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  1. This is me too. I started to notice changes in my mid-late 30s (turning 40 this year). Carefully tracking my period helps - I know when to expect those episodes and send myself for a timeout. Other things I've noticed - weepy & emotional (usually a few days after the anger finally subsides), panic attacks at night (which I had no idea were tied to changing hormones - I thought I was going crazy), and the most recent - my period is much lighter and is a few days later than usual every time. Evening primrose oil helps, especially with the panicky episodes. I've made some other changes recently (gluten-free because of food sensitivities, which also resulted in less sugar since I'm not baking as much, and I started taking magnesium) and noticed that the emotional outbursts aren't as unmanageable. Not sure if that's tied to the dietary changes or not but I'll take it.
  2. I second this recommendation. DYT isn't just about having a makeover, it's about understanding how you present yourself to the world (and it will also help you understand other people - it's made a big difference in my family relationships).
  3. We loved using Magic School Bus Chemistry lab following the WTM method for recording experiments and definitions. Here's a link to how we did it: WTM & MSB chemistry.
  4. I'm hosting a week of giveaways on my blog. I just wanted to let everyone know - you're welcome to come by and enter! There are products from Classical Academic Press, Compass Classroom, Home School in the Woods, Pam Barnhill, and Harmony Fine Arts. Homeschool Fun Giveaway Week
  5. We've been covering two books a year with no troubles. First 2 books in 5th grade, 2nd two in 6th, and now dd is working through 5 & 6 this year (7th grade). DD did AAS first, I'm using this as a follow-up to solidify her spelling skills. It works well for us and she does it almost completely independently.
  6. We do a 4-year cycle - 3/4 through our second cycle (daughter's in 7th grade). I know that we can't cover every single historical event so I plan each year as an overview and then my daughter chooses the topics and events that interest her most as we work through my larger plan. It's working well for us. I don't think we're going to do a third cycle in high school, though. I'm toying with the idea of more focused history topics (and covering government/civics) combining literature and historical events.
  7. We're using MegaWords as a follow-up - my daughter needed a little more work with multi-syllable words. Other than that, we just keep a list of 'trouble' words and periodically go through those.
  8. We used the Magic School Bus chemistry lab and followed the directions in The Well-Trained Mind - writing up experiment pages and definitions. We followed up with Ellen McHenry's The Elements after we finished. I shared a summary of our year on my blog - http://thesunnypatch.ca/chemistry-for-elementary-students/
  9. We only used it for one year - for us it just wasn't enough daily practice and it moved from one topic to the next fairly quickly without the review that my daughter needed (we used the 6th grade set).
  10. Here are a few that may work for you - Dump Recipes $5 Dinners has some healthy options Saving Dinner freezer plans are really good too (first two links are affiliate links - I really like their products)
  11. I have a 5th grader too - we're doing TC this year and I plan to move to WWS 1 in 6th. I think TC has been a great transition year for moving from WWE to WWS.
  12. We've used FLL (all 4 levels) and now we're using R&S (and using CAP and TC this year too). Either of those programs would work great.
  13. I want to say our order was here within a week (and might have even been a few days)... I can't remember the exact number but it was fairly quick. (Shipped to NY.)
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