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  1. Thanks, I will take a look. I really had her do this class to learn HOW to take a class...but we will be looking for something else in December.
  2. An update and a vent: CTY is expensive...my kiddo really wanted to do it. But when a 7 year-old takes the practice test, finds two serious errors and asks the instructor to check? (I verified mistakes), and gets back an 'I will forward your comments' on the eve of her exam? Yeah. Not acceptable. And this is not the first time she had found mistakes! Her homework has been corrected 3 times! Ugh. We will be looking for other opportunities!
  3. We had multiple miscarriages, 5 in all that we are sure of. One 16 and one later. After quite a bit of investigation, we learned we both carried the Factor V Leiden gene. Gone on to have two beautiful babies:) But 5 years in between them, with miscarriages in between. Hope everything works out. That roller coaster of emotions and loss is painful/(
  4. We have used three AOPS books at home...she does well with them, is thoroughly engaged and happy...but it is WORK. Not the material itself alone, but her perfectionist issues:( I honestly don't expect her to continue with CTY classes (crazy expensive!!), but want her to learn in a challenging environment to DO online classes withought the added stress of the challenging AOPS material. That being said, I only paid for 3 months because I know my kid:)
  5. I had Alex take the ADAM too, and love how useful it is for pinpointing any gaps or weakness in specific topics...the only problem I had was the fact that if you miss a certain number of questions in a topic, the tests stops and assumes that is the ceiling. It does not allow you to test knowledge in other topics that are 'above' that path. It assumes a strictly traditional, linear progression of math study, correlating to schools. I discovered this in conversations with the customer rep afterwards. My kiddo missed a fairly easy question (saying oops!), then accidentally clicked another. The test ended. We had to purchase a second test, which she went through to the point we were pretty much expecting. It was still Extremely useful information, and well worth the inexpensive test:) It just has that limitation for asynchronous learners.
  6. This would be Alex. Information is how she generates empathy. When you say 'a potential friend', I am imagining you meaning a comrade in the class, someone she feels a bit open with, able to talk openly. Not that she wants a way to open a dialogue, she just wants to understand and know what WOULD be considered offensive or rude. I think, that for these kids, information is power. It does NOT mean they plan to have in-depth conversations about personal sexuality...it means it is a way to develop understanding, empathy, common bonds with people. They NEED this. And if it does result in involved conversations, more power to them for managing to take that to the next level. My kiddo panics/freaks out when information is hidden or euphemized...but thrives when it is available. It steadies her, reassures her.
  7. Hmm, that is a very good point. She is extremely independent already, to the point that my being present is typically detrimental. She wants a work plan, a list of assignments, but won't even let me look until it is complete😊 I thought the math would be a good fit, as she is eyeing their Math Olympiad course...but it IS a lot of money for material she has pretty much mastered, and will move through quickly. Maybe something a bit different would be better:) Thanks for the suggestions...
  8. This year my goal is to transition Alex to the world of online classes, comfortably, as her perfectionism and anxiety are causing life-altering problems at the moment. To facilitate this, we have signed her up for a class at CTY, purposefully at a lower level than she is doing at home. I am hoping that this will give her more confidence and the ability to learn to 'takes classes'. She did a mix of 3 ''easy' algebra programs at home for fun last year: the Key to Series, selected problems from Saxon, and LoF last year, and she did Hands on Equations the year before. She also did more problem solving work via AOPS material, but at a MUCH slower pace. She is also 'helping' me tutor math this year:) Does anyone have experience with this? Specifically CTY/and or enrolling in classes sub level to gain confidence/ability to work independently? She scored an 80% on the pretest. (I didn't allow a calculator and she ran out of time as well, but I don't want her to have any gaps. I spoke with the instructor Today and was heartened...although we have not allowed a calculator yet...the only exception being use of one to check her estimate for Pythagorean Thereom because I am mean like that (it has become a game, to see how close she can get!) Would love to hear people's thoughts/experience...
  9. Just stopped by after a break-my kiddo is really challenging right now. Such a timely post. Truly. i seem to be struggling with a balance between her age/emotional level and the rest of her. I am glad to hear it gets better...
  10. A timely thread- Alex has really been struggling to balance her academics with emotional/2E levels. She is 'officially' starting 2nd grade this year (age 7), but will be doing her first online algebra class as well as chemistry. I just inquired at our local CC, and it turns out the only requirements for taking classes is completion of 8th grade material, and the state test.
  11. We have tried just about everything mentioned above and more. My crazy-busy toddler boy manages a maximum of 5-10 minutes of those. The ONLY thing that holds his attention (and that of every child present with us!) is a set of magformers! Every single kid gravitates to them. He prefers magnatiles at home, but we keep a bag of Magformers in the car. They work when nothing else does, especially if we pair it with a car or two to drive through tunnels:)
  12. Have you seen the ways to transform a $300 storage building? My sister just did one, for under $500 WITH airconditioning...
  13. Wow. How about the yard setup? Any chance of a temporary out-building or trailer? Still a LOT cheaper than rent somewhere...
  14. Posting here, but will pm with more details... Saturdays are ridiculously busy down in that area, but are also the most exciting. There are some fantastic food trucks that are kind of a permanent fixture, plus the bakery. It's kind of a local gathering spot, but on any given day is a huge draw for tourists...they are completely closed in Sundays, so be aware:) If you have a bit of extra time, toodle by the old Elite Cafe in Waco. On the old marquis is a message 'we'll let you know when breakfast is ready-Chip', and since I drive by it daily, I can reliably say the construction crews and cameras have been there a TON recently. It is only a mule or so from downtown:) Personally, I am happy that people tend to associate Waco with THIS rather than branch davidians and the ATF!!!!
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