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  1. My 12 yo has gone through all the levels of RightStart and is about 2/3 of the way through Geometry now. In addition to that, he did some Life of Fred and Basic College Math last year for practice. He's doing great with it and understands geometry better than I did when I took it in high school. Often when he asks me a question, he figures out the answer himself faster than I do. He'll finish up the last 1/3 this year and also start working through VideoText Algebra.
  2. We're on the south side of Charlotte.
  3. We're getting ready to start our 8th year with RightStart. I've had a few years of teaching 3 different levels at the same time and still didn't find it too teacher intensive. I don't think the lessons take a terribly long time. It's gotten easier as they've gotten older. I sometimes give one practice sheets or warm ups while I work with another or have two of them play games together. My oldest is almost finished with G now so he does most of his work independently.
  4. That's what we did last year. We started in the fall. We did chapter 1, then jumped to the insect section. In the spring, we did the bird section. I thought it worked pretty well that way.
  5. Here is our new room that I just finished yesterday.
  6. Here are pictures of our school rooms from last year. We just moved a couple weeks ago so I'm hoping to get started on our new school room next week.
  7. I use OPGTR, FLL, RS Math, and SWR and have 3 kids. We'll be starting WWE this year. I try to start with my oldest because he's an earlier riser. I go through all of the parts he needs me for and then have him finish on his own. My younger two are usually getting up, having breakfast during that time. If they finish before I do, they play together. Then I move to the next oldest doing the same thing. The youngest reads, does puzzles, etc. while she waits. Oldest takes longer because he's easily distracted. The other two often finish before him. Now that he's 11, I'm really hoping to move him
  8. We've only done the astronomy, but my kids loved it. They loved all the projects and learned a lot. I couldn't believe how much my K'er even got out of it. I bought all the Zoology ones and Botany, but haven't had a chance to look through them much yet.
  9. We're just finishing this up. I did it for my 5th and 2nd graders, but my kindergartener chose to participate every time. It was her favorite part of our school year. She really liked the projects. Some of it did go over her head and I sometimes had to stop and explain things in a simpler way, but she learned so much. I'm amazed by how much she's retained and can discuss. I did try to get some simpler books every week that were more interesting to her. We didn't do the notebooks; just some lapbook things that we're doing as a review.
  10. My 5th grader just recently finished Level E. He's also getting ready to finish LOF Fractions. For 6th grade, I plan to do RS Geometry and LOF Decimals and Percents. I don't feel like he's behind. I'm actually slowing down my 2nd grader who is in Level C in hopes that she won't finish until around the same time. I think waiting for 6th grade to start the Geometry would be better for them, especially since it's done independently. I'm not very familiar with Sinapore.
  11. Here's mine, up early for once. We're going on a field trip today.
  12. Just got ours posted. Because of my procrastination, a big chunk of the week was spent preparing for a geography fair, but we did manage to get a few other things done.
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