at home while in college, it was 2am. No matter what age I was. My parents' house, their rules. And I followed them.
  18. How do you arrange the currency in your wallet? Mine is arranged with the largest denomination in the back to the smallest in the front. Just a random question that I thought of after using the ATM. ETA...I also have them facing them the same way and right side up.
  19. My oldest turned in a $5 bill she found in Walmart, her idea and she was 7. I was very proud of her honesty.
  20. Protein Bar and coffee. Every day!
  21. Kleenex, baby wipes, bandaids, Swiss Army Knife, sun tan lotion, cell phone charger, two camping chairs, a picnic blanket, side walk chalk and bubbles. I also have two containers of some engine fluid stuff...don't ask me which ones, dh put those in there!
  22. Life isn't always a bowl of cherries. I voted no. Seeking thoughts and advice on your troubles is a *normal* thing on a forum.
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