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  1. I've used olive oil and coconut oil in making brownies......
  2. I really enjoyed it too--very informative--loved the way it was presented also.....loved it!!!
  3. no regrets......I might do things differently meaning how I taught something or what books we used but no I don't regret it......agree with the posters that say how tough it can be at times.....sheesh I have my "I'm going to pull my hair out" moments,but that comes with raising kids too not just teaching them......hang in there---take a break if you need it----and don't feel guilty about it.....we all need to recharge and regroup sometimes...... :)
  4. Tinkie hides under my pillows-I need to get a video of her rooting under and then just totally disappearing LOL hilarious....Both our girls sleep under some sort of cover-and if Tinkie's blanket isn't on the bed she can't settle for the night-she will pace the bed until you put her blanket on her spot at the foot of the bed....Jezzie usually gets under all of the covers and sleeps right up next to me....Sometimes Tinkie will too....Our girls are a riot!
  5. so sorry things are going down this path for this situation.....many many :grouphug:
  6. can't imagine being in your shoes....((HUGS)) many good thoughts/prayers for you and family.....hang in there.....hope things work out for the best....
  7. oh yes I can totally relate to that-I did weight watchers last year and saw a little success but I dropped out-a friend of mine-a mom in our homeschool group has lost over 100 pounds doing WW...I hope you have success too.....

  8. Both of our kids practiced pill-swallowing with tic-tacs until they could do it smoothly, and for both of them the "reward" was not having to taste that nasty medicine. But again, they were both older when they were put on meds long term, so I don't know that this would work well for a little. that is soooo cool-never thought of that--my son is taking vyvanse and we sometimes have battles in getting him to take whatever I put the medicine in-wish he could just swallow the dang pill :D ...might have to try tic what a cool idea!
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