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  1. I have been thinking quite a bit about this and my ds 14. He is ADHD inattentive type and I completely understand the losing things, not see things, etc. I could not imagine giving him a 3x5 card or notebook, even with a box to contain them. I'd be getting the same texts. I've always given him lists for daily work or sat and dictated his work to him while he made a list. Both worked well, but I've got to get him more self-reliant. I'm thinking about creating more generic lists for daily chores/work and putting them in erasable sleeves for him. Each day would have a different list/sleeve. I have some of these https://www.amazon.com/TYH-Supplies-10-Pack-Reusable-Assorted/dp/B01HN47UC6/ref=pd_bap_m_rp_8/137-3239101-1407469?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01HN47UC6&pd_rd_r=8218479f-8df9-4cb2-80b6-46d97c86382f&pd_rd_w=o52uf&pd_rd_wg=N7NnK&pf_rd_p=c3219280-80f4-43e6-abee-1a8cf87bc0ee&pf_rd_r=2029MC7M5Y1Z4JZ48ADJ&psc=1&refRID=2029MC7M5Y1Z4JZ48ADJ Honestly, I don't really want to do that. I want him to be more self-directed. Lists just become same song, different verse around here. Instead of asking if he did x chore, I end up asking and did you check your list. It feels exactly the same to me. So, no answers here, lol. I'll be curious to hear others methods and ideas.
  2. I used to have this problem and switched to single blade razors. I did it because of something I read or saw on tv a long time ago that explained how multiblade razors work. If I remember correctly, multiblade razors use the first blade to pull the hair up and away, and the next blade cuts it. It causes hairs to snap back below the skins surface, which leads to ingrown hairs. It isn't as long lasting or as smooth of a shave, but it does work.
  3. If you are out of due diligence, I would assume they are buying the house as-is. Generally, repairs/credits are negotiated within that due diligence window. If they haven't asked, and due diligence is up, they get nothing. (Unless the repairs are required by the lender.) At least that's how it works here. Hoping their check clears this time!
  4. I know someone who used that type of service. It worked out really well for them. However, the house was able to renovated and sold. Really, all they can do is call a few of these companies, explain the situation, and see if anyone is interested. They might not be but they won't know unless they try.
  5. The snooper is wrong. I would guess they wrote that because they suspected the snooper was snooping and wanted proof.
  6. I'm a moderate who lives in a very red area. I have found many times that people do assume you are one of them and will say things that are inflammatory. Sometimes I bite my tongue, sometimes I dont. Overall, though, most people dont talk about politics too much. I've never lived in a predominantly blue area but I assume it would be the same. I wish people could be more civil. I grew up with such a wide mix of friends and we could talk about things and laugh at the same time. We knew how to respect one another. It's sad those days are gone. ETA: To be honest, the political divide hasn't been as difficult as the religious one, for me. I live in a highly evangelical area and am not evangelical. That's where I find myself nodding my head much more because it is talked about signifigantly more than politics and where I find that more people make assumptions about who you are and what you believe.
  7. And, again, I said it may be different in your area. 1.5% is the standard here for listing agents on new builds. Personally, I think 3% is high for an agent in a new community. It's kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. But, that's between the seller and the agent.
  8. Maybe I should have specified seller's agent. The buyers agent typically still gets 3%. It also may be different in your area.
  9. Agents representing new builds are usually working at a reduced rate (more than likely 1.5%). RE agents are like any other professional. Some work hard and know their stuff, some don't. Some clients are easy, some are very, very hard. An agent might make easy money on one deal and earn their money ten times over on the next. As to the lawsuit...I didnt read this article but have read others. If I understand correctly, they are alleging that the MLSs and NBoR are fixing prices. But, agents list below standard all the time and entire brokerages exist based on the discount model which sort of negates their argument. I don't think the suit has any real teeth.
  10. I dont care if you use an agent or not and my dh is an agent. Not my circus and all. But, you told your potential buyer that they do not need an agent and they may not understand that thay may still have to pay their agent even if they do not use him to buy your house. And they are going to expect you to pay it when/if that figure that out. I didn't know if you knew that and if you had told them that. I was trying to give you a heads up.
  11. You can't be forced to pay the buyer' agent commission. However, it is the standard for sellers to pay the commission. Refusing to pay that will make it harder to sell your home particularly if your home price is at the low end of the market. Like the article said, buyers have a lot of costs already.
  12. But, if he has a realtor, that realtor may still be able to get commission even if the realtor isn't present when he sees the house. It depends on your state and if he has signed a buyer's agency agreement and the contents of that agreement. ETA: Why dont you raise the price of your house to allow for negotation, commissions, etc? It seems like that would be easier?
  13. Another opinion that adding Foundations to your current schedule shouldn't be an issue. Like the poster said above, it really is just 10 minutes or so each day to go through the memory work. Some people do more...it's really up to you. And though it's a few years away, the lower levels of challenge aren't that time consuming either. We have been able to continue our other curriculum along side it. It's like any other curriculum...you can make it what you need it to be.
  14. We became an LLC which files as an S Corp. I can't explain it very well but here is a link that explains how it works. https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/why-you-might-choose-s-corp-taxation-your-llc.html When we got that 5 figure tax bill, we freaked. Friends suggested we see an accountant and this is what she advised us to do. You might consider having someone look over situation and see what your options are.
  15. This happened to us on our 2016 taxes. Dh's income went up and our taxes went up the same amount (roughly). I was so streamed. Oh, you made $5000 more, pay $5000 more in taxes! What!?! He's also self-employed and we didnt move into a new tax bracket. I never figured it out. I did the taxes 4 times, using two programs and then by hand. I had an accountant look over them and they said they were correct. We owed 5 figures so we had to make a payment plan because, although we were expecting to pay more, we werent expecting it to go up that much. We quickly became an LLC. The next year, we got a refund for the same amount of income.
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