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  1. I think you are speaking to me in regards to the shaming. I wasn't trying to shame anyone but I could see how it could be read that way. I was, as I mentioned above, raised to not bring peoples faith into question. If a person says they are Christian, they are Christian. It wasn't until I moved to the deep south, that people informed me that I wasn't Christian. It's a very toxic mentality and it did me a lot of harm. So, I'm a bit wary of that discussion. On the flip side, Kanye has been erratic in his behavior and has spoken publically about his bipolar diagnosis. I have also seen how religion can be harmful to those with mental illness not just in others' lives but in my own. I get the scepticism, I really do, but I see the harmfulness of it. I also get where Farrar is coming from.
  2. My point when I said that I didn't understand the conversation was that he has professed his faith. That should be enough. Sitting around debating his sincerity or if he is really a Christian doesn't make any sense to me. Do you really thinks he gives a flip whether or not you or I are skepitcal? And, more importantly, should he? (I realize that my words kind of sound snarky, but they are not meant to be.)
  3. I agree with you. I have seen people seek out Christian counseling to their detriment, even with phds in psychology. I have also seen people with severe mental illness claim extraordinary relationships with God. As in, they believe the Bible is speaking to them specifically in encoded messages and the like. However, mental illness does not keep him from being a Christian. "Correct" counseling, pastoring, etc. doesn't necessarily make him one either. I just don't understand this whole discussion, to be honest.
  4. I've listened to some of it and I don't particularly like it. I'll stick with his old stuff. But, I respect it. He's going to catch a lot of flack and, sadly, a lot of people are going to doubt his faith. I know he has been all over the place and was not the slightest bit suprised by his bipolar diagnosis, but I don't think that is a reason to call his faith into question now. I was raised that only God knows what's in our hearts. Whether or not I think his faith is genuine is moot.
  5. Step by step jumpstart videos for 2010 Saturn Vue
  6. It's honestly been a few years since I have been to Hattiesburg Zoo, but it was a lovely zoo. I have not been since Katrina, but my dc have. When ds was in preschool, we went to see the big cats and one of them came up to the glass where we were standing and starting purring. Ds loved that! It's a tiny zoo. They don't have many animals but it was obvious at the time that they made an effort to give them the best home possible. I hope that is still true.
  7. Generally, the antibiotics make me feel better but, when they are done, the symptoms come back. Of course, you may have already passed it. Two I felt pass, one I didn't. They can be so teeny tiny you don't feel them pass even though they cause a lot of ruckus on the way through the system.
  8. This just makes me think it is a stone even more. I've passed a few and my experience was just like you are describing. Hopefully, if it is, you will pass it soon.
  9. I went through this about 4 years ago. UTI with lots of blood. They gave me Macrobid. As soon as I finished it, the symptoms came back. They gave me another round of Macrobid. Soon as I finished it, it came back again. That's when they sent my sample away for a culture. That round they decided to try Bactrim. I wasn't sure it I was allergic to it, or it just gave me thrush, so they decided to try it. (I was allergic to it.) It didn't matter, though, because the culture came back clean. The reason why I had the symptoms I did was that I actually had a kidney stone. They never even mentioned that...I just passed the stone. Then they were like, oh, that makes sense now! I hope you feel better soon. I remember how miserable I was and how much anxiety it gave me to not know what was happening. I don't want to give you something else to worry about, but I wanted to give you a heads up that a stone might be the culprit.
  10. I have been thinking quite a bit about this and my ds 14. He is ADHD inattentive type and I completely understand the losing things, not see things, etc. I could not imagine giving him a 3x5 card or notebook, even with a box to contain them. I'd be getting the same texts. I've always given him lists for daily work or sat and dictated his work to him while he made a list. Both worked well, but I've got to get him more self-reliant. I'm thinking about creating more generic lists for daily chores/work and putting them in erasable sleeves for him. Each day would have a different list/sleeve. I have some of these Honestly, I don't really want to do that. I want him to be more self-directed. Lists just become same song, different verse around here. Instead of asking if he did x chore, I end up asking and did you check your list. It feels exactly the same to me. So, no answers here, lol. I'll be curious to hear others methods and ideas.
  11. I used to have this problem and switched to single blade razors. I did it because of something I read or saw on tv a long time ago that explained how multiblade razors work. If I remember correctly, multiblade razors use the first blade to pull the hair up and away, and the next blade cuts it. It causes hairs to snap back below the skins surface, which leads to ingrown hairs. It isn't as long lasting or as smooth of a shave, but it does work.
  12. If you are out of due diligence, I would assume they are buying the house as-is. Generally, repairs/credits are negotiated within that due diligence window. If they haven't asked, and due diligence is up, they get nothing. (Unless the repairs are required by the lender.) At least that's how it works here. Hoping their check clears this time!
  13. I know someone who used that type of service. It worked out really well for them. However, the house was able to renovated and sold. Really, all they can do is call a few of these companies, explain the situation, and see if anyone is interested. They might not be but they won't know unless they try.
  14. The snooper is wrong. I would guess they wrote that because they suspected the snooper was snooping and wanted proof.
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