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  1. It would take me much longer than a minute to do that problem...LOL. 😄 I am pretty slow at computation. (As an aside, my DS13 who is super fast at computation and has done well in a speed-computation-related math competition used to sometimes race with me on a calculator and him doing a problem in his head. He would win at least half the time on mid size problems. I can't even use a calculator very quickly I guess!). Here's short division. I mean, it's basically a short cut. So, conceptually I probably shouldn't have taught it before long division, but it doesn't seem to hurt anyone.
  2. Yes, I was wondering if a leader of a country who was at one point rightfully elected refusing to give up power (or changing the rules in a shady way to stay in power) is still called a coup or if it has another name. There's also the situation in countries like Venezuela where a leader was elected, but many people thing he may have rigged/cheated to get elected. It may not be totally legitimate but it doesn't seem to be called a coup.
  3. RightStart math teaches it! I used RS math with my DD in grades K-4 and we both learned it there. 🙂
  4. My middle school age DS's are doing each a different curriculum with labs this year (one was originally supposed to be doing the labs for his book through a local in-person co-op class, but long story short it didn't end up working out - but I had already bought the books for the course used last spring so wanted to stick with it). I knew it would be a lot to have two kids each doing different labs so at the end of the summer we went through the supply list for both books, and i had them help me figure out what we needed to buy (things we didn't have in the house at all), what would just b
  5. I never did a time goal on long division, but my general experience so far is it was just proportional to their general computation speed on other types of subtract/multiply/divide. My one kid that is super fast at computation was super fast at long division, and kids #1 and #3 who are slower processors in general just could never do it nearly as fast because they just move more slowly (yet still methodically) in those kinds of problems. I also teach short division first, which seems to be the best-kept math secret hardly anyone teaches, so at least that is lightning fast when it is usable.
  6. You could always join some new FB groups local to you (or Nextdoor, etc...)? And are you talking different views about COVID or different views about other things? I guess for me I don't feel the need to have all my friends have the same views as myself. The couple I mentioned that we recently connected with has very different religious views than we have, but we connected on other interests, so we can still get along and have a great time despite totally different religious beliefs. I have had friends with totally different political beliefs than mine and we just agree to disagree and talk
  7. I've connected with people through local facebook groups I'm a member of, and at least one of those connections has turned into an actual friendship. I'm seeing people joining homeschooling and other FB groups who are new to the area or otherwise looking for new connections, and I've reached out to suggest meeting up at a park or other outdoor meet up, and have met up with a couple different people to chat about homeschooling. DH and I really connected with one couple I met through a local FB group and we've gotten together for a couple socially distanced meet-ups. So unless you personall
  8. As soon as I installed YouTube music, it could "See" all my files stored on the device, The only thing that didn't transfer over from Google PLay music is my playlists I had created in that app -- I'll have to recreate those, but luckily I didn't have many. No ads as far as I can tell to play my own music that I have stored on my device. I don't really prefer the interface though -- you are constantly having to switch tabs from the online/youtube music tab to the "device" tab to play your own music files. This app seems to be pretty highly rated, so I might try it soon: https://play.go
  9. Several years ago there was a bad pie pumpkin crop and I remember it was impossible to find either cans or whole pie pumpkins. This year my nearest regular grocery store has tons of whole pie pumpkins and was out of canned! I'm really hoping Aldi has some when I go this weekend. Usually I have no trouble buying it in September for making pumpkin bread and muffins!
  10. Yes, I feel like the one thing BA never taught were those standard algorithms for multi digit multiplication and division. I had to teach those separately. My 2 older boys did a bit of practice on facts with Xtra math in early elementary, and then BA was enough practice after that for most things, but mostly because they seem really good at remembering concepts. My youngest seems to forget things a little more easily, so I am wondering if he will need to do some review outside of BA. As long as we're airing all our BA grievances, let me say that I hate the placement of that perfect square
  11. I use bookfinder.com and used.addall.com - those search multiple sites at once, including lesser known ones.
  12. Yeah, that's kind of weird, oddly specific situation to be asking anyone in any forum about...like, how would anyone BUT the school and maybe the specific administrators involved in allowing that know? I don't think that online/distance public schoolers are totally out of line in asking questions in a homeschool forum (like topics others have mentioned above -- entertaining younger siblings, socialization, setting up schedules or a good learning environment), and some of us have both homeschool and public school kids and can give suggestions related to both. But so much varies from school to
  13. Duffle bags for car travel and especially for car camping - you can smoosh them into weird spaces if you are short on space (under back seat in minivan, etc). We bought cheap ones at ikea for this purpose, and have nice rolling suitcases for air travel.
  14. Yes, this is causing so much division in so many churches. I know people who have left or are considering leaving churches on both sides of the issue (they want a church that is more open, not following rules...or they think their church is being too open/reckless). I can see how it could feel like the right thing to do to try and walk the middle ground and make everyone happy -- but ultimately people will probably still be unhappy. I lean more toward thinking avoiding division is a bigger motivator than money. In our circles, what I hear (about a few different churches) is that givin
  15. It really depends on the insurance coverage and price of lenses. My contact lenses are twice as expensive from the eye doctor BUT if I order them online myself my insurance won't reimburse them. I have to order directly from the eye doctor to get the benefit, so getting 75% of my yearly supply covered by my insurance company is better than 0% covered if I order directly. Same thing with glasses. If I order online the insurance doesn't reimburse but if I visit the eye doctor and order from them, it covered all but maybe $100 on a fairly expensive pair of glasses. I figure the eye insuranc
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