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  1. I use Apples and Pear with 2 kids (2nd and 5th grade). I would say that it takes us no more than 30 minutes. My 5th grader does the entire lesson but my 2nd grader only about half a lesson. There really isn't anything to orchestrate. You just open the teacher manual and do the lesson (there is no prep). We used AAS before A&P and find A&P much easier to manage as well as more enjoyable (my 5th grader is disappointed that she will finish the last level of A&P this year).
  2. My son was exactly like this, only he got something like 98% on the spelling portion of his standardized testing. He was in high school, straight A's in everything else, reading voraciously at college level, but spelling at a mid-elementary level in real life. A prime example of standardized testing not being accurate ;) Apples and Pears was the only thing that helped him. He still isn't the best speller, but he's a lot better! My only regret is not having found it sooner! AAS didn't work for him at all. It's a great program, just not at all what he needed.
  3. I took my avatar (a hummingbird in my back yard), so it's safe until I feel like changing it. ETA that I changed it to a miffed hummingbird (also from my backyard) to reflect my feelings (that this happened, not that we have to check our posts).
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