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  1. I know this thread is a few months old but wanted to chime in and say that I LOVE the Thinking Tree journals. I like that they work with just about any books. Even Notgrass: From Adam to Us. You can read some reviews I wrote. I was given some journals to review and I've bought many as well. I've also made some YouTube videos as well. And here is a list of almost all of them :001_tt1: We have been using them for almost a year now. They are pretty flexible. Sometimes we use them with only library books and math and other times with our current curriculum program. They are also great for rainy day schooling, fun Friday schooling, and/or through the summer. :001_wub:
  2. I have to get use to having the General Education Board. For some reason I just noticed it today (embarrassing). Off to read ;)

  3. I'm having fun schooling my nephew with Letter of the Week =)

  4. Just having fun figuring out the new WTM forum ;)

    1. SnowWhite


      Awesome, isn't it!?

  5. Yes, it probably would be a very long day with the BJU to add too many things to it. You could always stretch Art of Argument over two years, or schedule only 1 or 2 days a week, if you really wanted to do it. Or you could eliminate tests and quizzes, and just use it as a supplement that the two of you have a "conference" about each week. Or you could something The Fallacy Detective instead, which would only be once a week anyway.

    I am very excited about America the Beautiful. I've heard very good things about Notgrass, so I am expecting it to be great!

  6. Hi! Sorry your comment did come through on my blog. Yes, we are looking at a full year ahead for sure! And time does fly by very fast. I can hardly believe my son is 14 and so far in his schooling. It seems like yesterday he was just a little boy playing with his trucks and legos! It is exciting to watch them grow, however, and I am so blessed and grateful to be able to spend so much time with them. I wouldn't change it for anything!

  7. Hi, Amanda, I tried to leave a comment on your blog but lately BLogger hasn't liked me very much;).

    I was commenting on your curriculum for this fall. It looks great! And doesn't it feel good to have it all picked out? I have our stuff picked out but still need to purchase most of it. Can't wait to have it sitting on the shelf:D

  8. My 8yr. old is using TT3. He just started, completed his first quiz today;). With him, I sometimes sit with him and complete a lesson. I like showing him the tens and ones using our base ten set. Other times I'll have him only enter the answers using the computer. There are some lessons I would like to teach too :D My 9.5yr. old is using TT5 and so far he has only used the computer but as he gets farther along, I do believe he'll need to use his workbook to work out problems. My 12yr. old is using TT6 but only the workbook. He didn't care for the dvds. We started using TT at about the same time I saw this thread and its been a real encouragement:001_smile:
  9. NM about the test, I poked around your blog and found the links. Thanks!
  10. Ethan, will start TT3 soon. Thanks for posting. It's very encouraging.
  11. Hi, Dee, we are both up late ;)

  12. With regards to purchasing used, the safest way would to use non personal paypal.

  13. Hi, Just testing a message for you =)

  14. Hi, Becky, math programs like MUS, Singapore, Miquon and Math Mammoth really confused my oldest. His brain just doesn't think that way. I had him take an online profile and it confirmed that he works best with a more traditional type of schooling.

    We finished a week! How did yours go. Mine went well. I can't complain. We didn't fit everything I wanted to in: like McRuffy Phonics and Math for Lance but I may do more night school with him instead. I just can't seem to fit everyone in. I have five kids that I sit in on with Math, 4 with Phonics, 2 with spelling and all six when they need help or need to make corrections. I tell ya, I'm pooped =) wouldn't have it any other way though. My dh will hopefully be able to help once our apartments are all rented. Have an enjoyable weekend (and restful)

  15. Hi there! I am still trying to figure out how parts of this website work. I hope you get this response. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you praying for me! I just got the message today.


    My biggest battle with starting back to school usually involves just the discipline of actually following a schedule for the children and myself. I revamped my schedule. We'll officially try it out next week, I guess. This week, we're mainly focusing on math. Yes, I switched again. MUS just has such convoluted ways of teaching...confusing to my kids, so we are trying good ole' traditional Rod & Staff. I am excited about it, actually. We were trying to do MUS as well as TT. It was too much to oversee and I was not satisfied with either on its own. Maybe R&S will be the perfect fit. We'll be trying MC soon also. I will pray for your school days. You blessed me today with your message. Thank you for your thoughtfulness! :)





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