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  1. This is helpful. Thank you. I was thinking that I would have a student planner of some sort and write out the weekly assignments for him. It's on him to complete the work, and he comes to me with help, or we at least have a time to work together for a bit everyday. I was looking at some Seton materials for basic grammar and spelling, with Memoria as a reading program. I was thinking those would be better for more independent work.
  2. My son will be entering 4th grade, and has spent the last 2 years in a brick-and-mortar school. It has not gone well. We homeschooled for K and 1st, and he attended school for 2nd and 3rd after the birth of my daughter who was born with medical problems and a disability. We knew when we put the kids in school, that it would be temporary until we got our bearings back as a family. We aren't quite there yet, and will have a K'er and 1st grader in public school this year, but we actually have had a good experience with them in the early grades thus far. My 4th grader has Aspergers. He i
  3. I'm looking at a computer-directed program because I was formerly a homeschool failure :( I have a special needs child, and health problems. When I was homeschooling previously, everything I did was very teacher-intensive. I burned out and was unhappy, exhausted, and stressed. To public school they went! It's been almost three years in school, and I'm ready to consider bringing them home again. But, the whole we "do school" needs to be overhauled if I want to keep the family running smoothly. I'd have a 1st grader who I'd need to do sit-down work with, so for my 4th I'm thinking a compu
  4. I should have clarified. I am considering pulling him out of school. I want to reignite his math confidence. He was homeschooled at one point, and was FLYING through math material. He's a mechanically-minded kid, and I want to cultivate, not stifle, his natural gifts.
  5. Can I get a recommendation for a computer-instructed math curriculum? I know of K12 and Teaching Textbooks. Math comes easily for DS, but he rushes and is careless in is work. Any program we did online, I'd definitely want a hand-to-paper component. What are some great options? He loves math, but is currently in public school, which has made him hate math :( . Ideas?
  6. Thank you for taking the time to share this with me. I will look into some of the online programs. I know many who have use Teaching Textbooks. It does sound like Kumon could be a great fit for my oldest. Sadly, we live in a very rural area, and those resources aren't available to use, unless we were to connect remotely. Please, feel free to share anything else!
  7. Also, with K12, are you typically able to just pick the courses you want and not enroll full time?
  8. It seem that you are doing what I am asking is possible, then? Pretty much math and LA, mixed in with whatever else? What is ETL?
  9. I will look into this. Thank you for the suggestion!!
  10. Thank you! Yes, my daughter is 3, and while her health is improving, it is still a great deal to manage. Having the kids in school has been ok in some ways, but now it is beginning to eat my alive. I have looked into CLE, and it looks fun! I have also been looking at R&S. We are Catholic, but I don't see any conflict with using a Christian program for LA. When I dove into homeschooling, I was very much under the mindset that we'd be the most well-educated HS family that every homeschooled. And, that method burned me out and made me ultimately extremely unhappy. We know how bad t
  11. Hello, everyone. I've posted from time to time, and want to get some feedback on our situation. My 4 children are enrolled in public school in some capacity (3rd, k, preK, and special ed preK). I homeschooled my oldest for K and 1st, and then put him in school when when my daughter's health became too much to manage, along with teaching him. My own health is not the greatest, and because of it, I need to make sure I have adequate rest and help at home. The situation at the school is not a good one. I won't elaborate, but I hope and pray that I might have what it takes to bring the
  12. Thank you all in advance for all the help you've given me over the years. I'm not on here often; usually only to ask questions and get feedback. I have homeschooled, and I currently have my kids in public school(PS). My oldest son is 9, and going into 3rd grade in the fall. He's an extremely challenging child, although bright. I put him in school because I *could not* homeschool him. Last spring he was diagnosed with Aspergers, which made my dh and I breathe a sigh of relief over his sometimes odd and difficult behaviors. PS has been ok for him, but not great. There have been some big iss
  13. Thank you all for your very wonderful feedback. I have a lot of thinking and researching to do. This is a lot to weigh! My 6 year old will likely go to Kindergarten at the PS this fall. My 4-year old will go 2 full days a week. If it weren't for this, I wouldn't even consider HSing for 3rd grade. My oldest causes a lot of problems with the little boys...nothing would get done, it would be a war zone. I will have some in-home help with my daughter, which is incredible. Could I find the time to sit down with my oldest? Probably. The funny thing is though, that even though I am not homes
  14. Thank you, and I appreciate your responses. Also, my siggy is outdated. Not that that matters a huge amount...but my kids' ages in the fall will be 9, 6, 4, and 2.5. I like the public school for K, and 1. We've had more issues in 2nd, primarily with other students and their behavior, plus we've actually battled a little bit with faith-based things. We're not out to start a revolution, but we have been offended and thought that teachers have acted incorrectly in their dealing with faith-based issues. The 2nd grade teacher in particular. It's so tricky. The time thing...I know in
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