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  1. Thanks, I will take a look. I really had her do this class to learn HOW to take a class...but we will be looking for something else in December.
  2. An update and a vent: CTY is expensive...my kiddo really wanted to do it. But when a 7 year-old takes the practice test, finds two serious errors and asks the instructor to check? (I verified mistakes), and gets back an 'I will forward your comments' on the eve of her exam? Yeah. Not acceptable. And this is not the first time she had found mistakes! Her homework has been corrected 3 times! Ugh. We will be looking for other opportunities!
  3. We had multiple miscarriages, 5 in all that we are sure of. One 16 and one later. After quite a bit of investigation, we learned we both carried the Factor V Leiden gene. Gone on to have two beautiful babies:) But 5 years in between them, with miscarriages in between. Hope everything works out. That roller coaster of emotions and loss is painful/(
  4. We have used three AOPS books at home...she does well with them, is thoroughly engaged and happy...but it is WORK. Not the material itself alone, but her perfectionist issues:( I honestly don't expect her to continue with CTY classes (crazy expensive!!), but want her to learn in a challenging environment to DO online classes withought the added stress of the challenging AOPS material. That being said, I only paid for 3 months because I know my kid:)
  5. Hmm, that is a very good point. She is extremely independent already, to the point that my being present is typically detrimental. She wants a work plan, a list of assignments, but won't even let me look until it is complete😊 I thought the math would be a good fit, as she is eyeing their Math Olympiad course...but it IS a lot of money for material she has pretty much mastered, and will move through quickly. Maybe something a bit different would be better:) Thanks for the suggestions...
  6. This year my goal is to transition Alex to the world of online classes, comfortably, as her perfectionism and anxiety are causing life-altering problems at the moment. To facilitate this, we have signed her up for a class at CTY, purposefully at a lower level than she is doing at home. I am hoping that this will give her more confidence and the ability to learn to 'takes classes'. She did a mix of 3 ''easy' algebra programs at home for fun last year: the Key to Series, selected problems from Saxon, and LoF last year, and she did Hands on Equations the year before. She also did more problem s
  7. Lol, my dd would love your son:) She wants to write a series of books for kids, sort of a choose your own adventure series, but only prime numbers and prime-numbered pages and so on will be clues?! Go for it:)
  8. Yeah, avoid anything labeled cooking wine...way to salty and it can impact the caramelization process. If I am using white wineI refrigerate afterward, with the intent to drink. For reds I store in our wine fridge at a higher temp, or for inexpensive reds tend to leave at room temp...
  9. This one is part my kid and part a child I was babysitting: We were at a children's museum yesterday, playing in the Native American experience room. I was looking after my dd5 and a set of boy/girl twins, newly 6. They are German, and there is a bit of a language gap. They boy asked me why 'the Indian warriors always stole the squaws and carried them off.' I wasn't quite sure how to answer him as his family is very, very different from the answer I would give my own dd, so I asked him what the women could do that the men could not... He thought for a moment. "Make soup!" He shouted tri
  10. Because nothing says Happy Birthday more than bromeliad lollipops:) I hope they are not poisonous:) Planning Alex's first party with kids is proving to be very interesting as well. Lots of gentle conversations about choosing activities that everyone can join in on. Maybe less of a math circle event and more party since it will involve mostly 4-10 year olds. Still, she chose a winter theme because we are in Texas? I bought tons of fake snowballs and we will be having a snowball fight as one activity--she said, maybe we could have a game where if you answer a math question you get to throw t
  11. Ooh, fun! I just searched for it and decided we will have a rabbit trail today😄
  12. Reviving this thread because we played a fantastic game and I wanted to share:) It is called Clumsy Thief. It is primarily a money game but has strategy, money, and a really clever way to practice all the combinations to add up to 100. I actually bought it to play with a mixed group of coop kids, and even the teens loved it. Lots of mental math to practice:) https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00EBCDXCA/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1445720777&sr=8-1&pi=SY200_QL40&keywords=clumsy+thief+game&dpPl=1&dpID=61hmYTJMfhL&ref=plSrch
  13. Tomorrow is my first 'official' day of homeschooling dd! Feel like we have been doing it for a long time, but now it is for real:) I have butterflies?!

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      How exciting! Congratulations.

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      Have a great first official day!

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      Have a great first day. It really is different when it's "real"-but you'll be fine-and so will your DD!


  14. Today dd5 had a hard lesson. She has been saving her allowance for a larger purchase and is fairly close. This morning she found a wallet she lost a few weeks ago, which had about $14 in it. She was ecstatic...until I reminded her that she had already 'spent' that money because when I took her to the store a few weeks ago to spend it she realized it wasn't in her purse. I told her I would pay for the item and she could reimburse me upon arriving home. However, when we arrived home the wallet could not be located. So after serious tears and drama (with me feeling like a complete witch but s
  15. Today at the water park daddy had to rig a quick duct tape patch on dd's inflatable raft. As he handed it back to her, dd5 quipped "Thanks daddy! because YOU are a man of infinite resource and sagacity!" Someone has been listening to Rudyard Kipling at bedtime:)
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