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  1. We put an alarm on his door but kept it on chime so I'd know he was up but it wouldn't wake the whole house up. We put a simple flap over lock on the front door and a pin lock on the patio sliding door.
  2. The sandpapery rash makes me think maybe scarlet fever. My kid started with sore throat, headache, and tummy ache on a Monday, fever on Wednesday, and rash on Thursday.
  3. I was also going to suggest a cavalier, but that might be because I am biased. My boy is fantastic with children - both our children and strangers. He loves going anywhere we go, and in fact loves to hike. He became territorial at about a year old, so he will bark at anyone coming to our house he didn't know as a puppy, but absolutely never bites. And he gets along fine with strangers outside of the house. Find a reputable breeder and make sure the parents are both heart clear. We were even able to meet the grandma who was heart clear and just died recently at 14. In fact, we live pretty
  4. My early symptom was bloating. Both times. I can't remember exactly how early, but definitely before missed period and testing. It's been several years since having my boys and there's been a few times I've thought I was pregnant (breast tenderness, dry heaving, cramps, nausea, etc) but wasn't.
  5. I don't know how helpful this is because we haven't used MS very much, but when we do it I go over the new words Logic of English style and then I dictate the passages. So far my kids haven't had any trouble with the passages so we haven't needed to spend more than one lesson on each passage. I'll probably need to change that as we get further along.
  6. I love burt's bees lip shimmers, but they definitely have a little sting to them. I didn't like their tinted lip balm as much because it seemed to dry out my lips, but I don't remember that having a sting. Another product without the sting you could try is neutrogena's revitalizing lip balm. Sunny Berry is a great color. Or maybe their moisture smooth color stick, although the one I have has a bit of sparkle.
  7. It's on sale now, but it's only at 20% off. Keep checking back and it will probably get up to 40-50% off.
  8. My DS hit the same bump in 3a. I had him go on and do everything else in 3a/b, but he still wasn't ready to grasp long division. I switched him over to CLE last year and that really cemented long division and math facts for him, but I plan to switch him to MM this year. Younger ds switched to MM after SM1b because he is very math-independent and found the TB to be tedious. They both started BA this summer. I would absolutely recommend MM for your DD. So far it's working really great for my independent DS. He's now in 3b. It's incremental so he can be more independent without being totally
  9. OMG, I just got this for the first time a few days ago. The only reason I even answered is because it was my dh's name and number. I hung up as soon as she said her name was Rachel. Should I feel relieved or disappointed that it was only a recording?
  10. I am notorious in my family for banging my left elbow. I don't know why, but I've banged it so many times that I've chipped off several pieces. Because of that it hurts more than when I bang my right elbow. And the pain lasts longer. It's just more sensitive now. One time, it hurt so bad I felt dizzy and nauseous for several hours. Sometimes it hurts just to rest it on a table if it's on a certain spot. I mentioned it to my doctor and they said there was nothing they could do about it. They said I could have surgery to remove the fragments, but they didn't recommend it because it wouldn't real
  11. I get it. CLE 4 is too long for my 3rd grader. I have him do the entire new part of the lesson, but I usually cross off every b, d, f of the review. I'm careful to make sure I'm only crossing off things he has down, so I make sure he is doing the problems I think he needs practice with, especially in the skill builder section. ETA: For those of you who don't know, much of CLE is review. There is usually about a one page lesson and 3 pages of mixed review. Many of the numbered problems have a series (a,b,c,d) of similar problems. Once DS has mastered a concept, I'm okay with him doing only
  12. FWD15 is the best promo code I've found that works on ebooks. It's 15% off.
  13. A few years ago my Trader Joes demoed this and it is yummy. Cook up a box of couscous and then add in a tub of pre-made bruschetta (I use less, so add to your taste). Add some Parmesan and some pepper. It's better cold so make ahead. ETA: oops, I forgot...TJs used feta cheese. Parm cheese is my cheat because I don't often have feta cheese on hand.
  14. Yes and no. Competition motivates me to do better, but I don't like to see other people lose. So if someone is doing better than me (in a game, workout, etc) I push myself harder, but if they are behind me I slack off in order to let them catch up. I try to keep things even with whoever I am with.
  15. Well actually, there is a 1940's version of P&P starring Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson. It's hilarious 😊 and it's on TCM this month. I 2nd (3rd? 4th?) Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House. I love that movie. I was in a classic film class once and here are some of the films we watched. Vertigo Rear Window Sunset Boulevard The Birds Citizen Cane Adam's Rib Philadelphia Story Bringing Up Baby** my favorite Some Like it Hot Libeled Lady Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Notorious Casablanca Singing in the Rain Bonnie and Clyde (this may have been for a different cla
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